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Favorite Pic Of the Day for June 15th

Today on FH I am showcasing the work of model Michael Macneal. The shot above by Brent Murray from nycfotografia is one of my favorite shots of Michael. See much more below!

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Male Model Of The Day: Michael Macneal

It is rather odd to look back on some of the models I have profiled in the first year or two of FH. I often go back to do updates and when doing research sometimes discover some guys could no longer get work and have left the business. There is one model I am sure this will not happen to and that is the original Michael Macneal. I first saw Michael a couple of years ago on Boy Culture (see below), and he is still going strong today. If modeling were music, Michael would be the Madonna. If modeling were acting, Michael would be the Streep. Michael knows how to take on a role head on and how to change to meet the needs of the difficult business he is in.

There are many words that come to mind when describing Michael's work. Edgy, dark, unique and many others come to mind. All of these adjectives certainly fit, yet... don't quite do Michael justice. Michael is a risk taker who has worked with some of the most creative photographers in the business. He seems to have put fear to the side, changing his look, his hair and bucking trends to keep knocking out one amazing shoot after the other. Michael's look can change so dramatically that except for his tattoo's, I often have to look very closely to ensure it is indeed him.

The one word that I would say has remained consistent throughout all of Michael's looks is one I don't often use when profiling a model. That word would be sexy. It might seem odd that I don't often use that word given that I profile some of the worlds most beautiful men. I have written before that there are many models, and many photographers who shoot incredibly sexy shots, yet want to distance themselves from that particular adjective. It is refreshing that Michael seems to welcome it. Whether fully clothed or in next to nothing Michael uses his face, his talent as an actor, to create a character who is at his core, sexy.

When researching Michael it is clear he is popular with photographers and stylists who have worked with him. He has been described as 'amazing', 'professional', 'top of his game' and 'a joy'. Michael also seems to have fun with his work, getting into character and giving it his all.

From Michael's Website:
'Michael Macneal is described as 'The American model reincarnated from the 70's, revisited in modern key.' - GTV Italy 2010

It is difficult in 2010 with the internet, with MM, with the public always wanting something new, someone new, to maintain a career in the modeling business. Michael Macneal has found a way to remain current, to remain new.

Below: Backstage for photographer Ben Chang.

Michael Macneal

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 135 lbs
Waist: 29
Shoe: 10
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Experience: Experienced

Below: Michael by Rick Day.

Check out more of Michael at his ModelMayhem Site HERE: and Official Site HERE:

When you head to Michael's MM page, scroll down to check out his other links. Michael, also an actor, has been featured in various projects including several music videos. Below: Michael in Black Stone Cherry's 'Please Come In'

More of my favorites from Michael Macneal

Love these shots by LeeStudiosNYC. Great blog post about their shoot with Michael HERE: Love this quote: 'he’s got a cute little uptown booty for a downtown boy'

Below: Michael modeling Robert Molnar.

Below: Amazing shot by Stephanie Djie. Shot designed by Haize Rava.

Below: Stunning shot by Brent Murray from nycfotografia. This shot was taken for a Butt Magazine video exhibit at The Knitting Factory. You may remember I profiled Brent's work with actor and model Chris Schram this past May. The two shots of Michael by Brent are some of my favorites.

Michael Macneal by Sean Chang

I have to thank Matthew Rettenmund over at one of my favorite blogs, Boy Culture for beginning my love of model Michael Macneal. It was about two years ago that Matthew posted this pictorial by photographer Sean Chang for Pref Magazine. I have thought of this shoot many times and wanted to add it to the blog. The problem was I could not remember where I had seen it. Yesterday when doing my research on Michael the original post from Boy Culture popped up. I love Sean Chang's work and hope to share more in the future. You can see more of his work, including more of his shots of Michael at his site HERE:

Michael Macneal by Rick Day

Here are the results of Michael's work with Rick Day. Michael and Rick shot together in 2009 and again in 2010. You can tell the most recent work as Michael describes much of his work in 2010 as the 'Year of The Beard' where his beard is longer and thicker. I love the use of the eye covering in the second shoot.

Michael Macneal by Mckenzie James

I HATE posting images with out knowing the photographer and a bit about the shoot. But...with this series I made an exception. I only found these shots on one site without any credit. I would love to know more about the shoot, the motivation for the reflective images and of course the talented photographer. Please shoot me a line if you can fill in the blanks!

Thanks to the wonderful person who let me know this shoot is by Canadian photographer Mckenzie James. I should have guessed really as Mckenzie as I love his black and white work, especially his use of light and shadow.

Michael Macneal by David Arnot

When I first began FH I was not aware of the work of David Arnot. I now check out his work regularly. David has taken some of my favorite shots of many of the incredible models I have featured on the blog. Joshua Delos, Nick Ayler, Kyle Pinsonneault, Ray Santiesteban and Craig Malozzi all have been fortunate to be in front of David lens. Through his outstanding work, David Arnot has quickly become one of the top photographers of fine art.

David's work with Michael Macneal is not only my favorite of Michael's work, it is also my favorite of Davids. David does not usually use much in the way of set for his shoots. In most cases David uses only a white background and a touch of fashion. His focus stays clearly on the subject in front of him to create simple, yet stunning images. David clearly knew exactly how to shoot Michael and their work together is sexually charged while at the same time fun with a lightness and in many shots it appears Michael is about to break out in a giant grin at any moment.

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 14th

Beautiful shot of Diego Fabcel by Hoyin Siu.

Happy Birthday today June 14th to:

Happy Birthday Today June 14th to:

Actor Louis Garrel turns 27 today.

Model Luke Speers from Australia turns 30 today.

Colombian actor and model Pedro Palacio turns 32 today.

Italian Supermodel Massimiliano Neri turns 33 today.

AFL hottie Ben Dixon turns 33 today.