Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 12th

Great shot of Cory by Ed O Photography.

Just Because: Health Care

I have been trying to decrease my political rants but... the subject of health care has me very emotional this week. The US is the only industrialized country without universal health care and it sickens me to see all the lies and misinformation being thrown out there to scare those already worried. It is only scaring people needlessly and not providing information so desperately needed.

It sickens me to see people with Health care plans worried about losing things when universal health care is not about them, it is about the millions of people without any. It is shameful it is not already in existence and it is shameful so many are working so hard to ensure the 'have nots' remain so. It will happen eventually, that is inevitable. I just hope it happens now. Some people cannot afford to wait any longer. There really is nothing to fear about universal health care, the real fear truly lies with those without it.

Model Of The Day: Patrick Kafka

I remember seeing shots of beautiful Patrick Kafka from Vienna a year or so ago, but this past February Patrick signed with Major Models and I began to see him everywhere. Patrick was the winner of Supermodel - The Next Generation contest of October 2008, and has been walking the runways and shooting campaigns since. Besides his beautiful body, Patrick has a great face, capable of looking much older than Patrick actually is. If you go to the Major Models Blog today you will be welcomed by the shot above of Patrick. Certainly a great motivator to post on Patrick today.

Height 6'1"
Suit 40"
Neck 15.5"
Waist 32"
Shoe 11.5 US
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Green

Above: Patrick by Sam Scott Shiavo.

Above: Patrick for '9 Festival Of Fashion & Photography' by Wien Live.

Above: Patrick by Eric Sposito

Above: In London with Ryan Koning.