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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 14th

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Sunset Moons


I don't think it matters who you are, how much money you have, or how much you value your appearance, we've all done it.  We've all kept a pair of underwear just a little bit beyond their best-before date.  Sometimes their a favorite pair, maybe a gift, maybe they fit just right.  Maybe you love the color, you think they're lucky, or you wore them on a particular night you want to remember.

Regardless of the reason, at some point, it's time to ditch them.  Calvin Klein however, seems to understand the connection many of us have with our lucky skivvies.  I'd not heard of CK's new cotton stretch deconstructed hip brief until seeing a recent promotional shot posted on Twitter.

At first I thought it was a joke, but know a search proved the brief, with cut-outs on each side are real.  I go back and forth between thinking they're really silly, to thinking the look incredibly hot.  Maybe it's the model who's wearing them, because I'm not sure everyone could pull off the look.  I feel the same way about ripped jeans, I like them sometimes, then other days I ask why anyone would buy anything that at one time, people used to patch or throw out.

A Calvin Klein icon. The essential designer hip brief reinvented with a cut out design at the hip. Crafted from extra-soft cotton stretch for all-day comfort. Designed with the original Calvin Klein logo waistband, this is a sporty look that feels sexy everyday. Styled with a supportive pouch with contoured shaping.

FaVorites: Andrea Denver

Speaking of tighy whites, model and reality star Andrea Denver fills his out pretty well....   Some FH readers might remember I started watching Bravo's Summer House back in 2021, and posted about Kyle, and some of the guys who enjoyed showing over their tan lines and really white butts. (HERE:)  I sort of tired of the show after a few seasons, so turned it off until a few weeks ago.

When I started back up, I decided to watch in order, meant after season 5, it was time to visit Winter House.  Kyle, Luke and a few others joined some newbies including model Andrea Denver.  Now, upon first glance, Andrea is gorgeous for sure, but he also has scent of being a bit of a man ho...

Kyle calls him the Italian stallion, and he seems to live up to the nickname.  Sure, I'd love to wake up to Andrea bringing me coffee, as he often did for the women in the Winter House, but I don't think I'd have a peaceful night sleep if he were my boyfriend.  Unless of course he was beside me, otherwise, I'd know he was up to something...

That being said, he sure is purdy, and the shows producers made sure to give us plenty of body shots to enjoy.    The show however, makes getting a decent view difficult with their multi-cam shots, and quick flashes of the houseguests changing.  I managed to cap several shots of Andrea in his briefs and even a brief butt flash that was so quick I almost missed it.  Check out caps on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Andrea Denver on Instagram

Andrea by RickDayNYC

Andrea fills out his black briefs rather nicely as well...

Crowning Glory: Jon W by Richard Rothstein

Although the royals have a tight grip on the definition, the crown goes beyond just describing a jeweled headpiece. Whether it's the apex of a mountain, the highest part of a plant or tree or whatever hideous helmet is covering Camilla's cranium, the crown basically means the top, or highest point of something.

The crown of any house or building is it's roof, and for photographer Richard Rothstein, the crowing glory of his Manhattan apartment is the spectacular rooftop that Richard has frequently used as studio in the sky.  Richard's rooftop is one of my favorite locations, and has always elevated the beauty of the men's Richard's shot there.

It begins with incredible view, how you ever top the New York sky and skyline as a  backdrop.  With the changing weather, the movement of the clouds, and sky's light and colors.  The everchanging lights and colors can be be challenging, especially due to weather and the time of day of the shoot.  Richard has always embraced those challenges, ensuring he captures as many extraordinary and dramatic moments as possible.

In addition to the view, I also love the many unique spaces on the roof.  The brick, the pipes, the air ducts and vents, and the semi-secluded corner cubby.  I was first introduced to Richard's rooftop cubby over a decade ago and so many of my favorite models have been shot in the location.  You can check out some of them HERE: including Sergey, who both modeled, and honed his skills behind the camera, working with Richard on the roof. 

One of the most striking men to ascend to the rooftop has to be model Jon W.  Jon's magnificent physique, not to mention his impressive poses, more than match the breath-taking visuals which surround him.  Jon's always had a focus on fitness going back to his days as an athlete and as a wrestler in high school.

As hot as Jon's body certainly is, in many shots, it's his handsome face that often grabs my attention.  I love his eyes and his facial geometry. Jon's face to me, is reminiscent of the masculine beauty of so classic Hollywood stars.  There were decades, before everything was Mavelized, when captivating and memorable faces graced the big screen.

I was first introduced to Jon's work a few years ago through is work with New Light Photo and featured their creative collaborations on FH back in 2020. (Compositional Elements)  A year later, I featured his first shoot with Richard, this time inside Richard's apartment, with his housewarming tradition of shooting some of his favorite models in his new home, and in a new space. (What We See)

'Jon is one of my go to models over these past few years. In fact, he’s become a very good friend—and those are hard to find! Every time I shoot Jon I discover something new. Jon always bring a sense of humor to the shoot. He combines an innocence and goodness with a profound sexiness. You know he would never hurt you, but you secretly wish he would.'

Check out more of Jon on his OnlyFans HERE: & Check out more of Richard's rooftop work with Jon, (once those pesky jeans are finally slipped off) on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Jon W on OnlyFans