Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 14th

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Image via Eros Adonis 

Hopefully this senior will pic up some undies when he goes back to school shopping.  I personally prefer his commando look, but it may not so over as well when he bends to tie his shoe in his 12 grade Economics class.

Leapin' Lukas

FH ended the month of July with Bodytorium, and his amazing set of images of Andrew and Lukas. (HERE:) I don't know about you, but I couldn't get enough of the sexy pair, especially Lukas.  In addition to incredible body and smile, Lukas appeared to be having so much fun frolicking naked in the woods.

Check out more of Bodytorium, and his work with Lukas on PAGE 2 HERE:

A Moment of Notice: Conor by Anthony Timiraos

'Visiting South Florida from Ireland, Conor was not easily convinced to pose for this project....'

We all see people, places and things every day, what's fascinating to me, is when we actually notice the things that we're looking at. Although I'd had paper routes and odd jobs, I got my first official job the week of my 16th birthday. The job required a bus ride to and from, and given I lived outside of the city, my wait for the bus home was sometimes as long as an hour. I waited, I watched and looked around, I read, and listened to my Discman as I waited for that bus.

Behind the bus top was an old abandoned building, and the side facing my stop was painted with about an eight feet high mural. For months I looked at that mural, but really didn't see it. I'll never forget the one day I noticed. It began with a fish, a colorful goldfish near the bottom right hand corner. I'm not sure exactly had me focus on that fish that day, but I finally payed attention, realizing for the first time, the artwork in front of me was an aquarium, full of fish, bubbles, treasure chests and spectacular colors.

There are many images, models and artists on the site whose work I immediately noticed.  There are others, that I see, yet the noticing comes later.  I noticed the incredibly imagery of photographer Anthony Timiraos the first time I saw it, and quickly got in touch.  Anthony's work with Conor however, was a more recently discovering.  I'd seen it before, Conor was featured in Anthony's first book, expose, but with a book full of incredible men, and incredible bodies, I didn't notice Conor's immense charm and sex appeal when initially enjoying my copy of expose.

Last month however, Anthony posted an image of Conor on his Instagram.  The image, a portrait shot, had me captivated with Conor's beautiful face, lips and eyes.  I wanted to see, and find out more. When I got in touch with Anthony, I was surprised to learn about Conor's appearance in expose, but headed strait to page 44 to check out more.  Although there were not full frontal shots, Anthony's images and words about his work with Conor only intensified his appeal.

Conor was visiting South Florida from his home in Ireland and met through a mutual friend. Anthony shares that Conor wasn't easily convinced to pose for the book, but after reviewing Anthony's website and then discussing the shoot with his girlfriend, he called Anthony one night and simply said 'I am ready.'  Although Conor was ready, and posed for Anthony completely naked, he wasn't quite ready to have his penis showing in the published set of images.  Although according to the artist behind the lens, it was a great looking penis, Conor is a minor sports celebrity in his home county, and represents his local club in Rugby and Gaelic football throughout Ireland and the UK.

'As soon as he entered the studio, the clothes were off and he was ready to pose. His beautiful soft Irish skin reflected perfectly with the combination of natural and studio light. His piercing Irish eyes combined with his confident looks provided the right attitude. What does not show is his dedication and hard work. This rugby player with a great sense of humor shared many Irish jokes during the shoot and yes, I reciprocated with a few gay jokes and shared many laughs. We also discussed everything from politics to travel, perhaps we did more talking than photographing. My first Irish born model - a fun afternoon and new friend.'

Ola Rapace in Stockholm-Båstad

'Pavel is a retired former world class tennis player who managed to get a wild card to the Swedish Open . When friend Danne (Ola Rapace) suggests they take a quiet week and ride a boat from Stockholm to the tournament in Båstad , the tennis player cannot say no. However, the boat trip is anything but tranquil, especially as the buddy is a partying girl jerk.'

I had never heard of 47 year old Swedish actor Ola Rapace until a FH reader wrote me about a 'happy accident' that had Ola's naked images showing up in an unintended google search....  The blog reader was attempting to locate a restaurant in San Francisco he and some friends were planning on going to.  The place was called 'Oola', and when he typed it into his device, the name Ola Rapace came up!

Given the Stockholm County born actor has done quite a few nude scenes, many nude images popped up in the search.  Ola is quite famous in his native country, he and his ex-wife Noomi, were sort of the Swedish Brad and Angelia (or maybe closer to Liz & Dick) in the early 2000's, frequently on the cover of magazines and tabloids for their drama filled marriage and divorce.

Stockholm-Båstad (2011)

In researching Ola's nude scenes, (rough job, I know...) Ola's multiple nude scenes in 2011' Stockholm-Båstad were certainly stand outs.  They stood out due to the actors unabashed attitude, and also because unlike so many nude scenes, although incredibly sexy, they weren't about sex. 

Ola's nude scenes were not love scenes, they were nude scenes, and most with men.  Sitting, swimming, or just standing and talking.  And...my favorite, Ola's naked fight on a boat.  If you haven't seen it before, just out the two clips below.