Saturday, November 20, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 20th

Above: 'Long Run'
I will be profiling the work of California designer and photographer David Wagner in the near future but... in the meantime I really loved this shot and wanted to share. Thanks David!
You can check out more of David's work on MM HERE:

Happy Birthday today November 20th

Happy Birthday today November 20th to:

Cody Linley turns 21 today.

Actor Rhys Wakefield turns 22 today.

Spanish actor Fran Perea, known to many for his role on "Los Serrano" turns 32 today.

Actor Jason Thompson turns 34 today.

Actor Jonathan Woodward (Below in Firefly) turns 37 today. (Caps via Vincent Chip's Houseguests)

Brazilian film and television actor, model and dancer, Cláudio Heinrich turns 38 today.

Actor and filmaker Joe Zaso turns 40 today.

Bo Derek turns 54 today.

The great actress Estelle Parsons turns 83 today.

A Look Back: Blast From The Past: Ken Olandt

A Look Back:
Original Post
: November 2007

Since my first post on Ken back in 2007 his only additional credit appears to be in an episode of Criminal Minds. Given Ken was a part of the original 'V' can we look forward to his making an appearance on th updated version?

Ken Olandt hit tv screens in the early 80's guesting on many tv shows of the time. He is had roles on tons of shows and was a regular on Super Force, SuperCarrier, Riptide and The Young and The Restless. Ken also showed up in movies including Leprechaun and April Fools Day. These days Ken is mostly producing with the odd acting gig. With all his tv and movie roles, I would bet most people know Ken best from his stripping scene in the Mark Harmon movie Summer School. I know that scene was a fav of mine.

Ken Olandt in Summer School

A few Seconds of Ken in Summer School.