Friday, April 2, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 2nd

Hot shot of model Justin Noble from Melbourne.

The 'Silence' Of Easter'

I feel so lucky to live in a town that shuts down on holidays. Today, Good Friday like Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving and other holidays my town is quiet. Nothing is open but the drug store and maybe a gas station. Schools are closed, banks are closed and most importantly the stores are closed. Now it means that everything from malls to liquor stores were nuts yesterday (you would have thought they were closing for a month, not a day) but it was worth it.

The streets are quiet except for the odd person out for a walk. Seems to me we used to have a day like this once a week, Sundays. Now, many are lucky to get a day like this once a year. I still get half a dozen or so and enjoy each and every second of them.

I have Easter plans the next day or so and won't be posting tomorrow. Will be back posting Sunday. I wish you all some 'Silence' this weekend, the silence I am so enjoying today. Whether you celebrate the spiritual side of Easter (which I do) or the bunny and egg part of Easter (which I also do) or even if you don't celebrate at all Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Birthday Today April 2nd to:

Happy Birthday today, April 2nd to:

Adorable actor Francisco Froes turns 23 today.

Jeremy Bloom turns 28 today.

Love Salim Kechiouche who turns 31 today.

Adam Rodriguez turns 35 today.

Kevin Bernhardt turns 49 today.

R.I.P John Forsythe

Rest In Peace Charlie!

Favorite Decathlete of the Day: Forrest Gregory

Forrest Gregory with Image Modeling is a graduate of Doane College in Nebraska. Besides modeling, Forrest is a decathlete and was a 2008 NAIA All-American. I love Forrest's look with an amazing body, strong face and great smile. Check out more of Forrest at Image Modeling HERE:

Forrest Gregory

Hair: Medium Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Waist: 31"
Inseam: 36"
Shoe: 12
Suit: 44
Background: Fashion Print , Runway , Film/Commercial

Below: Forrest by Cherie Phelps.

Next 3 images from photographer Angelo Kritikos.

Behind & In Front of the Camera with Krimson-yuki-san

20 year old model and photographer Krimson-yuki-san hails from Louisiana. Krimson-yuki-san who also uses the name Colby Binford believes that to excel in the industry it's important to gain experiences on both sides of the lens. Colby describes himself as straight forward, outgoing and fun. Colby should have added beautiful and talented. Colby has one of the most breathtakingly beautful faces I have seen. As well as knowing how to work in front of the camera, Colby also knows how to showcase beauty with his skill behind the lens. You can get to know a bit more about Colby at his Myspace HERE:

Colby Binford
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 148 lbs
Measurements: 37-29-37
Shoe size: 11
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Experience: Some Experience

Above: Colby by Brittany N Chretien.

As someone who dabbled in photography, I know how difficult it is to get that great shot of another person. How difficult must it be then to get that great self portrait. Below are a series of shots, many are self portraits taken by Colby.

With the amazing shots of Colby, this head shot is truly amazing. What a uniquely exquisite face with beautiful features and stunning blue eyes.

Below: Mirror mask

Below: Vintage jock