Friday, October 17, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 17th

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Happy Birthday today October 17th

Which actor is wading his way to year 29? Find out HERE:
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2015 by IMW Photography

'You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore'

Since first featuring the work of Germany's Igor Menezes from IMWPhotography in 2013, (American Anthem) I have been keeping a close eye on his imagery. This year, Igor took a more personal approach to his work after losing two friends to cancer early in 2014. Raising money for those struggling with the devastating disease is one of the reasons Igor chose to take some of the best images, and some of the of the best models to create his first calendar!

Igor's colorful and sexy 2015 calendar needed to big in size to fit the many men he wanted to showcase!   Igor covers both sides, one side printed with the month and a pic of a model and the other side includes another great pic of the model making 24 great pics of 12 Sexy guys!

 Order your own for yourself or as a great gift for someone you love HERE:

Countdown to Halloween: Leatherface

Can you guess the model behind the leather face, and the leather crotch as well?

Keen observers might recognize the model, his tattoo's, his body and penis shape and look from a post I made earlier this month. The images here are both bloody, and just slightly dapper as in the first image Leatherface seems to be grabbing his umbrella and heading out for an evening stroll...although he really should have taken the time to wash off all  the blood from his latest victim...


Without the mask, he looks much less sinister, adorable even, especially for a cold blooded killer!


Bonus points to you if you recognized Daine from my piece Anti-Thematic featuring Daine's images with Aussie photographer Brett Kiellerop from earlier in the month!

'At our first meeting, Daine was concerned about some long ragged scars he has on his chest from a rugby accident. He took off his shirt and I was fascinated. He has a tattoo of a dragon's head coming over his right shoulder, and the scars run perpendicular to it. The scars appear to be flames being fired by another dragon, making it look as though a dragon war is taking place on Daine's chest. I had to use that!'
Brett Kiellerop

Bathe & Bedtime: DirtRoad by studioAtruong

I like to think about you late at night when no one is awake
I wonder what it is you do
If you feel, can you break?
Will you wake up?
Do you fall down?
Is it hard now
Living what we live in your sleep?
Steel Train

Almost exactly a month ago, I featured studioAtruong's images of Warren Russell (DirtRoad). In that series of images, Shine & Rise, Warren was beginning the morning and greeting the day with both expectations and hope for a day better than the one that preceded it. When Alain first sent on the images from his work with Warren I saw a complete day, both the start of it, and the ending.

I love taking a shower before bed, and equally love the metaphor of washing away the sins of the day and ending it as you began it, clean with a fresh start. I have always wondered if insomnia or other sleep issues are at all connected to one's failure to properly rid the body of the toxins, both real and emotional that our body must carry around during our waking hours.

Many photographers who capture the male form shoot models naked in front of hotel room windows, models in showers and almost all have placed them in a bed. I love the visual completeness that Alain captured with Warren by shooting the the sequence of events of a day, so mundane for most of us, getting up, showering, heading to work in the morning, quick shower and getting into bed at night.

Alain's work is always creative, stylish and erotically powerful. Warren's work is consistently story based and always resonates with me. In some ways, they seem to contrast one another in style, but both being artists, they together have created some of my favorite images over the last while. They are clearly favorites of many FH readers as well as Shine & Rise joined the list of most popular posts over the last few months. I look forward to featuring the work of both artists, and hope they come together to work again soon.