Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 6th


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Seasonal Sightings:


I've had this series for awhile, but was waiting to post until I found out a bit more about the model or photographer.  He's credited simply as 'Boots Murphy' but I couldn't find anything more about him.  Anyone have any clues?  Given their are numbers on the bottom of some of the images, I'm assuming they were scanned from a magazine.

Lucky # 7: Zach by NICKET

'Zach has a great spirit of adventure and is willing to expand his horizons. One of the most striking aspects of working with Zach  is the range of emotions that come through his face.'

Last July, I began the series A Baker's Dozen.  In part, it was to commemorate FH's 13th anniversary.  The main reason however, was to celebrate model's and artists.  Especially those that I've had the pleasure to spotlight multiple times over the last13 years.  Given 13 is considered an unlucky number, I decided the minimum number of posts a model had to appear in was lucky number 7. 

Although I had featured Nicholas' (NICKET) work with Zach multiple time, he came up one short, with 6 features on the site.  I knew it was time to get back in touch with Nicholas and see if we make help push Zach to that lucky number 7.  I hadn't featured Nicholas' work in awhile and was curious how his work had been impacted by the pandemic. 

Fortunately, the impact didn't impact Nicholas' day job, in fact, he was busier than ever.  His work schedule, in addition to the risk factors, meant Nicholas didn't do a whole lot of shooting during the first half of last year.  By the time the summer rolled around, things were improving a bit in his areas and he was able to schedule shoots with two local models last summer.

Although Nicholas hadn't worked recently with Zach, he graciously headed back into his archives looking to see if there were any shoots we might not have previously have featured.  Nicolas not only came up with the images shown here for a lucky #7, but additional images and looks for an #8,  a #9 and a #10 which I'll post in the future.

Blast From The Past: Simon MacCorkindale

'Don't be silly. That would indicate a shark of some 35 feet in length'
Philip FitzRoyce

I was wrong!  When I wrote on the previous page I hadn't seen actor Simon MacCorkindale in anything before, I had forgotten about his role as  Philip FitzRoyce in 1983's Jaws: 3D  I remember seeing the original Jaws with my dad on VHS as a kid.  It led to many weeks of nightmares and heading into my parents bedroom in the middle of the night.  

Despite that, I love the movie and had to check out the sequels, including catching Jaws 3D a couple of years ago on TV.  The movie was pretty lame, but that doesn't excuse my forgetting Mr. MacCorkindale!   The British actor had quite the eclectic career.  From British productions of Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and I Claudius to appearing in Jaws 3D, The Duke of Hazzard and short lived 80's series Manimal.  Impressive range! 

MacCordindale and wife Susan George

Obsessive Love (1984)

The Riddle of the Sands (1979)

The Way to Dusty Death (1995)