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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 18th

Love this shot of Lucas Glover by Brenton Parry
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Happy Birthday today October 18th

Happy 27th to Scott Herman!
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Dan Wheldon (22 June 1978 – 16 October 2011).
Thinking of your children and wife at this horrific time.

Pathos & The Press

I always question celebrities who take to the cover of magazine to discuss a personal matter. Usually the issue has already become old news as websites and newspapers have spread the word before the weekly can hit the newsstands. Although many celebrities will claim they 'want to help others going through the same thing', we all know the reason is generally all about money. If there is not a book coming out, there is a career or reputation to save. The public cry for understanding and sympathy is never as pure as depicted.

Above: Bill Rancic

I wish no one harm, but why exactly are we expected to care about Giuliana Rancic's latest health drama. It looks like she will be fine which is great, but why does she, or anyone in the press think she is worth the ink or our time. I have never seen Giuliana do anything except go on talk shows, sometimes with her husband, and discuss her personal issues. Her weight, her inability to have a child and now her health scare. I had to check Wikipedia before writing this to even know what her claim to fame is. Besides some hosting jobs as far as I can tell her marriage to Apprentice winner Bill Rancic is about her biggest claim to fame. Her recent cancer scare, like her struggle to have a child, have become her career. Without her public pathos most people would have no clue who she is.

Below: Zachary Quinto

It is exactly people like Rancic that have me respect and appreciate celebrities like Zachary Quinto. I know gay rights have a long way to go and I know that changing the way others think is not easy and often involves going to battle. I also love however, those who choose to battle simply by being who they are. I love when gay celebrities, as Quinto did, toss out their sexuality the same way straight celebrities are able and have the right to. Some have scoffed at Quinto's saying he was never in the closet but I applaud that comment. Quinto never pretended to be straight, he never hid, he was often photographed smiling and hanging with gay friends and rumored boyfriends. He was often connected to gay themed projects, both on screen and on stage. Not making a formal announcement is not the same as pulling a Travolta.

Sometimes I wonder if celebrities who scream their sexuality on magazine covers hurt more than help. I know many of my fellow bloggers disagree and champion those who make sexuality a public affair, but I personally don't support being gay on the same list (that includes cheating, addiction & disease) that gets one on a magazine cover. Being gay isn't something you do, a crime you commit or something you get. It is just something you are. I don't know about the rest of you but my fight for gay rights is not to make being gay important, it is a fight to make it unimportant. I am looking forward to a world where someone comments on their sexuality is not a news story, it just is. Quinto doesn't need our pathos and for a celebrity weaving their way through today's media, that is refreshing.

And Where He Goes I'll Follow: Lucas Glover by Brenton Parry

I have featured the work of Brenton Parry a number of times on FH. One of the reasons I love showcasing Brenton's work is that I closely 'follow' him and his work. In blogger terms to follow is like becoming a 'fan' a blog, you join a list and publicly declare your a fan of the blog. In reality it is more like a sweet reframe of stalking, but given the stalkee is so Aussielicous I shall pay the price.

Following Brenton Parry is a pretty easy task actually, I encourage you all to do so. His blog, Aussielicous, is one of my favorite places to pop into each day, usually as part of my wind down after a long day. Over the years I have followed Brenton as he wrote and shared his relationships, his goal to get fit, his work and this past year his trip to Las Vegas to Burning Man and his first trip to New York. I have followed him writing about pop culture and of course all the beautiful men he shares.

Brenton is not only a talented writer/blogger he is also a gifted artist and this past year he launched Shrouded, his first solo exhibition. When I saw these shots of model Lucas Glover it was no surprise Brenton was on the other end of the lens. Brenton excels with Black and White and has a special talent for blending body with environment. It would be an impossible task to choose which is more perfect, Lucas' incredible body or the rocks and water that surround it. This shoot was done on the rocks next to Lady Jane beach (also known as Lady Bay) a nude beach near the South Head of Sydney Harbour.

'It was a bit of a hazy day but it had some nice light. Lucas isn't a shy boy at all and was happy to strip off. We had been chatting for a while and the only motivation was to get shots that he didn't already have in his portfolio.

He works really hard at keeping his body in good shape which is pretty evident. He was ridiculously ripped. It's great working with someone who is comfortable nude and a dancer is even better as they really know how to move their body.'

Brenton Parry

There is not really a better description than 'ridiculously ripped' to describe Lucas' body, especially his chest and stomach. Lucas, who had been working in Europe is back home in Sydney after being away for nine years. You can check out more of Lucas' portfolio on Model Mayhem HERE:

You can also follow Brenton Parry yourself by checking out:
His official site HERE:
& on his blog Aussielicous