Sunday, May 25, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 25th

Favorite Birthday Boy for May 25th Cillian Murphy

The stunning Cillian Murphy turns 32 today.

Favorite Sports Guys celebrating today:

Aussie Footballer Luke Ball turns 25 today.

sorry, I rarely add a watermarked photo, but this shot was too good to leave out!

Little Extra...

No, this is not Luke Ball, but this pic came up a few times while researching Luke so I thought I would add it for fun, I am assuming this is Luke, and he is showing you his balls. Since he was so open to have the pic taken, might as well share with others!

Soccer hottie Carlos Bocanegra turns 29 today.

Also celebrating today May 25th

Many other favorites blowing out candles today!

Monica Keena who I loved on Dawson's Creek and her guest spot as the girl with the pole on Grey's Anatomy turns 29 today.

Model Ignacio Figueras turns 31 today.

Jamie Kennedy turns 38 today.

Anne Heche, who I will always think of as Vicky/Marley turns 39 today.

Former Soap Hottie Matt Borlenghi turns 41 today.

Mike Myers turns 45 today.

Actress Connie Sellecca turns 53 today.

The great Frank Oz turns 64 today.

Julia Sugarbaker herself, Dixie Carter turns 69 today. (R.I.P Dixie)

Ian McKellen turns 69 today.

Favorite Male Model for May 25th Philippe Brisson

Stunning 6'1' Canadian model Philippe Brisson who is represented by Front Management caught my eye recently. These are the best of his pics that I could find. Although usually not a fan of the nipple ring, Philippe I would say wears it well.