Thursday, September 5, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 6th

Off Kilter
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Kilted: Inspiration

I didn't initially intend to have a day entirely kilt themed, but I had a strong and sexy inspiration. This past St. Patrick's Day, I featured  Studio1x's sexy images of the kilt wearing Dakota. (Irish Eyes)  I had never really been into kilts, or kilts in images, but Jim's shots of Dakota certainly changed that.

Sooo.... I started on the hunt for hot kilted images and on one rainy May afternoon, found some great sites and groups with images.  I ended up with a large folder full of shots, and decided to put together a post and save it for my July holiday.  I saved so many images however, there was no way to put them all in one piece, so a theme day arose.   If you're not into kilt shots, I'm sure Dakota and some of the other kilt wearers featured, just might change your mind.

Kilt Day: Potpourri

A few extra images that although didn't fit into a theme, I didn't want to exclude. 

Kilted: A Cool breeze

'Better caught with your kilt up, than your pants down....'

Wind is not the friend of men in kilts, but an unexpected gust is welcomed by those with their camera' handy.  Most of these flashes were done with planning an intent, and not due to an erotic act of nature.  For most of these guys, the flash was a  big part of the exhibitionist piece of putting on the plaid.

Kilted: Let the Games Begin

Some of the best images of men of kilts come from The Highland or Scottish Games. Scotland's not the only country to celebrate the yearly event, other countries, with large Scottish populations also celebrate Celtic culture with piping, drumming, dancing and of course the various sporting events.

The sporting events focus on specific athletic skills with an emphasis on strength. The competitions, especially known as the heavy events, include the hammer throw, lifting, shot put and of course the tug-o-war provided endless opportunities for kilts to fly up and misbehave. The shots are especially great as although the participants are surely aware of the flashing possibilities, most of the exposure is unintentional, and occurs while the kilt wearer is concentrating on their event.