Saturday, August 20, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 21st

Roham Da Mirz
-Get to know more about this talented model, dancer and DJ below!-

Happy Birthday today August 21st

I had such a crush on Doogie's Mitchell Anderson. When trying to find shots for a birthday post I was surprised how hard it was to find a decent picture. I was going to do some caps of his nude scene from Relax, It's Just Sex but then I remembered this little doozy... Got to love youtube!

Anderson briefly turned up on Melrose Place in 1993 and I remember watching this in my living room as a teenager both turned on, and yet embarrassed for him, with how cheesy it was. To top it off, Mitchell's moves were all in front of Daphne Zuniga, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Deborah Adair and Heather Locklear. Happy 50th Mitchell Anderson!


'Thank you, the word "moist," for being the worst word ever. I think I speak for all Americans when I say that we don't want you as a word anymore. God I hate you.'
Jimmy Fallon

In Jimmy Fallon new book Thank You Notes, he declares the word Moist as the worst word ever. Today, except my love of the Canadian band by that name, as of today, I officially agree with him.

People always say it is the humidity not the heat and I always think 'they're old'. Today, I get it. Rushing to get to brunch this morning I stepped out of the shower, into my clothes and into a moist mess. The humidity was close to 100 and I changed three times before hitting the air conditioning of my car. My wonderful friends thought it smart to eat on the outside patio. I was the lone vote for inside. By the time my steak and eggs arrived they all wanted to move inside. After a few errands and a VERY short run with the dog, I am home. A record three showers and five changes of clothes in the last 8 hours.

Thumb Down: People Magazine

As a child in the 80's, Thursday was grocery day. It was my fathers payday and therefore the night of the week my family headed to the grocery store. As my siblings ran up and down each aisle my mother knew I would be fine, safe by the check outs looking at all the magazines.

In the early 80's People magazine usually had a famous celebrity, Cher, Meryl Streep, Michael Jackson on the cover. The casts of tv shows, Family Ties, Dynasty or Dallas. Rock Stars, movie themes and royalty were the usual staple except for the odd political scandal or celebrity death. There covers were sometimes almost art with stars actually posing for cover shoots and sitting down for in depth conversations with the writers from the magazine.

Things sure have changed... and so has my interest in buying the magazine. Once a weekly purchase, now I buy it once or twice a year. I might throw it in the cart if there is a cover story of interest or if someone calls and wants to bring me something when I am home sick with the flu. Seems that around the mid 90's actors and singers are on the cover began to lesson. When they are, it is rare the shot is taken just for the magazine. Replacing the talent are more stories of celebrities in trouble, on drugs, or looking to gain back the fame they had lost. Scandals dominate a large percentage of covers and of course reality stars are now a must! (btw: best of luck today Kim...)

It is funny to me that not all reality is the same with People. Shows like Survivor and Amazing Race are rarely covered (although rating winners) and Big Brother, this summer's ratings hit rarely even makes the inside. Yet... The Bachelor & The Bachelorette made 5 covers the past 11+ months (not forgetting last years Jake Pavelka who also got two covers). Princess Diana was always a regular cover girl on People but I cannot remember any other subject getting so much coverage. My research indicates the tv show Dallas, arguably the most tv show not only in the US, but around the world for close to a decade in the 80's had a total of 10 covers from 1980 through 1986. Funny that the number 10 is the exact same number of covers featuring The Bachelor and Bachelorette... Could there be some agreement between magazine and show? Not sure, but the ratings for the current installment are about on par with Big Brother and the Bacelorette has been on the cover twice and Brendon and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan are nowhere to be seen.

Let me know People when you lose the reality 'stars' and pages and pages of 'b' stars out on the town (masked as 'fashion') pictures, and get back to covering people who are talented and interesting!

Roham Da Mirz: Music & Movement!

When profiling anyone for FH one of the things I like to do find out where they are from. For some reason I find it interesting to connect their images with the location they grew up. With 21 year old Roham Da Mirz I didn't instantly connect København with Copenhagen, but when I pronounced it out loud, it all came together that København is Danish for the capital city of Denmark.

In going through the links Roham provided for my research I was struck by this quote on his Model Mayhem page:

'Roham is a fresh and cheerful young man who is ready for new challenges'

I am not sure if it is merely the English translation, but I found it rather unique and yes, refreshing, to see these two particular adjectives used to describe Roham. First off, I rarely see them used, and secondly, cheerful is a word, let alone a trait, not seen enough these days. It is sort of almost becoming a retro word and given the current world climate it is a tough emotion to sustain. Although most of the models I work with on profiles are professional, pleasant, supportive and respectful, cheerful is always a welcomed surprise.

Born in Iran, Roham always had an incredible understanding of music and movement. Even at the age of three he was the center of attention, dancing to music and posing for any camera in sight. Roham moved with his family to Denmark ten years ago to pursue his future as a Model, dancer and a DJ. In 2009 he really broke through and since has been very busy working in shows,both a DJ and a dancer, in some of the hottest clubs and bars in Scandinavia.

Roham has won several awards in Denmark and has been to the Showdance World Championships in Germany twice. Roham has worked with a lot of great choreographers from around the world and is currently working as a well established choreographer himself.

Roham Da Mirz on Model Mayhem:
Roham Da Mirz on Facebook:
Roham Da Mirz Blog:

Last 6 images from Tom Rubeck from TR Pics.

It was a pleasant surprise to find shots by Tom Rubeck in Roham's port. Tom's work has been a favorite of mine to showcase on the blog since first discovering it earlier in the year. (Tristan by TR Pics/Sam Devries By TR Pics) Although Roham certainly has an amazing body, and Tom knows how to photograph amazing bodies, I was struck by the power in the portrait work. The first shot above could not help have me think of still I have seen of Robert De Niro from Taxi Driver. Not the characteristics of the character, but how powerfully hot De Niro was in some of his earlier films.

'In the Spring of 2010 I had a long business trip throughout Europe, and one of the stops was in Copenhagen. I had remembered seeing a model on Model Mayhem, and thought that, although he had great features, none of his pictures really seemed to capture that. So, I contacted him about a shoot, and during a Sunday afternoon, we got together.'

'I had initially wanted to do inside photographs, using my hotel room as a backdrop. But he wanted something different. He said he want to create some publicity photos for his alter-ego, which is a local and well-known DJ. So, he took me a few blocks into the city center where we came upon a small, gated park. And it was here that the shoot took place. He was very energetic, LOVED to twist his body into different poses, and before you know it, in about an hour we were done. It's been one of my quickest shoots, from meeting to wrapping up.'
Tom Rubeck from TR PICS