Saturday, May 15, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 15th

Saturday with Maxwell Zagorski. See more below! Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Happy Birthday today May 15th to:

Happy Birthday today May 15th to:

Thibault Lacroix turns 25 today.

Flavio Montrucchio turns 35 today.

David Charvet turns 38 today.

True Blood's Sam Trammell turns 39 today.

Below: Sam in 'Childhoods End'

Brad Rowe turns 40 today.

Just Because: American Idol

AI is almost over for the season, and what a yawn fest of a season it has been. I think it is the energy. There is some talent, but they are all about as boring as reading assembly instructions for an Ikea bookshelf. I am hoping for a Lee win, only because I have not enjoying having Crystal shoved down our throats all season. She is good, but she is not great and in any other year she would have gotten the boot weeks ago. Casey should have left before big Mike. Casey has really been less than average the past couple of weeks.

Speaking of AI, I was doing a search of FH and came across these pics of 2008 contestant Luke Menard. I am sure others have noticed it before me, but if Glee is looking to cast a younger brother for Matthew Morrison, Luke is your man!

Although he is one of the most successful guys to come out of AI's auditions, Alan Ritchson's success has come as an actor and model, not as a singer. But...I did enjoy Billboards list of the top 24 money makers who have come off of Idol. There were a few surprises (like the fact Ruben Studdard made the list...) but most are fairly predictable. Interesting read though. Check it out HERE:

Celebrity Butt Cracks... Michael Phelps

I know Michael Phelps has his fans, but I was a bit surprised this morning to get an invite to a facebook page to celebrate his butt crack... The page is small and not much on it, but I can think of no better theme ;)

Pic Series Of The Day: Maxwell Zagorski

This new series of shots combines 3 things I love in photography. Long Johns, Cowboy hats and Maxwell Zagorski. Why is it that they go so well together! Thanks to the original poster at MH.

Male Model of the Day: Calle Eriksson

Although it seems most of us in North American believe all male models, all men for that model from Sweden look like tall and lean Calle Eriksson (some of us might have them blonder), Calle is the real deal.

28 year old Calle is now living and working in The Big Apple. He began his journey to success in 2008 when he became Sweden's 'Man of the year' for 'Manhunt International'. This led Calle to some high profile campaigns including Aussiebum and Timoteo.

Above: Calle by Kurt R. Brown.

Calle Eriksson

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Experienced

Below: Calle by Allen Zaki.

Love the next set of shots by Joseph Alexander.

Below: Calle by Ronald N. Tan.