Monday, October 15, 2007

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Which guy would you do if you had the chance?
This weeks Choices Desperate Housewives stars
Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalf.

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Favorite Member of The Justice League: Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley plays The Green Arrow on Smallville, but also is known for his roles on Passions and the pilot for the series Aquaman.

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Favorite Blast From The Past: Oct 15th Maxwell Caulfield

Maxwell Caulfield

More Max Pics Here:

Ooops There it is

Favorite Charlies Angel: Cheryl Ladd

At one time or another each one of Charlies Angels were my favorite (Except maybe Shelley Hack...) But call me a champion for the underdog. I have read in various articles that Miss Ladd was not treated the best by her co-stars when she first joined the cast (Yes Miss Jackson?) But man could she fill out a bikini.

Cheryl Ladd Pictures

Favorite Underwear: Color for the day:

It's a Black Day!

Favorite Classic TV Star: Oct 15th Charlene Tilton

Charlene Tilton, Lucy Ewing from Dallas.

Dallas was required viewing in the early eighties. For some reason Lucy Ewing caught my interest. Maybe it was the hair, maybe the character, not the shows best actress but one of the most interesting.

Charlene with the Dallas Cast.