Thursday, August 15, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 16th

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Favorite Five: Reise Dozier

Reise by

'The most strange thing I’ve ever done was when I did a shoot for Sho, when I was completely naked and wrapped up with flowers with plastic wrap.'

Reise by LAGARET

Age: 18
Height: 5’ 11”
Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Next two shots from thebrooklynstudios

Remaining shots from RickDayNYC

Prime Time Supporters: Jesse Luken

Some FH readers might remember that my insomnia often leads to inspiration for hunks to feature.  Most often, I try to find a mindless sit-com, something that that won't keep me up interested in the plot, but something mindless, and easy to drift off to. 

Mom (2016)

I usually avoid Chuck Lorre sit-coms, not a huge fan of most of his shows, and usually find the humor more juvenile than funny.  I did however, find myself recently checking out old repeats of Mom late at night, and the performances, most notably from Mimi Kennedy and Allison Janney, held my attention.

One of the episodes I watched was called Beast Mode and Old People Kissing, and it featured a multi-pierced actor who drew eye.  I should have know who Jesse Luken was, he's been a few shows that I watched, including a few episodes of Glee, but it was his role as Travis on Mom, that grabbed my attention.

In part it may have been the character her was playing, a damaged addict, dealing with the guilt over his girlfriends death, but even on this sit-com I've barely seen, Jesse was incredibly compelling.  Thus far, Jesse has had just one brief, very brief nude scene, a quick butt flash in a 2017 episode of Underground, but I'm quite sure there will be many more parts, and many more skin scenes in his future.

'Interesting wardrobe choices on set of #starcrossed'

The Magicians (2016)

Underground (2017)

In Studio: Van Ryder by Greg Lindeblom

'Van Ryder is not only physically beautiful, but he is creative, enthusiastic, and courageous. That is a thoroughly winning combination.'

Earlier this year, I featured the stunning Van Ryder, with a focus on his location shoot (Naked Palms) with Florida based photographer Greg Lindeblom.  Greg also sent along a series of images from their studio shoot, images I originally included in the original piece.  As I put the piece together, I realized the studio shoot required a spotlighted focus of their own.

I loved Van's look, especially his gorgeous brown eyes and strong and strapping physique. Greg perfectly captured Van's statuesque figure in a series of classic male physique style poses.  It was actually these shots from the studio shoot that sparked the theme of the original post characterizing why I often alternate using the word 'body' and the word physique, depending on the model, the image, and especially the pose.

Greg's images of Van Ryder hark back to the classic physique poses we think about from decades long past. Except for the thankfully missing posing pouch, Greg's images of of Van are timeless, and could have been taken back in a time when the focus of images of the male form was almost multilayered.

On the surface, classic physique style poses were about fitness, muscular strength, body shape and tone.  That was indeed a real focus, and for some models and bodybuilders, provided a legitimate reason to pose.  Not so hidden however, just under the surface, was another focus, and another audience who appreciated the images for other reasons.

In truth, it didn't really matter, nor does it matter today.  Van Ryer's impressive physique, and incredibly hot body, are impressive and enjoyable to view, regardless of the viewers reasons or motivation.  Whether it's his beautifully thick legs, toned chest and stomach.  Whether it's his handsome face and those gorgeous brown eyes.  Whether it's Van's impressive sword, or his perfectly shaped butt, each are magnificently spotlighted through his work with Greg. I'm confident, that both model and photographer would be happy with whatever reason it was, that grabbed your attention.