Saturday, March 9, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 10th

Tim Carlton by Hans Fahrmeyer
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R.I.P Jan-Michael Vincent

R.I.P Jan-Michael Vincent

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Butt Seriously....

Sunday's With Hans: Tim Carlton

'Women get off on my hair and the silk sensation of it against their skin. While making love they literally role around in it!'
Tim Carlton

Tim's incredible head of blonde hair is truly breathtaking, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the only silky sensation of his that was enjoyed against the skin.  Some of you may remember Tim's hair, if not the quote, from the Canadian model's appearance in Playgirl back in 1998.

I featured images from Tim, a few years ago on FH and included some favorite shots of Tim, in addition to some from his Playgirl spread. (The Mane Event)  When I was searching for images of the model,  motocross daredevil and riding enthusiast I had to include some a couple of my favorites from photographer Hans Fahrmeyer.

The Playgirl shots did a great job of showcasing Tim's beautiful body, but Han's masterfully ensured Tim's crowing glory was given the attention it so richly deserved.  Tim is gorgeous man, g but as I'm sure he is often told, it's his hair that first visually grabs your attention.

I love how Hans captured Tim's long locks, especially in his portrait images.  Tim's hair has the ability to both cover and frame his strong face. It also acts as a great background, a beautiful reflector of light, and looks almost like a sun, or sun dial, beautifully cascading down over and down his sensually sculpted body.

Prime Time Supporters: Jonathan Chase on Modern Family

FH readers may remember my sharing that when I can't sleep, I sit-com.  The reason readers may know this is because those repeats of old shows, (from Bewitched thru Big Bang) often inspire a post, especially through some of the shows prime time supporting hunks.

Modern Family was sort off my late night watching for awhile, maybe because I think I'd seen most of them, more than once...  A few weeks ago however, I got into an episode from season 8, and remember why I love the show, and it's characters, so much.  After catching a couple of episodes over a few nights, I caught a 2017 episode, Heavy Is The Head.

One of the supporting guest characters, Jared Cook, had not only a sexy, but very familiar face.  The next morning, I googled the episode to find out the actor in playing Jared was Jonathan Chase.  I knew Jonathan from his turn in Another Gay Movie and guest shots on many other shows over the last ten years.

Another Gay Movie (2006)

Jonathan was quite adorable in Another Gay Movie, but ten plus years later, he's a stone cold fox.  Jonathan wears a little age and a little maturity well, and at almost 40, is hotter than ever.  I quickly googled to see what he's been up to and if he done any other nude scenes his his turn in 2006's AGM.

Chemistry (2011)

I was not disappointed!  Why had not heard of Chemistry before now?  The 2011 Cinemax series last only 13 episodes, but it certainly requires checking into!  I see the show is on Amazon Prime, so I'll report back when I have the time to check it out.