Sunday, June 8, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 8th

Favorite Birthday Boys for June 8th Kevin and Andrew Atherton

Two for the price of one, two former gymnasts from England who went on to become a hit with Cirque du Soleil, Kevin and Andrew Atherton, turn 33 today.

Also celebrating today June 8th

Happy Birthday also to:

Model Miguel Marsicano turns 22 today.

Canadian Diver Alexandre Despatie turns 23 today.

Prince Andrea Casiraghi turns 24 today. (See my previous post on Andrea)

French Rugby Hottie Guillaume Bernad turns 25 today.

Speed Skater Dimitri Deboel turns 28 today.

Olympic Diver Justin Wilcock turns 29 today. (See my previous post on Justin).

Cutie Mark Feurstein turns 37 today.

The Practice actress Kelli Williams turns 38 today.

Actor David Sutcliffe who ruined life for the Gilmore Girls each and every season he was on the show turns 39 today.

Dan Futterman who I was sad to leave Judging Amy and angry when he returned turns 41 today.

Juliana Margulies turns 42 today.

Kathy Baker whom I loved in Picket Fences turns 58 today.

Joan Rivers turns 75 today.