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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 22nd

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Happy Birthday today June 22nd

Happy 35th to actor Joe Dempsie!

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I loved actor Joe Dempsie as Gentry on Game of Thrones, but was first introduced to him in the second season of Skins. (below)

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Welcome Summer!

Pablo Schreiber: The Candy Man Can

I can now add actor Pablo Schreiber on to the list of actors whose hotness I missed for far too long.  I knew who he was, and even posted briefly about him after seeing him in an episode of Orange Is the New Black. (HERE:)  Problem was, Schreiber is a bit of a chameleon, and morphs into his characters so well, it's often difficult to separate the actor from role.

This is a good thing of course, but sometimes you have to really pay attention to see what's under the moustaches, costumes and make-up.   I stopped watching Orange is the New Black after the first season, and except for some Hunter Parrish clips, have not watched Weeds.  Although it's on my 'watch' list, I still haven't started The Wire.

I did however, binge the Hulu limited series Candy last week.  I'm not really a Jessica Biel fan, but my love of actress Melanie Lynskey had me wanting to give it a try.  I wasn't even aware Schreiber was in the series until I started watching.  Like many of his other roles, the actor's sex appeal was downplayed in the series, at least in the beginning, but sometimes, sex appeal can't really be hidden.

I the show's first episode, there's a scene where Allan Gore, (Schreiber) gets out of bed in his boxers and t-shirt, puts on his robe, and walks outside to let the dogs out. There was something about Schreiber, and especially his walk, that was incredibly sexy.  If you've seen the series, I think you know what I mean.  That walk, and his legs in his volleyball shorts, made it clear why Candy chose him for her extramarital affair.

The Canadian born Schreiber was born in a hippie commune in British Columbia.  His father was American actor Tell Schreiber and his mother was Canadian psychotherapist Lorraine Reaveley.  Schreiber's half-brother is actor Liev Schreiber, the son of Tell and his first wife.  Schreiber's parents divorced when the actor was just 12, and then moved to Seattle to live with his father.

Lights Out (2011)

Weeds (2011)

Orange is the New Black (2013-2019)

Halo (2022)

More Than Expected: Jake by Michael von Redlich

'Jake was more willing to get naked than I expected.'

Social media gets a bad wrap, and not without very legitimate reasons.  If used however for it's original intent, as a method for connection, it can still be a valuable tool.  Most of us now use social media as the primary way to connect with others, both for personal and professional purposes.  

When I first started FH, I remember struggling to find ways to contact both photographers and models. I eventually joined Model Mayhem, but over time, the site has added several obstacles, making it harder and harder to directly connect with the person that you're wanting to reach.  Although the site was once my main method of connecting with artists, I use it less and less as time goes on.  Currently, Instagram seems the easiest way to reach out to others about their work.

It was back in 2011 that I first discovered the work of artist Michael von Redlich. (MvR Photo) I originally saw Michael's work on Model Mayhem and was instantly drawn to his imagery.  Through Model Mayhem, I was able to connect with the New Hampshire based photographers via his website and he graciously supported my featuring his work.

In addition to loving the model's that Michael chose to work with, I  was also drawn to many of the outdoor and location shots within Michael's port.  I loved the light and colors he captured, especially in some of his Autumn themed images.  I featured many of those shots on the site, as well as spotlighting his work with model Michael Dean Grey. (HERE:)

Recently, I've again been enjoying Michael's impressive portfolio, this time, reconnecting via his Instagram.  There were so many models, and so many images that grabbed my attention, I had to get in touch with Michael about a long overdue return to the site.  Michael again was open to being featured and asked if there were any particular models that I was appealed to.

There of course were many, but near the top of the list, were Michael's shots of model Jake Donovan. I'm sure like me, you're already in lust with Michael's work with Jake.  In addition to his incredibly hot body, Jake has a great face and infectious smile that lights up each and every image. 

Michael often shoots models, new to modeling, and he and Jake worked together early in Jake career as a model and video performer.  Some of you may be thinking Jake looks a little familiar and if you do... you may have seen Jake, (then credited as 'Will') when he worked for Corbin Fisher.  Michael and Jake worked together just before Jake's Corbin Fisher debut, and continued to keep in touch. 

How did you first connect with Jake? 
I first found him in Exeter, NH on Model Mayhem. 

What first struck you about his appearance? 
I was struck by his overall presentation to the camera – he struck me as a regular, good looking guy – not a “poser”. 

How would describe what you wanted to achieve? 
I wanted to capture relaxed, natural images of him without an pretense. 

What was Jake like to work with? 
He was very easy to talk with and establish a connection with when we met – the nudity came later in the shoot once we were both comfortable with each other and he realized I was not out for anything skeezy.  We kept a constant conversation and banter going – too much silence worries me. 

Did Jake require much direction, or did he just go with the moment? 
It was equal parts easy-flow and direction.

What was your favorite moment from your time working with Jake? 
I enjoyed his comfort with the nudity, and the fact he was pushing for shots beyond what I had planned. 

The frontals?  They all seem to be behind-the scene shots. 
I’m afraid that was more of my own self-imposed restriction (a different mindset then). Jake was more willing to get naked than I expected.

Do you know if Jake's still modeling? 
I do not – we were in close contact for a long time – he would call me from his Corbin Fisher shoots to discuss what had happened and what was coming – I sadly lost all contact with him.