Friday, November 28, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 28th

Great shot of model Simon Nessman by photographer Joe Lally.

Favorite Birthday Boy for November 28th Ryan Kwanten

Always loved actor Ryan Kwanten, even when he was wasted on 'Summerland'. Ryan is certainly showing us more of his talent, not to mention his backside on 'True Blood'. I have caught a couple of episodes of 'True Blood' but missed a few as well, so I am waiting for the DVD release to catch up. Ryan turns 32 today.

Other Favorites Celebrating today November 28th

Other favorites celebrating today November 28th

Actor, model and singer Alan Ritchson turns 26 today. Search the blog for lots more on Alan. Alan turns 26 today.

Landon Lueck turns 29 today.

I am a huge Ed Harris fan, this actor has been a part of many of my favorite films. Ed turns 58 today.

Favorite Classic Nude Scene of the Day: Michael V in 'Naked Instinct'

I am sure many of you have fond memories of watching Michael V. in 1993's 'Naked Instinct'. This movie, directed by David DeCoteau is classified as softcore, but although it certainly is not hard core porn, is a bit beyond what you usually see in softcore flicks. Targeted to women, it certainly had a ton of male nudity. The most erotic scene to me was Michael being watched by the maid. This scene brought together many fantasy's in one very hot scene. The movie is not on DVD yet, but can still be bought on Amazon on VHS. For those of you who have not seen the scene, you can watch it, or download it HERE: This is one of only two movies listed on Michael's IMDB page, but it seems Michael has been doing some other work recently for Sharpshooters. There is a recent pic of Michael at the end of the post and he is still looking pretty hot.

Favorite facial hair of the Day: Ryan Paevey

Model Ryan Paevey wears his facial hair better than any model I have seen. Although he looks great clean shaven, his 'scruff' only adds to appeal. 24 year old Ryan took a bit of a break from modeling, but he is back making a name for himself. Some of my favorite pics of Ryan were taken by photographer Scott Ashton who you can find a bit more about HERE: