Friday, September 4, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 5th

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Happy Birthday today September 5th

Happy 46th to Dweezil Zappa!

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I saw Dweezil perform at a club a few years ago. He sounded great and looked as hot (hairy chest included) as ever.

Teachers Pet

Thinking of all those heading back to school this month. Although I did well in school I was never a great student. I loved school though, especially high school and University. When I think back on high school especially, I don't really remember classes or marks that much. I think of basketball and Friday night hockey games, the musical, yearbook and student government. it was all of the things I did before and after school which got me on that early bus each morning.

Shirt Off His Back: Pierson Hayes by Chris Teel

'Taste the one that’s forever young.'
Pepsi , 2006-2008

I have been featuring the work of Toronto based photographer Chris Teel for almost six years starting back in 2009. Even though I have posted dozens of stories featuring many of the incredible men Chris has shot, I always look forward to new work that he sends on. I love the anticipation as new images images download for me to check out.

When checking out his new work with Pierson Hayes, I first took notice of the Toronto model's great face, lips and eyes and of course those sensuous curves created by his long lean physique, back and backside. I then, got a bit thirsty....for a Pepsi. I especially loved the shots Chris included of Pierson in his white Pepsi t-shirt. I loved the poses, and shirts colors made this set of images especially pop out.

This had me thinking how magnificently Chris has incorporated fashion in so many of the shoots that I featured. Generally, clothes are not what stands out the most when discussing the male form, but Chris always manages to have his models unwear clothing in beautifully hot and erotic fashion. Clinging pieces of material that don't as much cover, but instead accentuate the male form.

Whether it be all the tank tops and jock straps, Matteo's hoodie, Quinn Jaxon's black gloves or Claudiu's white shirt and those jeans beautifully sliding down his butt, Chris always manages to use fashion as a way to reveal not just bodies, but pieces of personalities of the men he shoots.

In this set of images, you can feel Pierson's confidence, not to mention his undeniable sensuality. Through his face and eyes, Pierson appears to enjoy teasing and tempting the viewer, especially with the way he holds, and pulls down, his shirt and jeans. Seductively, Pierson uses his confidence, not to mention his limited clothing, to draw in the viewer.

Drawing in an audiences is nothing new for Pierson, a professional dancer, Pierson has been on tour with Rosette and as the opening act for AKon and Girlicious. Originally from Vancouver, Pierson is not based out of Toronto, working weekends as a DJ and MC at one of Toronto's hottest clubs, Remington's. Pierson's career is definitely on the rise and he is currently listed as one of the 'best new MC/Hosts' in the city.

Chris detected that confidence as soon as he and Pierson began working together. Both photographer and model enjoyed the experience with Pierson sharing that his work with Chris was not only very relaxed and comfortable but also noted Chris's immense professionalism. Chris shares that during the shoot Pierson was positive the two would be working together again and both Chris and Pierson are hoping to do just that very soon!


Gays In Gays Out

With gay characters so sparse on network television, it is understandable that viewers get so invested. I got hooked again into watching Days Of Our Lives with Will Horton's powerful coming out storyline. Chandler Massey put in some great work, especially in his scenes with TV grandmother Deidre Hall. His early romance with Sonny (Freddie Smith) was also engrossing and for awhile Days had a storyline I not only related to, but enjoyed.

But... time goes by. Massey seemed to get bored with his job and his role and eventually left the show. His replacement, to me, was and is a horrible mess. Guy Wilson has so many annoying mannerisms, (the least of which is clutching onto Smith) the once powerful couple became unwatchable. Guy and Smith have chemistry when in bed only, other than that, Guy has next to no chemistry with any of his cast mates. Smith, still appealing, is not a leading man and without Massey around could not sustain the power and energy required to lead the couple in story.

I was lured back to the Gays of our Lives this summer not by Will and Sonny but by the shows clever (if intended) way to continue a strong gay storyline even though their two main gay characters had become so weak. Slowly and subtly over the year the ultra hot Christopher Sean became the one to watch and his chemistry with adorably sexy Spencer Neville is making up for the heat so long lacking on the show.

Pageant Sean

Freddie Smith has recently left the show and hopefully Wilson is quickly behind him. I still love the character of Will but unless they get Massey back, or find an actor up to the role, Will is better left off screen. I hope the show realizes how Sean and Neville have rescued the failure of Wilson to keep the gay characters alive. Sean seems secure in his role but Spence needs to be given a contract stat so that we can continue enjoying the gay goings on in Salem.