Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 3rd

Nicholas Hoult by Tom Craig
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Captured Regrets

I can't really figure out if these shots are real... or done for a joke. Doesn't really matter, they're brilliantly fun and compellingly cheesy.

Gray Eberley: FaVorites

Gray Eberley
Age :21
Hometown :Tenafly New Jersey

Gray by Seth Binsted

When I was in college a lot of my friends told me that I should try modeling. So after college I had a test shoots with my aunt who is a wedding photographer and we sent those photos to some friends in the fashion industry.

On location with Louis Botha

Through a family friend we were able to get those photos to Bruce Weber. He loved my look and me come shoot for Vman magazine in Montauk the next day. He then connected me with the awesome people at Soul Artist Management.

Gray by Hadar

I complain about my hair getting in my face all the time but I really do love having long hair. If I had to cut it for a big job I definitely would but for anything other than that I think I would abstain.
Les Amis

Gray by Chris Fucile Photography

Gray by Jack Pierson

Gray by Joseph Lally

Gray by Rick Day

Gray by Bell Soto

Actors & SKIN: Nicholas Hoult

Not all actors can transform seamlessly from child actor into adult roles.  I think one of the reasons Hoult did it so well is because he took his time.  Many child actors seem to rush from playing children to adults without stopping in the middle.  So many young actors take on these wild mature adult roles that they're not really ready for, and can create shocking, and abrupt reactions from their audience.

Hoult didn't go directly from playing a cute kid to taking on roles playing lawyers and hit-man.  Hoult wisely embraced those transitional years, the awkward teen years, and played the inexperienced young man, before taking on parts playing the strong and mature man.

At only thirty, I believe  Hoult has appeared nude on film seven times.  In addition to the three scenes and projects that I'm featuring here, Hoult also appeared nude in True History of the Kelly Gang, (2020) Sand Castle, (2017) Newness (2017) and Kill Your Friends. (2015)  This means, Hoult has filmed nude scenes when he was in his teens, his twenties and and now in his thirties.

Skins (2007-2008)

My last best mate's Maxxie. He's a bit new, he's a bit cool, he's a bit gay.
Tony Stonem

A Single Man (2009)

'I always think there’s loads of nudity in most things you see. The ocean scene, it’s not too awkward at the time because you’re in the moment, you’re in character and you have their thoughts and feelings about it. Tom explained everything very clearly and I understood it all very well, so it wasn’t awkward then. It is mostly when “cut!” gets called and then you’re stuck there, at work, in the buff, which I think is a lot of people’s worst nightmare.'

'We had to do it three times. There were fires at the time and there was ash in the air and I got ash in my eye and we had to stop after three, which Colin was very thankful for (laughing)! We got along very well. He’s very relaxed and calm and certainly a fantastic actor, so he’s very present in the moment when you’re doing a scene with him. It makes it very easy on you.'
Nicholas Hoult

The Great (2020)

Nicholas Hoult has admitted he finds sex scenes 'very difficult' to film and often bursts into fits of giggles during takes. The actor, 30, found it tough to keep a straight face in his love scenes with Elle Fanning in the Hulu series The Great where she stars as Catherine the Great while he plays her husband Peter III.

'They’re very difficult to do because they are very, very funny, and just ridiculous. And already, you’re in a slightly uncomfortable position doing that. But then add the sprinkle of hilarity on top of that and it becomes, yeah, very difficult not to start giggling. And I giggle a lot. So that was trouble for me.'
Hoult, The Daily Mail