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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 8th

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Behind his Back

Last week, FH kicked off 2020 with New Manhattan Studio's stunning images of Trevor. When I put together the piece, I didn't initially notice that NMS's Wes, had put together a special portfolio showcasing his series tilted Trevor blanc. The portfolio, featuring many shots not seen on FH, including full frontals. is available in magazine form, and an instant PDF download on Blurb. Check out the link on NMS HERE:

Who Dat?

Anyone recognize the handsome face of the actor above?  Does the image below (he's on the far right) help?  If you recognize him, or maybe especially if you don't, check out my Actors & Skin pieces on PAGE 2 HERE: (Actors) and HERE: (Skin)

Favorite Click of the Week:

'Gossiping about his potential boss while baking a chocolate cake was a recipe for disaster for the "L.A. Law" star.'

I love hearing about actors who were considered for roles, especially roles that became iconic, as is the case of Indiana Jones.  Although Harry Hamlin went on to star in another sci-fi film in 1981, (Clash of the Titans) there was a big one, that got away. Earlier this month, Huffington Post had an interview in which  Hamlin describes an encounter with Steven Spielberg about a role in Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

I call it an 'encounter' more than an audition as Hamlin describes it as a sort of a secret chemistry test with actress Stephanie Zimbalist for the roles Harrison Ford and Karen Allen eventually won.  The story is juicy and involves what Hamlin guesses were hidden cameras, and he and Zimbalist gossiping about Spielberg and his pursuit of actress Amy Irving.

Save Me (1994)

The story isn't exactly flattering for anyone, particularly Spielberg.  I can't really think anyone could have played Jones better than Harrison, however I can picture Zimbalist as making a decent Marion. The story was a fun read, and had me thinking about those audition videos (HERE:) for Star Wars.  The videos feature actors Andrew Stevens, Perry King, Charles Martin Smith and others up for Luke and Hans, and Amy Irving and Cindy Williams auditioning for Princess Leia.

There are also rumors actors from Meryl Streep to Farrah Fawcett were also on the early lists to play the bun wearing princess.  The story had me wondering about all the other 'stories' out there that we don't know. I know it's usually good forum for actors not to share the roles they were up for that other actors got, but Hamlin's story was immensely satisfying...

Ripped Up and Off: Jordann by Chris Teel

'I like my soft lengthy body. I think it’s important for people to see that you don’t need huge arms and abs or bubble butts to be desired.'

It wasn't Jordann' huge arms or his abs that first drew me to his images, I don't think his abs were even visible.  What first attracted me to Jordann was his inedible eyes, and the beautiful structure of his face.  Last Autumn, photographer Chris Teel posted a portrait shot of Jordann on his Instagram page, followed by a short video (below) of Jordann standing by a window.  There was something about his look, especially his eyes, that had me immediately contacting Chris about featuring their work together.

Originally from Scotland, Jordann moved to Canada about two and half years ago.  When he arrived in Toronto, his goal was to take advantage of every opportunity that he was presented with.  At the time, Instagram wasn't really a priority for Jordann, he had about 500 followers, but mostly friends who checked out his online picture diary.

Soon after landing in the city, Jordann pursued a career in hair styling, a profession that introduced him to an entirely new use for his Instagram page.  Jordann began looking at the pages of other hair stylists, as well as photographer and queer artists in order to get a feel for what the community was like in his new city and home.  This is where he found Chris Teel and his work.

'I immediately loved his work as I’m a massive fan of using primarily natural light. And of course his eye of capturing models is undeniable. He has this brilliant way of taking the masculine form and making it so soft and beautiful. But he can also capture the roughness just as easily. And that really captured my attention.'

One of Jordann's obsessions, is playing gender and fashion, and especially, what is expected to fit certainly people ad bodies. Jordann sensed that Chris had the same playful ideology.  Jordann certainly noticed the many beautiful male forms Chris captured, but he also noted how Chris switched up the provocative underwear and nude shots, in a fun and unique way. Chris initially reached out to Jordann last year, but at the time, he was in juggling both work, and being a full time student.  There schedules didn't connect until late last summer.

'I had worked with a few photographers by that point. All of which are super talented and have super different styles which was always what I wanted out of collaborating. I never went into this trying to be a “model”, I just wanted to get to know artists and be creative with people who had the skills that I didn’t! I'm not much of a photographer but I’m a super creative person and love to express that through clothes and hair and music and other means.'

Sooo.... When Jordann mentioned his passion for expression through clothes, I had to ask about those jeans.  We've all heard and worn ripped jeans, but I think Jordann's certainly the most extreme, not to mention hot, example of the style.   This particular pair can't be purchased however, they were created by Jordann specifically for his shoot with Chris.

'Chris had sent me a photo, jokingly the night before our shoot asking what I had planned on bringing in, so I sent him some pictures of the garments I planned on bringing and he sent me a picture of a boy in a club in “skeleton jeans” as I have since named them. So naturally, I immediately looked in my closet and found some old jeans I hadn’t worn in ages and cut out everything but the seams and boom! He was super surprised when I showed up the next day with exactly what he has mentioned.'

'I was approached by a photographer last summer who almost exclusively shoots nude photo work. I was hesitant but open to anything!  It was at the peak of my “fitness journey”  I’ve struggled with body dysmorphia since high school which it comes and goes with waves so sometimes having creative people capture your body from a different non biased perspective can be this really cool way of combatting it. 

It doesn’t always work, but when I have days of being really thrown off by what I see in the mirror and in my mind it can be harder to argue with the pictures people like Chris capture of you! I was so impressed with the shots he’d gotten, it took me almost two months to properly sit down and choose my favourite 20 from the hundreds we had taken.'

'When Chris approached me I was not nervous at all and when we initially met he had an instant comforting feel about him. We started off fully clothed in my street clothes and then progressively I took them off item by item as our conversation and comfort level progressed. Then it just became super comfortable to be nude, and like I said, I’m not much of a model because I chat so much and lose focus. There are PLENTY of pictures from our shoot where my face is half laughing or I’m overly animated about something we are discussing. Which is hilarious for me to look at but I’m sure it was frustrating on some level for a photographer, but Chris never made me feel like I wasn’t doing a good job.'

'Shooting nudes has been a really lovely way of accepting my body. Accepting that it isn’t incredibly sculpted like a the usual “male physique” models. I like my soft lengthy body. I think it’s important for people to see that you don’t need huge arms and abs or bubble butts to be desired. Don’t get me wrong I love to stare at big biceps just as much as the next queen, but it’s nice to feel like when I’m being photographed I’m representative of a large portion of people. And putting myself out of my regular comfort zone has some form of benefit for people other than myself.'

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 7th

Jordann by Chris Teel

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Room With A View

Schitt's Creek: The Final Season

The brilliant Dan Levy, and the cast of Schitt's Creeks begins it's final season this week on CBC and Pop.  I discovered the hilarious sit-com during it's third season and quickly binged watched the first two season to catch up.  The series is so beautifully written, blending side splitting comedy with a a lot of heart.

Levy (above pulling a Taylor Lautner as host of MTV's The After Show) is hopefully going to be making us laugh for years to come. The actor and writer signed a multi-year deal with ABC television last fall, so hopefully will have shows on the air before too long.  I respect Levy and his father Eugene (flashing a little butt on FH HERE:)

I also hope some wise producer hires Catherine O'Hara quickly!  O'Hara has some famous movie roles, but none as memorable as her turn as Moira Schitt.  I personally would kill to see her cawing in a version of The Crows Have Eyes II!

I also need to find another way to get my fix of  Dustin Milligan. (above with Levy)  I love his character Ted, and although Patrick and David are a great couple, I personally enjoy Ted and Alexis just as much.  Ted left on an adventure at the end of last season, hope the show doesn't keep him off screen for too long.

I wish Levy had chosen to continue the show for another season or two to hit that 100 episode mark, but we'll have to be grateful for over seventy episodes from the shows six seasons.

Mark Humphrey: ACTORS & Skin

'That mean I'm out of the doghouse?'

Ok, I have to first admit that I've never seen a second of the television show E.N.G.  But... as a kid, I remember distinctly seeing the previews for the Canadian drama, one particular scene was especially memorable.   If you watch the 15 second bumper below, you'll know exactly why the promo made such an impact.

The hottie coming out of shower is actor Mark Humphrey who played Jake on the show.  E.N.G stands for electric news-gathering and Jake was the cameraman who drew not only my attention, but also that of the shows executive producer Anne. (Sara Botsford)  This clearly led to some conflict, and an eventual love triangle between Jake, Anne and Mike, (Art Hindle) the stations newly -appointed new director.   The info on the show comes from wiki, and I'm not sure I'll ever see an extended version of Jake's shower scene as although it lasted five seasons, the show doesn't appear to have ever had a DVD release.

Christmas Bells Are Ringing (2019)

This past Christmas, I caught part of the movie Christmas Bells Are Ringing.  Although the film had a perfectly crush worthy young romantic lead, (Josh Kelly) I found myself drawn to the even hottie dad.  I knew there was something familiar about the face, the actor.  A quick IMDB search took me to actor Mark Humphrey and right back back to that shower scene from the E.N.G  promo.  Was so happy to find the old promo on Youtube.

If, like me, you didn't catch mark on E.N.G, you might recognize him from his roles in Iron Eagle II,  Alias, JAG, C.S.I Miami and Paradise Falls. More recently, Mark appeared as the mysterious preacher Frank Hogan on the Hallmark Channel's When Calls The Heart.  Of course, I had to search to find out if Mark had any nude scenes within the many roles on his resume.  I found two.  Check them out in the SKIN portion of Actors & Skin in the post below.

Iron Eagle II (1988)

When Calls The Heart

Mark Humphrey: Actors & SKIN

The first of Mark's nude scenes that I could find was an episode of the television show Dead Man's Gun.  Unlike E.N.G, I not only never saw any of Dead Man's Gun, I'd not ever heard of it until putting together this piece.

Dead Man's Gun (1997)

Gathering the remainder of his family and friends, a dying man uses the weekend to see who deserves what of his considerable estate and holdings, one of which is the Deadman's Gun

In the season 1 episode, Next of Kin, Humphrey has a love scene with Canadian actress Helen Shaver.  Now I do know who Helen is, only because she showed up in a few of the many Blockbuster movies I rented in hopes of finding some male skin.  Dead Man's Gun appears to be an anthology TV show with a rotating cast hosted by singer and actor  Kris Kristofferson.  In addition to Humphrey and Shaver, Next of Kin also featured actor Edward Asner.

Although Mark's nudity was for a TV show, there are appears to be a very dark frontal, but it was almost impossible to see on the old VHS copy of the episode that I found.  Not sure if the show had DVD's, and it's doubtful it had an HD release, but enjoyable none the less.

Poison (2000)

Traci is a devious teenage girl who befriends and kills anyone who comes between her and her mother, Dana, a failed movie actress who lies for and protects Traci

Spoiler alert, Mark' character David doesn't last too long in the 2000 flick Poison, Traci ensured of that.  He did however, stick around long enough to rile up the devious Traci, and to give audiences a fairly decent view of his beautiful behind.