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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 18th

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Happy Birthday today December 18th

Happy 54th to actor Casper Van Dien!

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Chag Sameach!


Happy Hanukkah to all those beginning their celebrations this week!  Special thanks to Badsign769 or the beautifully sensual original artwork to help celebrate the holiday.

12 Days: George Krissa in The Holiday Sitter

'Sam babysits his niece and nephew before the holidays, and when he recruits help from their handsome neighbor Jason, he finds himself in an unexpected romance.'

Like so many of you, I love me some Jonathan Bennett.  I think we all crushed over Aaron Samuels in 2004's Mean Girls.  Jonathan is becoming a regular on Hallmark, pushing boundaries, and maybe pushing a certain Full House actress off the network,  playing gay characters in several LBGT themed holiday films.

Although it was Jonathan (Sam) who brought me to The Holiday Sitter, it was actor George Krissa  (Jason) I found myself drawn to.  Jonathan was great as always, but there was a sweetness to George I really loved.  In addition to his warm persona, he also has an incredible smile that matched the many Christmas tree's in lighting up the screen. 

I also really loved how the film played out the relationship between Sam and Jason.  There were really tender and romantic  moments, and I loved the moment when they first held hands.  Except for the over use of the word 'Guncle' I really enjoy The Holiday Sitter and would love if Hallmark brought the characters back as they've done a few times with some of their popular holiday films.  ..

Usually the supporting characters in Hallmark holiday films are filler, and often a little annoying.  Although they weren't given much screen time, I really enjoyed all of the characters who surrounded Sam and Jason. The film also made Hallmark history, as although there have been gay characters in previous Hallmark films, The Holiday Sitter is the network's first ever LGBTQ+ lead romcom

The Toronto based Krissa is both an actor and musician and has appeared in many Canadian based television shows, films and theatre productions. Some of the actors notable credits include starring as Rocky in The Stratford Festival's record breaking production of The Rocky Horror Show, Tommy Albright in The Shaw Festival's production of Brigadoon and was the recipient of The Musical Stage Co.'s Banks Prize award for theatre artists. 

'I would have loved to see this as a kid, to see everyone's accepted and that their families love them. And, it's really, really special to be part of it.'

Krissa in Rocky

I couldn't do a piece on this festive film without a bit more of Jonathan Bennett.  Check out some of my favorite shots of the hunky holiday sitter on THE NEXT PAGE HERE:

Krissa was pretty lean in The Holiday Sitter, but as you can see from the image below, that the actor recently posted on his Instagram, he's really been bulking up!

Classically Ornamental: Dawn Tang by John Mar Photo

'I love how the Rudolph-inspired pic came out! That’s the energy from the entire shoot summed up in one photograph.'

When it comes to holiday decorations, especially for Christmas, most of us pick a side. Some, go traditional, choosing mostly vibrant reds and greens. Classic Christmas colors with long established visuals like Santa, Frosty and Rudolph.  Others choose a more contemporary look, putting their own modern take on their Yuletide celebration. There's often the festive feel is architecturally based with a focus on clean lines, frequently using largely gold, white and silver tones. 

Then, there's the rest of us, those who blend the modern with the classic.  We mix the red and green glass balls, and the ornaments handed down, with memories firmly attached, with our latest purchases from Amazon and our favorite home decor stores.  It's usually a mix-match of colors, themes and time periods, but somehow we make it work.

Last month, I featured model Nick Floyd, and his work with photographer Tony Xaiver from SedatedPhotosLA. (HERE:) After Tony mentioned that it was Nick's work with John Mar that led to the shoot, I had to check out John's work for myself.  I headed to John's Instagram portfolio and was struck by the beauty of the visual diversity within his images.  The diverseness was extensive, from the model's look, age and body type through the blend of styles, themes and moods John incorporates in his work.

The beautiful blend was integrated in so many of John's images and in both his location and studio shoots.  It was also evident in his holiday shoots, which of course drew my attention. Such a great example of what I loved so much about his work was so perfectly portrayed in his work with model Dawn Tang

The holiday shots John sent on blended both classic Christmas visuals with John's uniquely creative take on decorating for the holiday.  John wasn't decorating a home or a tree, his decorations and ornaments were decked, hung and strung on and around Dawn.  In this series, Dawn is adorned with classic red and green Christmas balls, a favorite theme of Dawn's from the shoot. 

'My favorite part of the shoot was definitely the use of the Christmas tree ornaments. I loved those sparkly balls all around me while I was naked. It was John’s idea and it was really creative!  It was especially fun and you have to try to make those stay on your body without falling with me lying on the ground'

This series of images is classically ornamental, but it wasn't just Christmas balls that John decorated Dawn with.  To check out some of the more contemporarily decorative Dawn looks on the NEXT PAGE HERE: