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Although it premiered a few weeks ago, I just started this season of The Amazing Race last weekend.  Like Survivor, CBS is expanding the show to 90 minutes to fill time in their Prime-Time schedule with the SAG-AFTRA strike still ongoing.  I appreciate their need to program, but except for premiers and finales, I'm really not a fan of 90 minute episodes. 

That being said, watching it on demand, means I cut out most of the commercials, making the total watch time still under an hour.  There are a lot of hot guys on the teams this year, including; Liam and Yerem, Greg and John and Joe and Ian.  I also really like Victor, who I think is a really beautiful man.  One of the hottest guys racing is Corey McArthur, who is teamed up with his dad Rob.

Corey is incredibly hot, with a great smile, beautiful face and classic good looks.  Someone on the DC board mentioned he reminded them of a Disney prince, and since reading that, it's all I see.  He certainly has the features and facial structure of a classic Disney prince, not to mention his smile, and the little twinkle in his eyes.

One of the most attractive parts of Corey has to be watching his relationship with dad and racing partner.  Rob is deaf, but that hasn't held them back, and their communication seems even stronger due to the obstacles they must overcome.  It's clear they have a great relationship, and watching them interact is part of the enjoyment of watching the show.

Corey & Rob on Instagram

Horror Hunks: Tom McBride in Friday the 13th Part 2

'Five years after the events of the first film, a summer camp next to the infamous Camp Crystal Lake is preparing to open, but the legend of Jason is weighing heavy on the proceedings.'

When it comes to the genre of horror films , the Friday the 13th series was one of the most popular.  The second, Friday the 13th Part 2 was one of the highest rated horror flicks from 1981, just behind, An American Werewolf in London and another sequel, Halloween Part 2.   

The first film from the franchise that I saw was Part 2.  It was the in the late 80's, and I was still a in my teens.  It was at a friends house on a Friday night and it was my first introduction to Jason Voorhees, and one of my early introductions to horror films.  I was scared shitless, during the movie, and walking home in the darkness later that night.

Watching the film really impacted me a few years later when I was working as a counsellor assistant at a summer camp.  I was still in high school at the time, and was really not prepared for the responsibility.   I remember thinking about the film, and Jason, every time I was walking through the woods.  The worst moment, was during an overnight campout.  Most of the kids were scared from the ghost stories we were telling around the campfire and I think I was just as freaked out as the 9 and 20 year olds.

Although the film certainly had an impact, I really didn't go back to it, or the series, until I was much older.  I was interested in watching again after seeing the series airing on AMC over Halloween.  I didn't want to watch the censored television versions, so ended up buying the series of films on DVD.

The viewing led to as series of posts on FH.  Many, featuring hot nude models with their take on Jason, and some of the film, and it's cast.  Three of the most notable include; The Climax Conclusion from 2014, The Sexualization of a Psychopath in 2017 and a Bevy of Butchers in 2022.   I've also done Horror Hunk pieces featuring most of the male nudity I found from the over a dozen films from the franchise. 

'Nothing spoils a party like a drunk in wheelchair.'

One hunk from Friday the 13th that I haven't yet uncovered, is actor Tom McBride who played Mark in the second film.  Mark was the character in the wheelchair whose death really came as a surprise.  I  think many of you remember Marks death, having a machete poked through his skull, then having his wheelchair roll of the porch, and down a long flight of stone stairs.  

When I was young, there used to be things you sort of count on when it came to horror films.  Generally, most didn't kill off kids, cute dogs, the elderly or someone in a wheelchair.  We were lured in to believe these characters would remain safe until the end.  This made Mark's death all the more shocking.

I didn't know much about the actor who played Mark until this year.  I'm guessing some of you know his journey, and his death, at just 42.   A little research however, led me to a documentary on the actor which was both sad, yet fascinating to watch.  It is also an excellent look back at the 80's and 90's when most gay actors remained tightly in their closets.

Although McBride never appeared nude in a feature film, he seemed to relish exposing both his body, and his life in the film.  Hot male bodies, having one of his own, and eventually photographing them, were important parts of Tom's life.  You can check out more of Tom and my research, and learn more about the film, on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

A Sensuous Sanctuary: Kieran Kuntz by Elwood Photos

'I’ve never participated in a photoshoot before, but being the center of attention and being recorded and photographed has always been a small dream of mine.'

There are certain experiences almost everyone universally experiences growing up.  Additionally, there are many experiences, unique to growing up gay.  Although acceptance for the LGBTQ+ has in many ways improved, there is often still an innate fear and uncertainly, especially in children and teens. The fear of rejection, from family and friends, the fear of what changes will occur if we actually show our true selves. 

This fear was especially acute in the past.  The further back you go, the more challenges and obstacles lay in front of that closet door. Most of my teenage years were in the 1990's, and I vividly remember that fear.  Back in the early days of the site, I wrote a piece about the end of the regular publication of Playgirl Magazine. (HERE:)  In that piece, I wrote not only about my fear, but the extreme measures I took to anonymously purchase an issue of the magazine.  Oh to have had the internet, and sites like eBay and Amazon when I was a kid.

Fear can wear on you, as can spending your life pretending to be something your not.   This isn't always only about sexuality, there are many people in this world, putting on masks each day, and trying to be someone they're not.  Anyone who has been there knows how exhausting it cam be.  It wears you down, chips away your mental health, causing anxiety and self doubt.  

In those moments, what we need, what we crave, what we desire, is a safe space.  A sensuous sanctuary to express our true selves.  It is this desire, and this need for erotic expression behind this series from Jason from Elwood Photos. My favorite photographers are mood setters and story tellers, and I love the way Jason visually tells his tales.   I first featured Jason's work earlier this spring, with another visual vignette. (Sensorial Subversivism)

Like the previous piece, this series not only creates a story, but also inhabits it with a character. Model Kieran Kuntz isn't just posing for a photographer, he's helping bring Jason's vision to life.  It shouldn't be surprising to learn then, that this series didn't just spontaneously arise.  Jason created not only the character, originally named Andrew, and planned out through storyboards and visuals, each scene that he shot. 

'For this shoot, I really wanted to go all-in on theming and telling a story. I met Kieran for coffee and we bounced around different ideas until we came up with the following story: 

It’s 1987 and Andrew, a young guy from a small town has gathered enough courage to travel to the next town over, buy a gay porn mag from a seedy gas station, and check in to a motel to be alone and explore his sexuality.' 

'Based on that story, I planned out 3 scenes to help break down what we needed in terms of location, lighting, costumes, and props as well as to help Kieran create a character. I then found a dumpy motel here in Portland that hasn't been renovated or updated since the 80s (except for the prices) and booked 2 nights so that we could have a full day to shoot. '

Although Kieran has taken nude self-shots, and had an OnlyFans account, this was actually his first time working with a photographer on a shoot.  Despite this, it's clear Kieran understood the assignment.  Kieran has a natural ease with sensual expression and really seemed to both dive into the role, and enjoy himself in the process.  There's much more to this shoot, and to the story, and you can see more, and hear Jason and Kieran's thoughts on the process, on the NEXT PAGE HERE: