Friday, February 1, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 2nd

David Karamanis by Paul Smollen
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Happy Birthday today February 2nd

Happy Birthday today to the adorable Michael T Weiss. Check out more of Michael HERE: & more of today's birthday boys HERE:

Male Modeling for Amateurs by Billy Joe Davis

Entering the world of male modeling can initially be very overwhelming. Maneuvering your way through ModelMayhem and photographers, decisions about how to get started, who to connect with, who to trust and whether to pose naked are all questions that have to be answered. I have noticed on MM, a few photographers who are providing advice to models, one, Billy Jo Davis has put his experience into a new book, Male Modeling for Amateurs.

Billy Jo, From DAVISICON, says the book is just basic common sense information and advice, for the everyday male, that would like to try amateur modeling on the side as a hobby or weekend thing.

'Why not help the aspiring model, by giving suggestions, advice, and constructive criticism?, any information offered can be very helpful when doing amateur modeling. A new experience can be very blind, stressful, and nerve racking to a novice, I wrote this book "Male Modeling for Amateurs", with the beginner in mind, it gives them a starting point in which to begin their interest, along with tips and suggestions to help them along the way.'

'There is a growing amateur market for models to help photographers, artists, painters, etc. Especially with the advancements and affordability in digital cameras, there are many more people out there needing models to photograph. So many of the amateur models I deal with just don't know how to conduct themselves and end up ruining future opportunities with missteps, bad attitude and bad manners. It should be read by every aspiring model if they want to be a success in this industry and move on to professional modeling.'

Check out more about Male Modeling for Amateurs on Amazon HERE:

Constructed: David Karamanis by Paul Smollen

'I am an Australian native of proud Greek heritage. My life at the moment revolves around my passion for fitness.'
David Karamanis

I am pleased to once again be able to showcase the work of Australian photographer Paul Smollen. (See my previous posts HERE:) In this shoot, Paul and model David G pay homage to the construction and steel workers of the past. 23 year old David is the perfect model to help pull of the task. An Australian native of proud Greek heritage, David has a body of steel himself. With a sporting background of rugby union play and wrestling, David's athleticism enhances the theme in each of Paul's images.

The location of the shoot was the central ingredient. Paul reports sourcing a location that proved dramatic as well as complimentary in a city like Sydney was difficult. 'Sydney is not a city known for keeping its older factories or if they do they are off limits'. Finally the old railway yards provided the ideal location for David to become the construction God.

'David was able to challenge the power and strength you see in former construction and steel workers. Yet during those times he was also able to show is flexibility and suppleness. Photographed on a blisteringly hot day in Sydney the heat radiated off the bricks and steel creating a challenge for both model and photographer. However David was able to use and channel that heat with Paul to produce a series of sultry images.'
Paul Smollen

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The Men Of McKinley

It is no secret I have not been loving most of this season's Glee. Although some of the new characters have grown on me (although isn't it time to ditch Samuel Larson...), I have not loved the New York focus on Kurt and Rachel compared to the criminal lack of story for some of the other graduates, most notably Mercedes. Although it was great to see Quinn and Santana last night was it that difficult to have more than 2 seconds of Amber Riley in Sam's video or maybe 1 second of Harry Shum?

All that aside, I did enjoy last night's episode Naked, and not just because of all the skin! And..there was a lot of male skin, the episode could be sold as soft core gay erotica for the teen set. I thought the songs were better than most this season, especially Jacob Artist singing Ne-Yo's Let Me Love You. Although Lea Michelle has an incredible voice, her version of Torn was not nearly as good as Natalie Imbruglia's, whereas I much prefer Artist's Let Me Love You over the original.

Jacob Artist and Blake Jenner were incredibly hot, but Chord Overstreet is sex on a beautifully stupid stick!

Thanks to IronMan for the caps!