Friday, January 1, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 1st 2010

Is there a better way to begin 2010 than with Israel Cassol by Sandro & Maykson.

Favorite Celebrity Butt Crack for the New Year:

Bradley Cooper.

Lists Lists Lists

New Years is a time for lists.

People make lists of resolutions, lists of the 10 best whatever and so on and so on. The following list puts together some of my favorite things about the blog and about the media the past year. I did not go beyond to world events and life and love. That, for another day. The are just a few of my favorite things from 2009.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday!

#12 Chris Pine

Crushes come and go.
This one has a firm grip!
Great movie too!

#11 Hillary Rodham Clinton

It is no secret I had hoped Hillary would have become the president. I like Obama, but thought and still do that Hillary might have been the one to cut through a lot crap and get things done quicker than Obama seems to be able to do...

That being said, I am glad the 12 months have put some distance between Clinton and the election. The woman fought hard and I am glad that as 2009 ends, Hillary is working hard at a difficult job and has moved beyond the election to once again command leadership and respect. (If you hate Clinton I am cool with that, no need to comment, :) just move on to 10)

#10 Sarah Palin's boys

The last presidential election was riveting to watch, but most elections do not provide much eye candy. Even with her loss (thank GOD!) Sarah Palin's men continue to provide some eye candy to an otherwise pretty sexless political process.

Track and Todd aside, when can you remember someone like Levi Johnston connected to something as big as the presidential election. I am tired of hearing about Levi, but I am not tired of seeing him. teen sex, teen babies, fights and playgirl magazine are not usually associated with politics. Levi has provided hours of material for the late night hosts and hours of enjoyment to others. Me thinks his 15 minutes are coming to end, but what a nice end it is.

#9 Saturday Night Live

I have watched Saturday Night Live on and off since about 1988. Mostly off. I have loved some cast members and seasons and disliked others.

Well, something is clicking. Since Paul Rudd hosted last seasons first episode I have used my dvr to watch them all. Now this season has had some misses (the God Awful January Jones show) But also some hits (Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Swift). Even without Tina Fey the show has continued to maintain it's edge.

Many have commented that as good as the show is, it struggles to have two great weeks in a row. I would agree this is a problem, but I have been enjoying Saturday Night Live for the first time in years.

#8 Avatar

I have already expressed my thoughts of Avatar, I will simply add this:

Back in the Spring of 1983 I was 8 years old. The theatre in my city was playing Star Wars and The Empire Strikes back as a double feature before they premiered the third installment, The Return of The Jedi. I had never experienced anything like watching these three movies. I left the theatre on a high. Full of wonderment, full of fantasy. I spent the summer of 1983 running through my backyard shooting imaginary lightsabers, killing imaginary storm troopers. I collected the action figures, puzzles, posters and books.

That feeling of amazement, of wonderment pretty much had left me til I saw Avatar. Firstly I had not seen a 3D movie before, but secondly I went with Cameron fully on his journey and was thrilled with the result.

I have been surprised at some of the negative comments I have seen about Avatar. But if you have not seen it, summon up that young boy who first soared to the stars many years ago. If you get him to the theatre, you will not be disappointed.

#7 Actors Dropping Trou

Above: Chris Salvatore

If I were an actor in the 60's or 70's I don't think I would have had any problem dropping trou for a role. Back then, the only way someone could see the scene was in the actual theatre. After that in most cases the movie was never seen again. If the movie was a hit, it might make a tv appearance some years later, but your nude scene would be of course be edited out by the networks.

Above: Emile Hirsch.

Cut to 2010. Between HBO, vcrs, DVD players, pause buttons, photoshop, bitorrent and master scene cappers, everything you showed, and much you did not intend to are lightened and enlarged and posted on stupid blogs like this.

Above: Gerard Butler

There are actors who did nude scenes 20 and 30 years ago who never intended to have their penis wagging back and forth who now find scenes, once dark and blurry in theatres, well lit and clear on computers. Thanks goodness many actors still don't mind dropping trou for their art and their fans.

There are some actors whose careers really took off when they began to drop trou. I mean as good as an actor Ryan Phillippe has become, he owes much of his early success to women and men rushing out to see his nude scenes. Hollywood seems to know having young actors showing a bit of skin is good for business too.

Below: Ryan Kwanten.

#6 Grey's Anatomy

I Love Grey's Anatomy. I was not going to include it on my list. I have written many times about my love for the show and the reasons for it. First and foremost Sondra Rhimes and the talented writers she has put together. You can search the site for Grey's and find out why I love it and which actors are my favorite.


Then one of my favorite magazines decided to put Grey's on their worst list for television last year. I had to mount a bit of rebuttal. I hate when writers, magazine or any jump on bandwagons. Grey's got a lot of press last year for cast departures and possible cast departures. (personally glad Katherine stayed, personally glad T.R left) But I think the Grey's backlash is only to jump on the media's occupation with the backstage cast dramas.

On stage, on screen, Grey's remains one of televisions best hours. Dramatic, skillfully acted and exquisitely written. Of course like all shows it has it's ups and downs but to me Grey' is currently on an up. Kevin McKidd and the wonderful Jessica Capshaw (so wasted on The Practice) are wonderful and Grey's core cast continue to deliver week after week. Certainly births and actors doing movies are making scheduling a headache, but it is not showing. Some of the shows focusing on one character were amazing. With all due respect to EW, Grey's is far from out of steam, it is still boiling over. Last seasons cliffhanger may have been manipulative and overly done but you can not argue it was also a rollercoaster ride, wild with an emotional punch which held you for weeks. Keep up the great work!

#5 Scott Herman

There have been many guys who have attempted to use the internet to broaden their fan base and get a career going. None has done it as well as Scott Herman. Reality stars come and go but Scott Herman is here to stay. Scott developed a fan base after his stint on The Real World and it only continued to grow as he entered the world of modeling.

Now Scott saw where his fan base was and did not just give them what they wanted, but pulled them together to create a force that is growing and growing. Scott’s fan base has grown to include men, women, gay, straight, young and old. Scott fitness channel is both sexy and informative and it’s viewers range from those simply enjoying Scott to those wanting to improve themselves.

Scott has two things many of those who came before him did not. Marketing intelligence and a personality so winning it is hard to not to want to not only watch, but help him succeed. Scott responds to all. Email with him a question, he answers. Ask him a favor, her responds. He remembers you and you feel like your not just a fan, but a part of his success. Scott Herman is big. Scott Herman is going to be bigger. I predict 2010 will take Scott from the net to tv in many forums. Thanks Scott for all you do and all your support!

#4 TV Shows On DVD

I have written before that although I watch many shows I watch very little when it actually airs. I like nothing better than watching an entire season in a week or two (or sometimes shorter) period. That is why I am still trying to get through season 2 of Heros and am still on season 4 of Lost.

I love TV ON DVD. Even though I think it may have already hit its peak, I am going to buy as long as I can. I know many download, or watch online but I cannot get into watching on the computer. I like watching on my big tv with a remote where I can replay my favorite scenes over and over.

I love finding a show I never saw once when they aired only to fall in love with the DVD's. I would never have seen shows like Gilmore Girls, Dawson, Roswell, Buffy, Once and Again, Dallas, Maude and many other of my now favorite shows if it were not for DVD's. This new year (thanks to my family and friends knowing tv on dvd is a perfect gift for me) I am beginning or restarting relationships with Weeds, Designing Women, The Wire and the last couple of seasons of OZ.

Got to give out a special mention to one of my favorite shows released on DVD this past year, Sordid Lives.

I love me some Jason Dottley but my only way to watch Sordid Lives was through the net. Believe me I was first in line when the DVD was released and loved every minute of it. Dottley and Del Shores created one of the most unique and enjoyable hours of television. They also assembled one of tv's most eclectic casts. The DVD also gave us the opportunity to see more of Dottley than we could have dreamed of. It is a shame that we will not get more seasons of the terrific show but Jason tells me there are Sordid Lives movies on the way! Can’t wait!

#3 The Multi-Camera Sit-Com

I know that The Office is a good show. I know 30 Rock must be brilliant. But no matter how much talent Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and company have and no matter how many big names they have on (Oprah) there is still something about these shows I find off putting. I am not the only one who does not find these shows user friendly. I know they have their fans, but I also know many feel like I do.

That is why I am so happy CBS is keeping the multi camera sit-com alive and well. It’s Monday night line up (Two and Half men aside, I cannot stomach that show) is one on of my favorite nights of tv. All In The Family, Everybody Loves Raymond, Mary Tyler Moore, Friends, Cheers, all my favorite classic shows all used the multi camera formula. Accidently On Purpose, How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory are all thriving in the tradition of some of these classics proving there is still life in an old way of putting on a show. If you watch episodes of All In The Family and Everybody Loves Raymond (and others) they watch almost like a 2 act play. Some of the best episodes of these series were 2 long seemless scenes.

Thanks Claudia!
Above: Ashley Jensen, Pooch Hall, Lennon Parham
Jenna Elfman, Jon Foster, Nicolas Wright.

I have to give a special shout out to Accidentally on Purpose. Firstly I love the show. The writing is crisp and current and Claudia Lonow and company have put together a stellar cast who have given me more laughs than any other show currently on the air.

The writers have their pulse on what is current and push the envelope each week. The show is without a doubt an adult comedy perfect for the 20-50 set who are living in a world where technology dominates so much of our life and relationships are far from what they were when Mary and Rhoda could not find a date on a Saturday night. The show often gets stomped on my critics and it does not deserve it. It is to be expected, it is the new kid on the CBS Monday night Block. Big Bang Theory took a year or so to really take off and be seen the way it is seen now. Hope CBS gives this half hour the time to do the same.

I think if the writers can find away to gracefully move through the birth of the baby without making the birth or the baby too central to story it will retain it’s ever growing audience. Jenna Elfman and Jon Foster have winning chemistry and I have raved about the supporting cast many times before. The Monday night hat-rick of AOP, How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory are a reason to turn the traditional sit-com back on!

#2 Photogrraphers

I just deleted the post I had written as I began naming photographers I love and who have worked with the blog. I deleted because as soon as I pushed save I remembered another photographer I had forgotten.

Instead of naming them, I just want to thank all of the talented artists who have shared their work with FH. When I first began FH it was important to me to credit those whose work I posted. I hate seeing a great shot posted on a site or blog and not being able to identify the artist behind it. FH is as interested in those behind the lens as those in front of it. I have said many times that whenever I began profiling a photographer it begins with an image. Something that jumps out at me. My interest then goes to the person behind the camera. What they were thinking, what they planned, what they did not.

I want to thank all the Photographers who work FH, those who graciously share their work with myself, with the blog, with the blog readers. Highlighting the work of my favorite photographers has been one of the joys of putting together this blog the past year and I thank them all!


From the very first scene of Fox’s Glee, I knew there was something special about this show. No other show in the past decade has left me feeling so energized, so happy. Well written, well acted, well done! Glee has it all, a winning cast which puts together Broadway and television like never before. Headed by the ridiculously talented Lea Michelle, the entire cast was given time to shine over the first 13 episodes. Glee is able to take you back to high school and pick the scab you long thought had healed.

Glee has had critics and fans raving since it’s debut, which means that it is due for a fall. I am already dreading the backlash. There were a few clunkers in the first 13 but overall the rest, especially the stand out ‘Wheels’ made you quickly forget. I really hope Ryan Murphy keeps his attention firmly on Glee and does not repeat the mistake he made in the past on Nip/Tuck and especially Popular. Popular was Glee without all the singing. Popular’s first season was one of the best shows on television. Popular season 2 was one of tv’s weakest shows.

Glee does not need more guest stars, it does not need new members of the glee club. It does not need to worry if it will be on the air in 5 years. It should not be. This is a show with usually at least 3 musical numbers a show. It cannot sustain excellence for long. Until then the producers and writers need to simply continuing doing what they are doing. Making dam fine tv.

2010 Glee Predition:

I am sure I am not the first person to predict that Kurt's dad and Finn's mom might get together creating Finn and Kurt to be brothers by marriage.