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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 1st

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Happy Birthday today June 1st

 Happy 26th to actor Tom Holland!

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Thespian Toros: Aaron Dominguez

I didn't think I was going like Only Murders In The Building, but I easily binged the first season's ten episodes this past weekend.  I loved the show, the cast and the opening title sequence.  The music and design is amazing, so much so, I never skipped watching the shows opening and closing credits. The cast was also wonderful, especially Martin Short and Steve Martin and I loved all the character actors who inhabited the building.  

I also loved me some Oscar played by the ultra hot and talented Aaron Dominguez.  Although he's been acting professionally for about ten years now, I hadn't seen Dominguez on screen before.  I'm guessing his turn as Oscar is going to change all of that.  If like me, you put off watching, I highly recommend giving it a go.  There's still time to catch up before season 2 is released on Hulu later this month.

Blast from the Past: Antony Hamilton

Back in the site's first full year, I did a Blast from the Past piece, (HERE:) featuring model and actor Antony Hamilton.  Although I was a little young to remember watching Cover-Up, (1985) some of you may remember that Antony was cast in the CBS detective series after the tragic death of original cast member Jon-Erik Hexum.  The show never recovered and was cancelled after Antony completed just 14 episodes.

Originally from England, Antony grew up in Australia where he studied ballet. While touring in the early 70's with the Australian Ballet Company, he was discovered by a photographer which led him to leave dance and spend the next decade modeling throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Modeling eventually led to acting and in 1979, Antony was cast in his first feature film, the horror flick  Nocturna: Granddaughter of Dracula.   After a few small roles in features, Antony settled into television roles includeing the 1988 re-boot of Mission Impossible.  Sadly, Hamilton died from AIDS-related pneumonia in Los Angeles in March of 1985.

Although I never saw Hamilton in Cover-Up, when I got a bit older, I certainly took notice of some of the beefcake promotional photos, like the ones seen below, for the show.  Recently, I read he did a nude scene in that first film Nocturna.  It was initially hard to find.  Although Antony had a short career, he used three different names, (Tony, Anthony and Antony) during the time.

Well I found that movie, and that scene, and although it's quick, there is indeed a brief flash of butt. Watch the scene and check out some caps on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Antony and Cover-Up co-star Jennifer O'Neill 

Mission Impossible

Early modeling shots

Campbell Photography: Nouveau Deux


'Super laid back and super chill, Kanou is just a fun guy to work.'

Last year, I had the pleasure of discovering the work of photographer Bryan Campbell.  I also had the pleasure of featuring several of my favorite hottest models (HERE:) that Bryan has worked with.  I loved checking out the new images and models that Bryan posts on his social media and checking out the updates on his site The Male Form by CP

Bryan updates his site regularly and features some of hottest male models out there.  In addition to photo sets, Bryan also featured many videos from his shoots, both solo scenes, and some great behind the scenes clips.  Two of Bryan's most recent additions (nouveau Deux) to his vast portfolio are models Kanou and Shawn.

Bryan's always looking to add more diversity to his portfolio and site, but living in Alabama, sometimes struggles to find guys willing to model nude, especially Asian models. So, when Kanou sent Bryan a direct message about shooting together, he jumped at the opportunity! 

'Kanou hails from Florida and when you turn on the right music, you can count on him to be dancing the entire shoot lol. His love for Bass Pro hats is kinda crazy but hey he looks good in them, we rolled with it for some work. '

Shawn Brooks

'Shawn is a free spirit which makes him a fun and easy to model to work with'

With his incredible physique, and beautiful head of sexy blonde hair, Shawn Brooks oozes sensuality in front of the camera.  Like Kanou, Bryan reports Shawn loves to dance. As a go-go dancer, the California based model loves to move, dance and have fun during their shoots.

If you want to see more of Shawn, or more of Kanou and the many other models on Bryan's site, check out The Male Form by CP HERE:  Now until Friday, use the promo code 10OFF  for $10 off VIP or Platinum membership.