Thursday, June 14, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 15th

Chase by Cmwathen
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Happy Birthday today June 15th

Happy 45th to actor Greg Vaughan!

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Matthew Dunston: Disrobed

Matthew by Jay2828

If you're a regular reader of FH, you're familiar with model Matthew Dunston whose work I have had the pleasure to feature several times over the last year. (HERE:) FH began this month with a spotlight on art models, and since then, have been looking for 'stories' from models about their experiences posing in front of a large group of people whose eyes, are focused on every inch of your body. Now for many, this would be an intimidating experience, but for Matthew, who loves to be naked, it was that blasted robe that caused the most stress...

'I modeled for a drawing group in Iowa about 3 weeks ago. It was my first time that I had modeled in front of that many people. There were about 20 people in attendance. I did not feel nervous before hand, as we both know how open I am about taking off my clothes. The weirdest thing for me was wearing the robe they provided. Before we began, I took off my clothes and put on the robe in their changing room. I then walked out into the art room and waited for instruction and for everyone to arrive.'

'I felt like I was hiding something from them, and felt kind of weird about that. However, I totally understand that wearing a robe is for professional reasons. When I was finally able to take the robe off, I felt completely free. I posed for two hours (with a ten minute break halfway through), and enjoyed every minute of it. Everyone really enjoyed me as a model, and asked if I would do it again. Of course I said yes! Not only am I able to be naked in public, but I also get paid for my a fairly decent rate. I cannot wait to get in front of the lights of an art room again! Let me know if you need or want any more detail from me!'

A Fetching Follow-up: Chase by Cmwathen

'Consummate Model and Professional! Chase's personality matches his look!'

I think many of the photographers that I have featured on FH might use persistent to describe me. Others may use relentless, but persistent has a more positive ring to it... Usually when I reach out to a new artist, there was one image or one model that inspired me to get in touch. With Cmwathen's Mark, it was an image of Jon who I profiled earlier this spring. (Creative Couplings)

When I piece together a story, I often go back and forth to the artists portfolio. I want to spend as much time with their work as I can, getting a feel for how they work and ensuring that I have chosen the best shots of the model, or to represent the story I trying to tell. When I going back and forth to Mark's port on Model Mayhem, I noticed his incredible shots of Chase, and was already thinking about asking (bugging) Mark about a follow-up piece for down the road. The 25 year old Dallas model has a powerful physique and such expressive and mesmerising hazel eyes. I also love Chase's cross tattoo, and the lines and design that draw attention to Chase's sexy and impressive chest.

'Chase was a natural in front of the camera, great personality and looks! He was also comfortable having my husband Todd apply baby oil all over his body at his suggestion.'

Some of you might remember that Mark's husband Todd also played an important role in Mark's work with Jon. Todd is also Mark's assistant, and plays an important role in all of his shoots. Mark and Todd met when Chase last fall just after the 24 year old model moved to Indianapolis from Dallas. They first saw Chase on Facebook as part of an Indianapolis Model group and although he had modeled in Dallas, being in a new city, Chase was looking to connect with local photographers about working together.

Mark quickly got in touch a date was set. So far he and Todd have worked with Chase three times. Mark describes Chase as very open and even during the first shoot, required very little direction. During the three sessions, Mark says they did both location and studio work and that Chase was completely comfortable shooting whatever theme or look they were working on, fully clothed, semi nude, implies nude or underwear shots.

'Between shoots, Chase would dance around and make us laugh, he did this in all of our shoots. Some of his poses he would intentionally be overly dramatic poses, just to get us to laugh.'

During their second shoot, Mark met up with Chase in Indy with two other male models for a group photo shoot. Mark says that Chase had the most experience and helped out the other two models with their poses, offering feedback and support, even when he wasn't in front of the camera. He has a natural way of relating with others and really helped the other models to relax and enjoy the shoot.

Mark reports that Chase has recently moved back to Dallas. Chase's beautiful girlfriend was one of the reasons, but Chase is also currently attending school. Although the focus of this particular school is learning, it also utilizes all of the time and work that Chase has but into working his body by slamming it to the ground and against the ropes.

Yup, keep your eye out for Chase's chest tattoo in the future!  You just might be lucky enough to see it, not to mention those beautiful eyes, on the stage or in the ring. The school Chase attends is a school for professional wrestling and I suspect Chase is going to be incredibly popular.