Monday, December 24, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 24th

'See the blazing Yule before us'
Image by Gemini Studios
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Merry Christmas!

Above: Image from Felix d'Eon

Merry Christmas and a peaceful holiday to all who supported, contributed and just stopped by to enjoy FH in 2012!

Above: Santa by Eros Adonis

Happy Birthday November 24th to The Carlson Twins (Below) and the days other birthday boys HERE: Happy birthday Christmas Day, December 25th HERE:

Below: The Carlson Twins (Check out my Carlson Twins mega-thread HERE:)

Brown Paper Packages, Tied Up With String...

Celebrity Packages!

It is that time of year to tightly wrap up your package in preparation for the big day!

Whether in plain brown, red and white, or the Christmas colors, as much as I like unwrap them, it is sometimes more exciting to enjoy a nice package before the ribbons come untied.

Max Kessler over at Papermag didn't want to shaft his readers, so he closely studied those celebrities sporting excess baggage and compiled a list of the 15 best celebrity bulge's for 2012! Head on over and see if you agree with his choices!

Thom Evans by Cameron McNee for Attitude Magazine

Jon Hamm

Zac Efron

But...sometimes the packages are even more delightful unwrapped

Henry Cavill as Superman

S. Moore

Hands on: More With The Warwick Rowers!

Last week I featured my screen caps from the Warwick Rowers Making Of Video from their sold out 2012 calendar! Today, some incredible images from the amazing, not to mention generous photographer, Angus Malcolm. If you have yet to order and view the video yourself, give yourself a Christmas present and head over to Warwick Rowing and get yours now!

'I mentioned to the boys about how Ben Cohen, as a straight sportsman who had become a bit of a gay icon, had decided to set up a foundation that would work to reduce bullying of young gay and lesbian people, and they immediately said that this was the cause they wanted to support. As Andrew Sullivan put it in his column in the Daily Beast, here you have a new order - of straight athletes offering themselves nude to a gay audience to raise funds to stop homophobic bullying. What better way to show young gay men who may feel discouraged from pursuing team sports that sportsmen are capable of welcoming them into their world? Personally, i can't think of anything much sexier than that.'

'As several people have commented after watching the film, it's quite affirming to see how relaxed all of the team are about hanging out naked and being quite intimate with the one gay member of the team - it's just not an issue for them, and you can really feel the genuine loyalty and affection that exists between all members of the team. That was what inspired the title of the film, Brokeback Boathouse. But more than that, the thing that has meant the most to me personally, and that has captured the imagination of a lot of people, including celebrities like Stephen Fry, Jon Barrowman and Boy George, is that the boys have been so keen to put something back into the gay community that has given them so much support. Support that I'm delighted to say they have always enjoyed, welcomed and celebrated, even though some of them found it a bit hard to believe that anyone would be interested in their little calendar. '
Angus Malcolm

'As the only gay rower on the team, I was really chuffed when the lads decided they wanted to support Ben Cohen’s work to tackle bullying of gay and lesbian young people. Ben is a straight sportsman who attracted a gay following and wanted to show his appreciation. A lot of the guys who get recognized from the calendar were able to identify with that, so we’re giving a share of the profits from the film this year to Ben’s StandUp Foundation.'
Joey (above left) making his second calendar appearance this year

The film, called BROKEBACK BOATHOUSE, was produced by photographer and film-maker Angus Malcolm, who also shot the calendar. The theme of the film is the intimacy and camaraderie that can exist between men, regardless of their sexuality.

Ghost From Christmas Past: Abercrombie and Fitch Does Christmas

Abercrombie and Fitch Christmas pics seem almost old fashioned and classic in 2012.