Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 24th


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Missionary Position

Superman made his Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade back in 1940. The "Giant Superman" measured 75 feet in height and 44 feet in width with 9,000 cubic feet of helium needed to help the superhero fly down the streets of Manhattan. A crew of 27 husky handlers helped guide the balloon down the street, all donning Superman-themed apparel.  That version of the balloon only appeared once, but a version the Man of Steel continued to appear from 1966 through to the present. 


Wish Boner....

You'll enjoy stuffing your bird into it's warm, soft, and self basting pouch...

This red G-string gives a whole new meaning to the term cock sock.  During my search for 'hot men and turkey's, these images of a turkey thong popped up.  Nothing like getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving than a little bird on bird action.  

12 Days: Peter MacNicol in Addams Family Values

'We're the owners and directors here at Camp Chippewa. America's foremost facility for privileged young adults.'
Gary Granger

When it comes to finding subjects for Thanksgiving 12 Days posts, the pickings are slim.  First off, there aren't really that many Thanksgiving themed movies out there.  It's not like Halloween or Christmas where there are hundreds of choices.  If there is a Thanksgiving themed film, it's also doubtful there's going to be male nudity.  Last year, I had no idea who I was going to feature, but then discovered that actor Jack Donnelly had a nude scene in recently released Friendsgiving.

This year, I kept returning to the famous Thanksgiving Day scene in 1993's Addams Family Values. Although I've really never seen the film, I've caught the Thanksgiving scene on television and Youtube a few different times.  At first I thought I'd profile actor David Krumholtz. (above with Christina Ricci).  David has grown into a hot man, and I enjoyed his turn as Gregory on Mom. 

 After searching for images of David, I decided the better choice was actor Peter MacNicol.  Peter and Christine Baranki play the Grangers, the leaders of Camp ChippewaI'd always though Peter was cute, and enjoyed him on Chicago Hope and Ally McBeal.  Peter is one of Hollywood's busiest actors, and has worked steadily since the early 80's. His most recent turns include roles on the TV shows Veep, Tangled: The Series and All Rise. 

MacNicol's long and successful career began with a bang.  After getting rave reviews for his 1981 Broadway debut in the play Crimes of the Heart, he very quickly began working in films.  The actors first film role was as Galen, the lead in 1981's Dragonslayer.  He followed that up co-starring with Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline in 1982's Sophie's Choice.

Like many actors, MacNicols one and only nude scene occurred in Dragonslayer, the actors very first film.  It's a quick butt scene, jumping into the water and swimming, but I was still pleasantly surprised to find it!  Check out the clip below.

Ally McBeal (1997-2002)

Sophie's Choice (1982)

Dragonslayer (1981)

Bet not all of you know Peter had his own Halloween mask based on his character Galen in Dragonslayer.

Studio1x: All You Can Eat!

(l-r) Alex, Diego, Dee, Jonathan & Kince

'The group that I choose for this concept were a great group of guys and all very open minded.  Even though none of them had met each other before, everyone was very excited and open to the idea and thought it sounded like a lot of fun.'

This shoot wasn't just a first for most of the models, it was also a first for Jim (Studio1x)  The was the first the PNW photographer had brought together five models for a shoot.  Getting them all together was the easy part, but wrangling them all together into frame proved an even more daunting task.  Thankfully, Jim put together the perfect group of guys, and Jim shares that they were all game for what he had planned.

Given there were five hot hunks on set, all completely nude, I of course had to probe into how it all played out.  Enquiring minds want to know! Thankfully, Jim and the guys were open to sharing some of their stories.  Well, at least some of them anyway...

'Everyone was very comfortable but that had a lot to do with the personalities that we had that day. If you didn't know you would have thought they were all good friends and have seen each other naked many times.'

What did you think when Jim first suggested the theme and set-up for the shoot? 

Diego: Surprise! 

DeeI was excited. It's a holiday so often associated with ideas and images of the most conservative notion of American family, and so any opportunity to queer it, I'm on board. (And to do it with a group of hunks, hell yes.)

JonathanI was definitely excited - we scheduled this to be done right after the IT shoot; I knew it was going to challenge my personal comforts and familiarity, but what a cool opportunity.

Alex:  I was beyond excited to shoot again with Jim let alone on a Halloween scene.  Halloween is my favorite theme next to Christmas. Thanksgiving was pretty fun as well 

Had you ever posed nude with 4 other models before? 

Dee. I'd never posed with other guys before.

Jonathan: Nope!


Alex: I have been video taped nude with several models for a Fraternity x scene

Did having other models make you more, or less nervous? 



DiegoMore, too much in my head

Dee,  The idea made me nervous, because they're all hot and I don't have the best self-esteem about my own body. 

Who was the most shy? 

Dee. I probably started out the most shy, but left with five new friends

JonathanHmmm. Diego was confidently quiet; Dee seemed maybe the most shy at first.

Alex: I believe Diego


Who was the most open about baring it all?

JonathanDefinitely Alex

AlexIt was between me and Kince

DiegoThey were very relaxed and cool about it.

Kince: Dee was the most effervescent but Jonathan had some bites!

Who was the jokester? 

Jonathan: Again, definitely Alex 😂 

Alex: The photographer (Jim) mostly! But also Jonathon

JimThey all were jokesters in their own way, each bringing their own jokes timely.  I would say that Kince and Alex were the leaders in the jokes followed by Jonathan.

Were there any embarrassing moments during the shoot? 

Diego:  I fell on the backdrop😲

JonathanOf course. But i leave that up to your reader’s imaginations.

Alex:  Oh there were so many and plenty enough in-between. Posing nude it’s almost impossible for me to stay soft when I got some attractive men around me 

Kince: Well when a certain unnamed model’s penis became -very- erect after coming close to my ass I definitely had…thoughts.   There was also one moment when I found Jonathan’s asshole within two inches of my face. Good times. 

Jim: I would say that I was probably the most embarrassed out of them all in giving them direction and then seeing they actually followed them so we just went with it. 

What was the most fun part of the day? 

Diego: Meeting everyone

JonathanThe whole day was awesome. It was fun, collaborative, safe and I met a group of amazing men.

Dee. What was most fun about the day--and surprising--was how kind they were and how good, how sexy, they made me feel, too  Kince and I got a Blizzard at Dairy Queen on the way home, and that was a treat after the treat of laughing with naked hunks for the afternoon.

Alex: The entire shoot was the best! Jim being awesome, and I’m glad I got the meet the other models cause they all had great personalities 

What was the hardest? 

Diego: My own self-image insecurities but it ended up being a really cool experience.

AlexProbably getting the angles right and finding the right poses

Jonathan: 🍗 Thanksgiving dinner. Trying to find the “vibe” and reason for this group of random dudes to have dinner together… nakedish.

Were there any worries about unexpected pop-ups? 

Diego: Didn't happen for me

Kince; When you’ve modeled naked enough you rarely get them yourself.

Alex:  I was aware... it naturally happened

JonathanOf course!

Which model surprised you the most?

Jim:  I would say that Dee was the one that surprised me the most. He is a bit more shy then the rest and modeling was newer to him but he went right into with an open mind. 

What was the best part of working with Jim? 

Diego: He's very kind and professional

DeeJim is funny and makes everyone feel sexy (because everyone is sexy!). He's warmhearted and welcoming and non judgemental.

JonathanHe is such a powerhouse with the male form. Working with him is a treat.

Kince: Jim always does great work. The best part is how he lets you play however you see fit and how he respects any boundaries you set. Plus he just knows how to pair models together. 

AlexJim made us feel comfortable, he fed us  and he gave us a helping hand in finding poses. He’s one of the greatest photographers I've worked with!