Monday, September 20, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 20th

Alexander PIero Zanetti by Mckenzie James.

Happy Birthday today September 20th to:

Happy Birthday today September 20th to:

Skater Brian Joubert turns 26 today.

Actor André Bankoff turns 29 today.

Feliciano Lopez turns 29 today.

Love me some Gary Cole who turns 53 today.

Above with William Peterson in 'Kiss The Sky' (1999.

Just Because: More Nick Youngquest for Checkum!

The Checkum campaign, in association with Macmillan Cancer Support, features posters of more than 30 UK celebrities including FH favorite Nick Youngquest, sending the message that there is no embarrassment in getting the right advice about a potentially deadly form of cancer. The controversial year-long campaign – which includes contributions from singer Ronan Keating, rugby internationals Ben Cohen, Adam Rickitt, BB's Dale Howard and Olympic swimmer Mark Foster among others. I am sure you have seen many of these great public service posters around the net. I posted a couple of Nick's shots last month but had to add these two new ones!

Survivor: The Battle Of The Bulge

Remember a couple of years ago on Survivor Gabon when Marcus and Charlie and the other guys flopped around in their boxers unobstructed. Well of course many of us remember that led to Marcus and his famous pop-out (see below). Well I guess CBS wants to ensure we don't get any more accidental penis shots and are therefore blurring all the crotches of the current group of guys on Survivor Nicaragua. I got to tell you in some ways it makes the shots much more sensational and erotic. No we are not getting to see any back and forth action but we are left to wonder if the size of the blur matches the guy on screen...

The Video Link is still able to be watched at NakedStraightGuys found HERE:

Initially I was drawn to Shannon Elkins (below). His hotness faded about the time he opened his mouth. His numerous stupid statements has him atop the tool pile.

Lovely Judson Birza, student and model certainly is purdy but thus far has not shown much in the brain wave department. Even his team mates have dubbed him 'Fabio'.

That leaves Chase Rice, a country musician and former UNC linebacker as my favorite. It is too early to say how my crush will play out but all the blurring of his jockey's certainly helped seal the deal.

Favorite Stage Actor of the Day: Charlie Sutton

One of my favorite numbers from this past years Broadway Bares was 'The Bank'. While Joshua Buscher got most of the attention, my eyes were firmly planted on one of the guys to his side, Broadway actor and dancer Charlie Sutton. I love Charlie's look with his dark wavy hair and intense eye stare during most of the number. Since you all know I don't think stage actors get nearly enough attention, I decided to find out more about Charlie.

Charlie Sutton grew up in Florida where his love of the stage came from his mother who also had a passion for dance. Getting his training at Miami's New World School of the Arts high school, after graduating in 2002, Charlie headed to New York to attend college.

Charlie's stage credits since hitting New York including dancing in La Cage aux Folles, Wicked and Aida. Charlie also gained attention working in the Broadway production of John Waters Cry Baby. Most recently Charlie shared the stage with Nathan Lane and the cast of The Addams Family. Also interested in fashion, Sutton has been spending time creating his own designs.
Some of Charlie's other credits include numberous music videos as well as a role in the movie The Producers.

Below: Charlie with Ashley de Zeeuw in last years Broadway Bares, Wonderland.

-Cry Baby-

Below: Charlie with Cry Baby co-star Mayumi Miguel.

-The Addams Family-

Below: Charlie, as one of the Ancestors performing with Nathan Lane, Bebe Neuwirth and the cast of The Addams Family on Letterman.

Below: Backstage at Broadway Bares
Photograph by Monroy Photographics.

Charlie in 'Buggy Woogie Strip' ,with Dennis Stowe (Shrek) and Jermaine Rembert (Memphis).

Thanks to DaveAsset for the video above!
Thanks to Drama Queen.

Charlie Sutton in Broadway Bares

Charlie Sutton, Joshua Buscher (West Side Story) and the cast of 'The Bank' from this years Broadway Bares!

The Rehearsal:

The Show: