Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 1st


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Mr. 2020

Ready to tackle 2020!


When my mom was alive, she used to love turning the TV to the fireplace channel. I thought it was so odd, as we had a fireplace... I never got the appeal of channels that showed video of fires burning or fish swimming around. That being said, if they had a channel with Christopher Atkins swimming underwater, I could watch for hours. When I saw this gif that Casperfan posted, I enlarged it and watched for... awhile...

A Belated Baring: Peter by Bodytorium

Better Late Then Never...

I didn't know when I started this piece, that Peter was the perfect model to feature as a late Christmas gift.  We all know 19 year old high school students are't exactly always reliable, especially around Christmas.  They're on a school break, they have family obligations and friends to see and parties to go to.  Lateness however, almost mean this particular gift almost didn't get unwrapped.

Phil describes Peter as a true free spirit, on of the most most laid back and easy going guy he's worked with.  Phil says that Peter is an  'up-for-anything' kind of guy,    This explains of course, why the 19 year old was up for baring it all for a photoshoot.  Unfortunately, free spirits tend to go with the flow more than following a clock or calendar.   On the day of the shoot, Phil waited around for two hours before Peter showed up.  Although initially pissed, Peter's friendly personality an collaborative personality made up for it, and the shoot ended up being a great success.

If you head to Bodytorium and check out three Peter's three folders, you'll see that Peter was indeed up-for-anything during the shooting process as well.  He rolls and crawls around, leaps into the air and creates dozens and dozens of fun and uniquely erotic poses.  Peter's limber physique comes from playing all kinds of sports.  He isn't into lifting weights like many of his friends.  Peter prefers playing soccer, swimming and flying around town on his skateboard.

Peter's main passion however is electronic music, and has traveled to almost every music festival in Europe.  You can see some of the souvenirs from the festivals on Peter's arm.  One of Peter's main concerns about the shoot wasn't about being naked, but about having to cut off his wrist bands. Peter was relieved and smiled when Phil told him he was more than fine with the wrist bands remaining.  Phil says that despite the rocky start to the shoot, both he and Peter were happy with how things went, in fact Peter is one of the few models who took the time to send Phil back his thoughts.

'Peter wrote that he really liked his photos because they were more authentic than his other usual poses and that the pictures revealed his true self --- naked, imperfect, not acting or pretending to be someone else. It's really me.'

See much more of Peter on Bodytorium HERE:

Favorite Face of the Day: Ben Miles

'I understand you're only trying to do your job. But one thing the trip to Northern Ireland has made very clear to me is that the romance between Margaret and myself has caught the public eye. There is a momentum for us, a sense of joy and celebration which you would be wise to acknowledge.'
Peter Townsend, The Crown

Despite hearing great things from friends and family, I found it hard to get into The Crown.  I watched the first 15 or 20 minutes of the first episode a few times, but wasn't motivated to continue.  Just before Christmas, I had another friend mention he'd been up late binge watching, and recommended that I give it another try.  I did.

Peter Townsend

This time, I pushed through the first 20 minutes to the end.  I wasn't totally sold by the end, but by about episode 4, I was hooked.  Although I have always loved Matt Smith, (see my previous post HERE:) it was incredible performance by Claire Foy, and the relationships between Elizabeth and Margaret, and of Margaret with Peter Townsend that really drew me in.

The scenes with Margaret and Peter Townsend had me googling about their real life affair, and looking for more info on actor Ben Miles who plays Peter.  Miles has such a strong, sexy face, and played the sad beats of the romances story beautifully.  All of the actors are great and I quickly zipped through the remainder of season 1, finishing up the last episode of the season on Sunday night.  Season 2 awaits!

Googling the real Peter Townsend had me seeing similarities in the facial features of the man, and the actor bringing him to life.  Over the course of his thirty year career, actor Ben Miles has brought many characters to life on stage, on television and  screen.

Some of Miles' most notable role included appearances on screen in V for Vendetta, Speed Racer and Woman in Gold and on television in shows including; Coupling, Prime Suspect, Collateral, Dracula, Black Mirror and The Trial of Christine Keeler. Miles has also appeared on stages in both London and New York.

Interestingly, Ben has co-starred with his The Crown co-star Claire Foy in a number of projects, both on stage and on screen.  On television, Miles and Foy worked together in the mini series The Promise and the TV film Pulse.

Betrayal (2011)

In 2011, Miles starred as Robert in Harold Pinter's Betrayal at the Comedy Theatre in London's West End. Kristin Scott Thomas played his wife, Emma and Douglas Henshall as his best friend and her lover, Jerry.  I remember playing Robert in Theatre class in University and the hours the director spent trying to get us to perfect our 'Pinter Pauses'.

Love, Love, Love (2012)

Sooo... nude scenes?  Although I read he had some, unfortunately, Mr. Miles onscreen nudity was difficult to find.  If you Google Ben Miles nude, and I did, there are some rear clips credited to Ben from the British television series, The Worst Week Of My Life. (2004-2006)  I don't think Ben Miles actually appeared on the show, but the show's lead was Ben Miller.  I think the similar names means the butt in question belongs to a Miller, not a Miles.

The Hollow Crown (2016)

I read in the Celebrity Nudity data base that Ben was completely naked, both rear and frontal in the 2004 BBC Drama, A Thing Called Love.  The scene description indicates that after being caught having gay sex in a bathroom, Ben's character strips completely naked with a plan to drown himself in a swimming pool.  He changes his mind however, and dresses and walks away from the pool.
A Thing Called Love (2004)
I searched EVERYWHERE that I could think of to find a copy of the show, or the scene, without luck.  Amazon.UK appears to have had the DVD's at one point, but they are no longer available.  The first place I searched was of course Scenes of Male Skin.  I was excited as there is a clip from the show, (below) featuring Ben having, well, it looks like reluctant sex, but the swimming pool scene wasn't included.  I wrote the site owner who shared that scene was all he had.   If anyone knows where the show can be purchased, or as a clip, give me a shout!