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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 11th

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Room With A View

New Model or Classic?

When it comes to your Favorite Hunks, do you prefer vintage classic, or is it only brand spanking new models for you?  Like many, I go back and forth, often, it's the newer models that get my engines revving, but sometimes, it takes the full throttled power of a classic to get things going.

FH prides itself on presenting and celebrating the best of both newer and classic depictions of the male form.  Today, I ended up interested in, and writing about, one of each and enjoyed putting them together equally.

So.....  whether you're into new models like the studly actor Noah Centineo, or the classic looks, well built, and incredibly talented John Lithgow. We've got you covered, or uncovered, whatever the case may be!

Lithgow in Distant Thunder (2004)

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Jacob Dooley: FiVe More

Last year, model Jacob Dooley made it hard for me to narrow down a FaVorite FiVe. (HERE:) So much so, some of my FaVorite FiVe's subjects are in need of FiVe More.

Naked Palms: Van Ryder by Greg Lindeblom

'It's rare to find such a young model who is interested in the artistic side of modeling, as well as the more commercial and even erotic aspects'.

When spending time with images of the stunning Van Ryder that photographer Greg Lindeblom sent on, I started thinking about whether there's a difference in the meaning behind the word body, and the word physique.  Random thought maybe, but I noticed that I fluctuate between the use of the words depending on the artist, the model, and the images that I'm featuring.

Although both words are interchangeable, and mean basically, the same thing, there are subtle difference.  Technically, body means the physical appearance, the outside, the frame.  Physique goes a little deeper, meaning a persons natural constitution, overall shape and physical structure of a person.  The body is what we see, the skin, the curves, the physical appearance and beauty of specific body parts. The physique, is more complete description,  it's the body and it's systems,  what can be seen both above and beneath the skin.

Physique was also historically a safer word.  It was deemed more appropriate by some in society to photograph, draw or paint the nude male physique as opposed to the male nude body.  The word physique for me, also always conjures up classic.  Classic images, classic poses, classic themes and methods to capturing the male form.  Whenever I feature the work of Florida photographer Greg Lindeblom, physique is the descriptor that always first comes to mind.

'In the past, we've featured models with whom I have worked over extended periods of years. Both George Field and Eric Robles fit in that category. Van Ryder is a model I worked with twice in a week -- once in a wonderful new outdoor location for me and the second time in my studio. The outdoor location is in the yard of the Naked Palms Tiki Hut in the Victoria Park area of Fort Lauderdale. What a beautiful location. I hope to shoot there many times in the coming months and years.'

It's not just the classic poses, especially in studio shots, (which I'll share soon) it's in how Greg looks at and strives to capture and present the men he shoots.  Whenever I see an image of a nude male model, I usually have a pretty good eye for concluding whether the photographer was focused on the model's  body, and usually a specific body part, or their overall look and physique.

It is not that the body is ignored, just the opposite in fact.  Every inch of the body is both captured and celebrated.  Greg gives the same attention, the same degree of care, to everything, both seen, and unseen, that makes up the man in front o his camera.  As is evident in these images from his Naked Palms shoot, Greg not only captures Van Ryder's incredible physique, but the man who both inhabits, and works his butt off to create, sculpt and maintain it.

'I hope working with Van becomes an ongoing collaboration. Both shoots ended with us exploring themes we hadn't anticipated and leaving part of the plan unshot. So there is a lot more we can do together. He is not only physically beautiful, but he is creative, enthusiastic, and courageous. That is a thoroughly winning combination.'

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 10th


Happy Birthday today May 10th

Happy 62nd to Bruce Penhall!

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Riveting Reads

Actors & Skin: John Lithgow

John Lithgow you ask?  For an Actors & Skin post you say?  Well, I wouldn't have really thought it either, until recently.  I've always loved Lithgow the actor, from his television roles including on Third Rock From The Sun, to his countless stellar performance on screen.   Some of my favorite Lithgow performances have included his roles in; Terms of Endearment, Footloose, At Play In The Fields of the Lord, Raising Cane and The World According to Garp.

As accomplished as Lithgow is on television and film, his stage work, starting with The Changing Room in 1973 that especially impressive.  It was also one of the actors projects from the 1970's that inspired this post.  A month or two ago, I DVR'd the TCM airing of the 1976 Brian De Palma psychological thriller Obsession.

Obsession (1976)

I think Obsession was the first time I saw Lithgow from the FH lens.  Lithgow was 31 at the time of filming, and was very hot as Cliff Robertson's scheming real estate partner Robert LaSalle.  Obsession was an odd, but creepy film about a man's (Robertson) obsession with his long dead wife and child.  It's very 70's in look and lighting, but a film that grabbed my attention from the get go and held on to it throughout.

The Manhattan Project (1986)

When I used to watch Third Rock From The Sun, I was usually crushing over Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but if I happen to see any repeats in the future, I will be keeping a close eye on Lithgow's character Dick Solomon.

Third Rock From The Sun (1996-2001)

Traveling Man (1989)

Dexter (2009)

Man of the Moment: Noah Centineo

Okay, first off, I have to first acknowledge that I have yet to see 23 actor Noah Centineo (pronounced Sen-tin-ay-o) in a movie or on television. Like many actors that I feature, my introduction to the sizzling Centineo was through his images. A few months ago, after seeing the promo's, I was interested when seeing, and reading a little about the Netflix film To All The Boys I've Loved Before It's still on my 'to watch' list, but I didn't think that should prevent a little googling of the films hot lead.

Noah is no only incredibly hot, but also incredibly photogenic. Whether in posed or candid shots (or leaked selfies and videos...) those eyes, that face, that body are always eye catching. I had started a piece on Noah months ago, but seeing the Calvin Klein shots released along with the Shawn Mendes promotion, had me moving it up the cue! The former Disney hunk's star is on the rise with a slew of films (including the new Charlie's Angels, Jackie Chan's The Diary and To All the Boys I've Loved Before 2) due for release over the next year.