Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 5th

Henry by Andrew Bowman
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Bent: Altered from an originally straight or even condition


FH kicked off the summer season with a piece featuring PR PHOTO and his incredible shots of Karson. (HERE:) Given this, it seemed appropriate to say goodbye to meteorological summer, (June, July & August) and welcome the new school year with a few more shots of Karson. Too bad Karson's school attire couldn't have been my University's minatory school uniform...

Favorite Clicks: Theo James in Sanditon

Although I never got into, nor watched, the Divergent series of movies, my lust for the beautiful Theo James has remained alive and well since 2010.  That's when I first saw and posted about Theo as Turkish aristocrat Kemal Pamuk on an episode of Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey (2010)

Theo's stint in Downton was only one episode as after wooing and bedding Mary he ended up dying.  Although his his naked dead corpse was dragged out of the mansion by Mary and Anna, the story remained a plot point, coming back around later in the series.  Theo is currently starring in the ITV series  Sanditon, based on one of Jane Austen's unfinished novels.

Theo's character Sidney Parker recently had a skinny dipping scene, and I, like many, assumed it was a body double until seeing the scene.  Thankfully the director had Sidney look back, solidifying the beautiful butt in question, is indeed Theo's tuchus.  Check out more caps, and download an HD clip of the scene on Casperfan HERE:

Sanditon (2019)

Hooray Henry by Andrew Bowman

'As you can tell from some of the pix he's a real hooray Henry - pulling random funny faces.'

I had never heard of the term 'Hooray Henry' until photographer Andrew Bowman used it to describe Henry. I quick google search had me understand what he meant. In Monty Python terms, it's a word to describe English upper class twits, public schoolboys who often act foolishly in a group and public functions. The class clown. Prince Harry, and several members of the Royal family (including females called 'Hooray Henriettas)' have had the term to used on occasion to describe their behavior in public.

Although being called a 'twit' isn't usually used as a compliment, Andrew certainly saw it as a advantages of having such a fun and animated model to shoot. There is also something endearing, even sexy, about a hot sexy aristocrat with the confidence to act silly in math class, in public, or in Henry' case, in front of Andrew's camera.

There's also a touch of rebellion in acting silly in public, especially if you're well know,  it can also be used as a way connect with others around them, or those enjoying their images.. It could also stem from nerves, either because being the center of attention in  public, or in the case of a male model, a way to mentally distract from the fact that you're completely vulnerable and utterly naked.

As soon as I saw Andrew's images, I was smitten. Given the little I know about Henry, I don't suspect that nerves were a factor I love many of his unique poses, his facial expressions, and especially that shot with his tongue out. Andrew shares that Henry has an amazingly long tongue, one Henry undoubtedly uses to full advantage!

Henry has personality plus, and in addition to using his winning personality in front of the lens, he's also used it on stage as an actor, singer and dancer. Although originally from the West Country, if you're ever in Cyprus, you just might experience Henry's personality for yourself,  (and see that tongue) where he can often be found working behind a bar in one of the local restaurants.

Henry's expression of personalty aren't only just fun or restricted to the silly.  No matter whether he's grinning, sticking his tongue out or shooting a come hither look from the bed, Henry's always incredibly hot.  Henry's got the smoldering sexy look down pat, and always looks ready, and incredibly able...

I'm so glad to have Andrew's work back on FH, especially with this set of Henry.  The last time I featured Andrew's imagery, was back in 2016 when some of my favorites shots from Andrew were featured to help celebrate FH turning ten. (HERE:)  I promise not to let as much time go by this time before featuring Andrew's work again!