Sunday, September 21, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 22nd

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Happy Birthday today September 22nd

Happy 54th Mr. Baio

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Who'd Have Thunk It?

Who'd have thunk, that in a scene with Patrick Wilson and Chris Pine, it would be Pine showing his butt!


Above: Jeremy by Eddie Christie

Sometimes when I am searching for images for the blog I really pray I don't die in some sudden accident that leaves my computer in the hands of my parents. Actors on the Toilet isn't really a phrase I want remembered long after I am gone...

Kevin Zegers

Story and post idea's sometimes sort of just come up while on the searching for something else. I didn't do a birthday post for September 19th, but when I thought I may post on that day, I started looking images. I chose the beautiful and talented Kevin Zegers, who turned 30 that day as the actor whose image I would use for the birthday post. While searching, the image of above of Kevin on the can was near the top of the page.

James Franco

Although I loved the fun and creativity of the classic image (shown further down below) of Jude Law on the throne, with Ewan McGregor beside him on the tub, I have not usually found actors on the toilet an especially appealing subject for a blog theme or photographic image for that matter. Except of course, when you have a talented artist behind the lens, any theme can really be done well. After an exhaustive (and not always so pleasant) search, these were some of my favorites featuring the theme.

Josh Hartnett

Donald Faison

Gael García Bernal

Jérémy Kapone

Alex Pettyfer

Ewan McGregor & Jude Law

Alexander Skarsgård

Paul Rudd, Wanderlust

Actors on the can isn't a theme only explored within photography. Many films include comedic, and not so comedic scenes of actor on the loo. Last year, Zac Efron's naked toilet scene was capped and spread all over the Internet. Paul Rudd has hit the can in at least two movies, and in horror movies, taking a dump is a sure fire way to ensure that you're the next one to be decapitated. Freddy and Jason know when your at your most vulnerable!

Colin Firth, A Single Man

Zac Efton, That Awkward Moment

Tension & Strain: Chris Topel by LightWeaver

'It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.'
Marquis de Sade

Last Sunday I introduced FH readers to Jay Rickard's (LightWeaver) latest work with model Chris Topel. (Have A Seat) The wooden stool Chris was sitting on, so central to that first set of images, takes on different feel and degree of risk in the second part of the series. Although they had not worked together in awhile, when Jay purchased some interesting props off E-bay, he wanted to created one of his character's based around them. Jay remembered that Chris loved the macabre and darker themes as well, so he immediately came to mind to bring to life the concepts spinning around in the artists imagination.

As regular viewers of FH know, my tastes often run towards what some might consider rather the tame side. I have been enjoying however, challenging my own boundaries from time to time and one of my challenges has been when the theme of bondage arises within a set of images. I sort of know why...I mayve have a connection to my feelings about choice and control, but I have come to realize that is my own misconception and assumptions about the practice.

Some of my favorite pieces over the last few years to put together, have ended up including bondage as a central component. There are just certain emotions, and levels of raw vulnerability that have been beautifully translated through not the loss, but the giving up, of control. It wasn't the first time Jay has used this theme within his work, but he does think it was the first time it became this dark.

'I've used light bondage in shoots before but Chris really took it to another level by giving it the pain and pleasure element using tension, body language and facial expressions. He approached it from an acting perspective, which is really what a photographer wants from a model no matter what the tone or goal of the shoot.'

'The wonderful thing about working with a model multiple times is that you build a rapport and the trust increases. So when we were planning the shoot and I ran the concept by him he immediately was on board. He knew he could trust me and that everything would be above board even though he'd be in a position of vulnerability. You don't meet a model for your first shoot and put him in that position right off the bat. At least I would never dream of it. The trust isn't there yet and I believe you'll see that in the images. So he took the elements I threw at him and he ran with it with gusto.'