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Monumental Movie Moments

'A screw ball sex comedy following two couples and their ten rules to a happy healthy and open relationship.'


So... usually in my series on Monumental Movie Moments I feature well known, iconic and even classic film male nudity.   2013's 10 Rules for Sleeping Around really isn't any of those things, yet when I recently saw it, I knew I had to make it fit.


This piece actually started after seeing actor and comedian Bryan Callen on an old episode of The King of Queens.  I wasn't a huge fan of Callen on The Goldberg's, but used to love him on MADTV.  He was also adorable on The King of Queens, so I had to check out his nudity resume.


One of Callen's skin credits included 10 Rules for Sleeping Around, a 2013 American screwball romantic sex comedy film written, produced, and directed by Leslie Greif.  I heard of the film before, even saw and have shared caps of actor Reid Ewing's nude scene.  I hadn't  however, actually seen the movie.

Now first off, it's not a great film, but it is a lot of fun and parts were highly entertaining.  The nude scene (s) in question is quite elaborate, and weaves in an out of other scenes for close to 40 minutes.  It begins with Vince, (Jesse Bradford) arriving home...    Vince's wife however, wasn't expecting him, neither was Hugh, Reid) the man she was sleeping with.

For the next 40 or so minutes, a naked Hugh, has to run and hide in order to not to get caught.  Poor Hugh encounters numerous obstacles while trying to hide including water hoses, feathers and a horny, humping dog.  One of my favorite parts of the long series of scenes is near the end.  This is when a naked Hugh, mistakenly ends up in bed with a naked Owen. (Callen).  Check out caps and clips from this part of the film on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Totally At Ease: Mateo by Bradley Reyes Photography

'Mateo was very enthusiastic about posing nude.. In fact... he said that he prefers being naked as much as possible.'

It's certainly an asset to have a nude model who's enthusiastic about taking their clothes off!  You might think that given they signed on to pose nude this would be a given, but that's not always the case.  But... when when the model's enthusiastic, both artist and model can get directly to working in the moment, and collaboratively creating.

The key to all great art is being in moment, and it's something both photographers and models have to work at.  Usually it occurs once trust is established, and the model becomes comfortable with the process and totally relaxed with the creative direction set.  

'When a model is totally relaxed they often  start trying ideas without suggestion, it becomes natural. that's usually about 45 minutes to an hour in. I think the photos in the bathroom/shower of this shoot were when that moment occurred. That's when Mateo's nerves seemed to be totally at ease '

I've been following and enjoying the work of Bradley Reyes Photo for several years now. Last summer, in an interview model Willi Gardner, (HERE:) I was fortunate to feature several of Bradley's images in the piece. Bradley Reyes Photo is comprised of a pair of artists, one whose focus is the photography, and the other and art director.  Both are young, creative and with vast array of creative experiences. Both are also riven to bring a fresh perspective to the visuals they create.

Mateo had seen their work through one of his friends who had worked with Bradley and was eager to try nude modeling himself.  At the time however, Mateo was just 17 so had to wait until after his 18th birthday to reach  out on social media about a possible future shoot.

'I love a wide variety of looks, especially guys who are unique. most people will notice a large variation in "types" of models in my portfolio, because variety to me is so much more interesting than the typical "blond beefcakes" that so many artists depict. 

My background in art, and my education, centered on life drawing- working with and creating art involving the male form and specifically nude models. So whenever I interact with a new or potential model, I've very upfront that I only work with uninhibited people who have no issues with nudity. Sometimes then leans into more erotic photography, but sometimes it becomes very "innocent" and simple as well. '

Bradley could clearly see and feel that Mateo was eager, but the new model went even further to demonstrate how uninhibited he actually was.  Mateo was not the least bit shy about getting naked, and stripped off during his initial interview with Bradley.  Not only did Mateo want to exhibit his confidence, he was also proud to show-off a body that he had worked so hard to achieve. 

'Mateo actually seemed more comfortable being naked in our first interview than when we started to shoot. There are always some butterflies the first time once the camera comes out, but that typically leads to excitement in the model, which was the case with our first shoot as well. Most models are natural exhibitionists, so getting naked has never really been a drawback for anyone I've worked with. 

I'm a very inquisitive person so I am always asking questions about life, current events, etc. Mateo was eager to know how he was doing during the shoot and asked a lot of questions about how to pose, what to do with his arms, legs, facial expressions, a and whether a shot would look better with or without an erection or with some type of prop, etc. I always keep things very light and open; its work, but I think it should be fun as well. It usually is.'