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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 14th

Brook by msbimages
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Happy Birthday today November 14th

Happy 51st to actor Josh  Duhamel!

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I never watched All My Children, and I think the first time I saw Josh Duhamel on screen was in Win A Date With Ted Hamilton. (below) I first got to know Josh from his modeling images, (above) and his sexy promo shots for his role on the soap.

Frozen Ass-sets

Earlier this year, I featured curly haired hottie and deckhand, Alex Propson, from Below Deck Sailing Yacht. (HERE:)  Alex was a stand-out on the season, for both his beautiful locks and looks, and the fact he wisely underplayed his hand, especially given all the drama from the other deckhands. 

 Usually causing trouble is a plus on a reality show, but with all the silly relationship drama on the boat, Alex's calm and quiet demeanor, was actually a plus.  Alex's good looks caught the attention of many, including Front Management, who signed Alex to a modeling contract after the season ended.  These first four shots, new of his portfolio, were taken by Antistudio

Alex also clearly drew the attention of Andy Cohen, and the producers of another Bravo reality show, this one Summer House.  The show is not producing it's third installment of it's Winter House spin-off, and Alex, along with several other reality stars from other shows, have joined in for a little snow filled fun.

I am way behind on my television viewing, and it will be awhile before I'll catch up to watch this season of Winter House, but I had to take a sneak peak at the first episode.  My reason of course, to catch the scenes with Alex's ass.  Thanks to DaveID on DreamCap, I learned that Alex bared his butt, something for some reason, he didn't do on Below Deck.   Below Deck usually gives us a bit of butt, but this season, I think the only butt we saw was Gary's.....  Hopefully I'll get a chance to watch Winter House before the winter is over!

Best In Swimwear:

I've learned quite a bit about male beauty competitions while working on FH, and love exploring the contests, and the culture.  Although there are male beauty pageants in North America, they are not nearly as widespread and popular as they are in Asia and the Middle East.

One of the biggest, which brings together the winners of each country, is the Mister International contest.  The most recent Mister International, the 15th edition, took place in Bangkok, Thailand this past September.  Emmanuel 'Manu' Franco of the Dominican Republic was crowned the winner, but there were contestants from 38 countries and territories.

Those 38 were were the men selected either as winners from their national pageants, or appointed to their positions after being runner-up in their national pageant between 2019 and 2023.  Some were chosen, through a casting process.   Although most of the contestants were from Asia and the Middle East, there were men strutting down the runway from Mexico, Brazil and Switzerland.  There were also contestants from Canada, (Rennel Ricketts ) and the United States. (Hector Louis Rodríguez)

My favorite contestant, and one of the hottest, was Seif Al'walid Harb. The stunning Seif Al'walid came to the Mister International contest after wining the Mr Lebanon national competition earlier this year..  The 23-year-old fitness trainer beat 17 other young men from various Lebanese regions to win the title.  While competing,  Seif Al'walid also had to balance his studies, as he's currently completing his bachelor's degree in physical education at Antonine University in Baabda District, Mount Lebanon.

I'm a little shocked the 23 year old hottie didn't win, or even place higher, but he did make the top 20.  He also won the title 'Best in Swimwear' and as you can see from these images and videos, he wear's his speedos very well!   If you want to see Mr. Lebanon's swimsuit win, and trophy presentation, you can check it out on Youtube HERE:

Immediately And Completely: Brook by msbimages

Every path has a beginning, and I'm always curious about how the artists' that feature got started shooting the nude male form.  Some long tie FH readers may remember that back in 2017 I started a theme entitled, 'First Crack At It.'    I asked several of the photographers that I worked with, to share stories of their first time shooting a fully nude model.  When I was putting together this piece on Michal's work with Brook, I asked about his first nude shoot.

For Michal, it was back in 1985, and the first person he shot wasn't a model, but friend, and a co-worker.   So many photographers that I feature started out shooting a friend or acquaintances.  It makes a lot of sense when you're just starting out, to shoot someone you both know and trust.  This goes for the person both in front of, and behind the lens.  Whenever we start something new, there are often nerves and kinks to work out.  This is especially true when that something new, involves someone in the nude.

Michal shares that he was indeed very nervous that first time. Although the shoot didn't require much planning, Michal shares it did require.... a little convincing.  Michal's co-worker didn't immediately jump at the idea of stripping off his clothes while his friend took pictures.  

Given that both model and photographer were very nervous, Michal struggled when it came time to tell his friend, that he was ready for him to remove his clothes.  It was probably a good thing that they both were nervous and were taking the risks, together.  In the end, the pants did come off, and the pictures were taken. Thanks to his friend, Michal's journey as a photographer of the male form was officially under way.

Michal's work with Brook took place many years after that first shoot with is friend.  It was however, near the beginning of Brook's modeling career.  This wasn't the first time Brook had posed nude, it was in fact his work with another photographer that brought he and Michal creatively together.  Michal contacted Brook after seeing his work with a photographer Michal really admired. (sgriob on Model Mayhem).

When Michal contacted Brook, he learned that Brook would  soon be visiting the Dallas area near where Michal lived.  Although he didn't have access to  a car, Brook did have a friend who drove and dropped him off in front of Dillard's at a mall in North Dallas.  It was there he and Michal arranged to first meet up.

'When I picked him up, he had a big "mop of hair" that I thought was not so flattering in some of the images.  After we took some shots I asked him to wet his hair and comb it back. His "look" was immediately and completely different and his brown eyes really became a focus.'

I really love that Michal captured Brook with both looks.  I kind of like Brook's mop of brown hair, but I can fully understand Michal's wanting to capture a different side of the young model.  With his hair slicked back, Brook looks a little older and more sophisticated.  In addition, not only does it help spotlight those beautiful brown eyes, but also brings out and highlights his nose, moth and facial structure.  The subtle change also resulted in bringing out another shades of Brook's character and personality.