Sunday, October 9, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 10th

Klaidas by Darren Brade
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Happy Thanksgiving to all those FH readers from Canada!

Happy Birthday today October 10th

Fernando Casarin turns 34 today.

Check out more of Fernando and today's other birthday boys HERE:

Just Because: Hugh Jackman

Thanks to In Touch Magazine (a magazine whose existence I continue to question, as there is not really much in it to actually read. It must cater to those too lazy to be bothered with words, as it is simply a collection of purdy pictures, usually ones already seen in other magazines) and Boy Culture (for the purdy pictures here) for these shots of Hugh Jackman on Bondi Beach in Australia. I say nothing except I too need a speedo wearing personal trainer to frolic in the surf with!

Marlen Boro on The Male Form

The fantabulous Marlen Boro shares his magnificently hot shots of Nick McGough this week on Dylan Rosser's THE MALE FORM! Head on over to see them all!

Continuously Challenged: Klaidas by Darren Brade

As FH enters its 5th year it becomes more and more important that when I choose an image or an artist to feature that there is something new and exciting about the work, something I have not seen before.

Last month, when I saw the shot of Klaidas above, I was instantly drawn to the image and the artist. I love how the shot, all boots and legs, is framed and edited. Klaidas' head resting on his knee and how the light and shadow, including the drops from the bathroom tap are detailed with the use of black and white.

One the 80's and 90's most famed photographer was Herb Ritts. Known for his celebrity portraits (Richard Gere, Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor) and for his work in black and white. Dramatic, with clean lines and strong forms made Ritts' work instantly recognizable.

It is not surprising then to hear Herb Ritts was a major influence on London based photographer Darren Brade. Darren says that he is always searching for ways to innovate and to feel continuously challenged.

'I have developed my own unique style of creative portraiture through manipulating shadows, contrast, and sometimes adding striking colours.'

In each of Darren's two shoots with London model Klaidas, light & shadow, framing and form work together to create striking images both strong and dramatic. In these images of Klaidas, like the work of Herb Ritts, by focusing on form, Darren is able to keep his model strong, in control even when placed in vulnerable situations and positions. As strong as the body shots are, my favorites are Darren's portraits of Klaidas, simply beautiful!

Check out more of Darren's work on:
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