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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 1st

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Oh Kaynada

'One day, Canada will take over the world. Then you’ll all be sorry.'


Flags are always essential when a nation celebrates.  They also, make a stunning prop when photographing the male form.  Unfortunately, there are not really that many depictions featuring the Canadian flag.   Last year, Tom Nakielski's (Lights On Studio) shots of Kay as a Mountie headlined Canada Day on FH.  Tom also shot a series of images of Kay with the flag that I tucked away to feature this year.  To see the other models who I've featured draped in the red and white, check them out HERE:

The Sexy Men of the North

Brent Siemens

Name: Brent Siemens
Age: 20
Height: 6'
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light Brown
Home: Born in Edmonton, lives in Toronto

Each Canada Day, I try to spotlight one of Playgirl's many salutes to the sexy men of Canada.  This series, shot by Silvia Pecota, for 'O Canada' for the February 1988 issue of the magazine. 

Claudio Foglia

Name: Claudio Foglia
Age: 20
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 152lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light Brown
Home: Toronto

'Canada: a country where misconceptions abound, where concerned first-time travelers fear snow in August and assume Santa's home is scant hour's drive from Vancouver.

Well, there's more to the Great White North than mukluks and Anne Murray.  There's the red coated Mounties and there's gorgeous Wayne Gretzky and the rest of the passionate players of Canada's national pastime: hockey. '

Tony Morrison

Name: Tony Morrison
Age: 25
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Home: Born in Jamaica, lives in Toronto

Canada really does have three seasons, and a sport for each.  Here to prove i are four athletes from the glorious North, each one representing a season.  Boxing for spring, soccer for summer, football for autumn, and of course hockey for winter.

Paolo Pecota

There was only one model and athlete from the 'O Canada' spread that went on to do a full nude Man of the Month feature for the magazine.  You can check out those images, featuring Paolo Pecoto, the sexy soccer player on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

12 Days: How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town

'When "town slut" turned sex columnist Cassie Cranston returns for her mother's funeral it spices things up in the small town of Beaver's Ridge when a group of eccentric town folk, each with their own motives, convince her to plan an orgy.'

Earlier this year, I watched 2015's How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town.   The 2015 Canadian film was written and directed Jeremy LaLonde and won a slew of awards the year it was released.  Although I was eager to post about the film after watching, I knew it would make the perfect subject for my 12 Days series on Canada Day. 

First off, despite having 'orgy' in the title, the film is actually pretty tame.  It's almost like an adult version of Gilmore Girls.  Beaver's Ridge is a quaint little Canadian town with the usual group of sweet odd balls.  Although there are many sex scenes, and the characters are nude a lot, there is not actually that much skin shown.  

The film was however, bookended with two nude scenes featuring both of the actors who played Adam.  The beautiful Ennis Esmer plays the adult Adam.  Esmer may be familiar to many for his roles on The Flash, Private Eyes and Blindspot, and his many nude scenes in the series Red Oaks

Ennis Esmer

The young Adam is played by actor Alex Harrouch who most recently has appeared on the Canadian television shows Letterkenny, Good Witch and Murdoch Mysteries.  Harrouch only appears in the films opening scene, but the scene sets the tone for the film, and lead to the nude scenes from the older Adam at the end of the film. 

Alex Harrouch

In the film's opening scene, young Cassie is ready to lose her virginity to young Adam at a party.  Unfortunately Adam has a case of the first time nerves, and runs into the bathroom to hide.  When Cassie's discovered in her friends parents bed, they kick her out.  With her clothes in the bathroom, Cassie is forced to leave the party and walk home in only her underwear.

The caps below are from the opening scene at the party with young Cassie and Young Adam.  If you want to see more caps and clips from the rest of the film, check out the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Northern Exposure: Shane by Briancan Photography

'Modeling was a natural progression from my nudism. I went from walking in front of crowds at the beach to being a nude life model.  I always let the photographer know I'm open to most things and if they have any ideas we can talk about it. I also love any project promoting body positivity. 

To help celebrate Canada day,  my goal is always to spotlight some of my favorite Canadian artists and models.  Over the last few years, Brian from Briancan Photography has become one of my favorite Canucks to feature on the site.  I've been fortunate to feature Brian's work many times over the last few years, so when started thinking about Canada Day, I knew exactly who to reach out to.

I loved the series Brian did for New Year's Eve, (HERE:) and knew he'd find the perfect Canadian hunk to spotlight for July 1st.  Brian came through with Shane, whose openness to creative concepts, had him eager to create something to help celebrate the day.  Shane's handsome face and eyes are both friendly and engaging and his hot body lets you know that even though he's Canadian, he makes no apologies for his sexual passions and desires.  

Shane's only concern about the theme, especially given he was going to be naked, was exactly what he had on hand to celebrate the holiday.  After searching his home for anything Canadiana, all he ended up finding was a red and white maple leaf toque and a Canadian scarf.  Turns out, that's all he needed.  Anyone who know anything about Canada, knows that toques and scarves are worn in certain parts of the country all year round, with many, especially in the North and East, still getting frost warnings well into May and June.

How did the shoot come together?

I follow Brian on IG which is where we connected. 

My husband and I wanted to travel again and hadn’t for over two years because of Covid. thought it made sense to stay in Canada for our first trip and we both really liked Vancouver having travelled there 6 years ago  

How was it like working with each other?

It was fun and things turned out despite the cloudy day and the hotel. Hotel rooms can be a crap shoot, especially for lighting and staging.   Brian was very easy to work with and talk to. I'm not really nervous when it comes to getting naked in front of strangers but it was good to feel a connection with regards to what he wanted in the shoot so it was easy to talk and adjust as needed. 

Shane was terrific. I came across his profile on Instagram and since i like hairy men I thought he would be a perfect subject to photograph. He was the only model I photographed while we were away. He was easy going and we responsive to my pose requests. We didn't do any erotic shoots 

How do you celebrate Canada Day? 

Usually with friends if we can. We tend not to have any specific plans. Just whatever comes up.

My new husband and I are going to Scarborough bluffs to hang out naked for a few hours.