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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 27th

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Happy Birthday today November 27th

Happy 50th to actor Michael Vartan!

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Below: Vartan with Bradley Cooper on Alias

A Pair of Pantless Cott's

No more feeling insecure about the top of your thighs, or wondering “Shoot - is she gonna notice my spasming glute from my squat pump today?

Although we haven't got much skin from Casey Cott on Riverdale, his equally alluring brother, actor and singer Corey Cott, flashed some brotherly luscious legs on recent Instagram post.

Instagrams That Inspire: Owen Lindberg

Who couldn't resist the beautiful blue eyes and curly blonde hair and Blue eyed model and actor Owen Lindberg. I know I couldn't after first seeing one of his modeling shots.  Lindberg is a blend of angelic cherub mixed with a large portion of stud muffin, with just a wee bit of Blue Lagooner dust, together creating an incredibly hot final package.

Owen by Marcus Tyler

Owen by Balthier Corfi

Center of Attention: George's Naked Ambition

First 3 images by Antonio Lopez 

'I remember a class during which I began to get an erection. When I reached about half-mast I overheard 2 female students giggling and debating whether my semi-erect junk more closely resembled a carrot or a banana.'

Sharp eyed FH viewers might recognize the clown mask in the first image above.  I featured images of the oh so beautifully naked Jeremiah in the clown (and a hippo) mask this past Halloween.  (Give Me Something Good to Eat)  The image of Jeremiah in the mask was one of the first images that drew me to the work of the photographer behind the lens.

It it fitting then, that in the first photo from Antonio Lopez, the mask again makes another erotic appearance.  This past summer, I did an entire day focused on art and life models. (HERE:) I have always been fascinated by models brave enough to take it all off not just for one photographer, but a room full of strangers.   I always wondered their thought process, what went into to their decision.  Were they nervous, what did they think about.  Was it strictly boring and professional or did they feel objectified, judged, compared, sexualized or even adored.

'I met Antonio because we had both done shoots with the same model, “Many Faces”. She credited him on the photos she posted from their shoot(s). I admired his work and thought it would be awesome to shoot with him.I looked him up on FB and contacted him about getting together sometime. We traded a few messages and eventually worked out a concept, time and location. I’m grateful we did. He is an awesome photographer.'

Next 5 Photos: George by Photo by Richard D. Iyall, Cowlitz 

Thankfully, I had an artist and photographer who's work I have been featuring over the past year who was willing to satisfy and assuage my curiosity.  Some of you may remember earlier this year when I first introduced the work of George from Naked Ambition.  The first time I featured George's photography work this past January, (Bidirectional Views) the model was Jesse, but the focus was on the man behind the lens.

George shared the story of driving to California with his wife and connecting with one of his friends who life modeled at a few local colleges.  George's friend knew he was a nudist and suggested he give it a try.  George felt his  modeling and his photography fit together hand and glove and he has continued to pursue both.  Of course the idea of modeling nude is different than the reality, and the nerves kicked in during his first nude shoot which included stepping completely naked into a hot tub at the Berkeley Sauna with an experienced female model.  But... as you'll read below, that was just the beginning of his naked ambition and adventures.

'Richard is a fellow life model. We became acquainted when we were both booked to model for the same life drawing class(es). I learned that he was also a photographer working freelance for a local community activist newspaper. He also frequently brings a camera with him when modeling in order for the instructor to photograph him. In that way he is able to add to his modeling portfolio.

He had his camera with him one of the days we were both assigned to model. The instructor requested that I begin class with a series of gesture poses which Richard kindly photographed and made available to me for my portfolio. Again blessed to have photos taken by such a talented photographer.'

Although you were a nudist, were you nervous the first time you modeled nude?

Yes. Especially my first time in the small studio at a local university. The first ring of students were no more than 3 feet away from me and I felt quite uncomfortable with the lack of personal space between us

Tell me about that first time, was it for a class or an artist?

The first time, not counting public nudity at the beach or events in San Francisco such as Nude Aide, was for a art class.

My first time modeling on film was for my college roommates class project. The film was about the young man’s struggle with sexual identity. I did separate nude scenes in bed with another male and with a female. My roommate did jump cuts back and forth between the two to convey the confusion and sexual identity struggle he was experiencing in his own life at that time. 

What has been your favorite experience modeling thus far?

I recently modeled for a Femdom foot worship photo shoot. For the final sequence of shots the model’s feet were covered in cherry preserves which I proceeded to lick off and swallow. It was a delicious experience and I loved every minute of it. I hope to do more modeling in this style in the future.

Any odd or strange stories from any pose sessions?

Nothing really odd or strange that I can think of. The only thing remotely in that vein is those sessions when there are one or more unannounced visitors to a session.

Can you remember any feedback artists have given you that had you thinking or scratching your head?

Generally speaking most artists have been complimentary about my ability to hold a pose for an extended period and to get back into the pose after a stretching break, as well as my overall physical condition.

Remaining images by Portraits by Royce 

'Royce had posted on Craigslist for models back when CL was a viable means for photographers and models to connect. I responded and he replied. So we set a time for a shoot at his home “studio”. He is a professional photographer doing weddings and the like, so I was pleased to have the opportunity to shoot with him. Another great photographer that I have had the good fortune to work with.'

What do you think about during long posing sessions?

Anything and everything depending on what’s going on in my life and the world around me on any given day

Have you ever been asked to do an especially difficult or awkward pose? Any you've said no to?

Rarely have I had to say no. I do remember one to 2 occasions when I was asked to take a pose that was physically impossible for me or was so uncomfortable as to be unsustainable

Have you posed with other models and if so, how is it different?

Yes, many times. Different in that there is usually some concept with an underlying story line involved or recreation of a famous work - Adam and Eve, The Roman Mythology of The Rape of the Sabine Woman, POWs, for example. I find scenarios which involve physical contact with other models, such as the aforementioned Adam and Eve and Rape of the Sabine Woman, particularly enjoying.

What is the largest number of people you have posed for?

In a formal setting I’d say 100-125 posing on stage at a benefit for the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco.

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets the most attention from others?

I think my torso from shoulders to butt is down right classic when seen from the rear. My uncut penis gets the most attention because many students have never seen an uncircumcised cock in person before.

Have you ever had any unexpected erections during a pose and if so, how did you handle it?

Yes, especially when I first started modeling. Particularly when posing the first time for a new group of people. Not much you can do other than keep on modeling until the erection subsided or excuse myself and deal with it.  Rather than getting a full blown erection a more common problem for me is leaking pre-cum during a pose. This is particularly true when doing a standing pose. I keep a small cloth handy to wipe the string of pre-cum away.

I also receive positive comments about my legs,hair, and face.

Why do you think you like modeling?

Several reasons. The sense of freedom, the gratification at being the center of attention, the legacy of having drawings and photographs of me that will still be around long after I’m gone.

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