Thursday, January 5, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 6th

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Happy Birthday today January 6th

Happy Birthday to model Ryan Daharsh!

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Frank Joseph: Men in Bed

'Plenty of men will want to share a bed with you, but the right one will want to share his year with you.'

Regardless of whether it's a year, a lifetime, one night, or just a few hours, you'll certainly want to spend a little time in bed with the men in then 2023 calendar from photographer Frank Joseph.  I know many of you may have bought, or been gifted calendars already, but if you haven't, or if you just want to enjoy the visuals, you should still check out Men In Bed. 

I've enjoyed featuring Frank's work over the last couple of years, and if you checked out my previous pieces featuring his work, (HERE:) you'll easily see why.  In addition to his choice of models, and his approach to capturing the male form, I also love Frank's focus on the male behind.

I certainly share Frank's love of the round and voluptuous curves of a man's derriere, and there are certainly many to crave and admire in the Men in Bed Calendars.  You can check out the calendars in full sizeEasel and desk calendar versions.  Given it's after January, they're now, also all half price!

It's Logan Time!

'Not so innocent...'

When I first saw images of Logan James, it was his sweet face and eyes that had me pause and want to see more.  A quick glance through his Twitter portfolio however, let me know that Logan was not so innocent...  First off, his hot firm frame is clearly built for more than just tame tasks and activities.  Logan clearly spends a lot of time keeping every inch of his body toned and ready.

Secondly, behind those innocent eyes was a serious determination, something confirmed when I asked about sharing some of his images.  It's always interesting and incredibly hot when there's a visual contrast between a guys face and his body.  In addition to how hot his images were, I also enjoyed how interactive Logan was with those following on his Twitter  page.  He clearly knows what grabs attention, and is happy to accommodate those who enjoy his images and want to join in the fun an play along.

What made you decide to start an Onlyfans? 

I saw a bunch of others making a lot of money, and I wanted to make some money to help pay the rent!  I also noticed it wasn't always about how attractive they were, 😂 but how enthusiastic they were and how they interacted with others.  

What can people expect if they join?

Hot images and nudes from a younger looking aesthetic athlete.  I'm also really open minded and am open to custom requests and findom and images that are requested.

Did you have any concerns with family/friends about posting nudes on-line? 

I keep it pretty private so it's not been an issue.

What is your favorite part about sharing your images with others? 

I enjoy the reactions to my hard work and sharing aspects of my private life

What has been your favorite comment or compliment? 

I have to admit that it’s pretty cool to get compliments and when they refer to me as Greek God. 😂

Logan James on OnlyFans

Zachary Roozen in Romeo and Juliet Killers

'Inspired by the "Ripped from the Headlines" true crime story of a rebellious teen and her boyfriend who murdered her single mother in their upscale, gated community in Northern California and were dubbed a modern-day Romeo and Juliet when they ran away and attempted suicide. '

When I was compiling my list of favorite nude scenes from 2022 for my Sex in Cinema post, I did a fair bit of research.  Between IMDB lists and checking out some of my favorite websites, my list was so long, that there were several difficult cuts, that I had to eventually make.  One of them was actor Zachary Roozen in last year's thriller, Romeo and Juliet Killers.

I read about the film, directed by actress Lindsay Hartley, a few places online and then found caps of Zachary and the film on one of my favorites sites, DC's Men of the Moment.  I was instantly intrigued by the story and instantly drawn to Zachary's great face, body and his incredibly delicious natural body hair.

Originally from Minnesota, Zachary dreamed of becoming an actor during his the many hours he spent distance running.  Although he did went far in the sport, he realized during those many long runs that his passion was elsewhere and that maybe he could follow in the footsteps of some of his favorite actors.

'Peter O’toole, Richard Burton, Don Knotts, those guys changed my life and gave me that same adrenaline that someday I might be able to make something like they did.'

Some might be surprised to see Don Knotts included in Roozen's list, but if you were a fan of old Disney movies like I was growing up, you'll see that he fits right in.  Zachary's character Boston in Romeo and Juliet Killers is a far more rotten than any character I ever saw Knotts play, but they channel similar energies.  If you want to check out the film, it's currently free to view on the Tubi originals website.