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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 10th

SILV by MW Photo MD
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12 Days: Casey Deidrick in A Very Merry Bridesmaid

'Leah's 30th birthday is on the same day as her brother's wedding. Her childhood crush is back in town for the wedding and he is determined to make sure her birthday does not go by the wayside.'

For some reason, there are some actors who I'm surprised to see show up in a Hallmark holiday film.  It's nothing against Hallmark or the films, as FH readers know, there's many I enjoy,  Although they often get made fun of, there are many that I've enjoyed.  It's just that some actors.. seemed to have worked hard to cultivate a career with roles very different than those usually seen in the networks holiday fare.

But, it is show business, and part of succeeding in that business is variety, and working.  I started drooling over actor Casey Deidrick since his days on Days.  Deidrick has one of the hottest, and longest torsos in the business, and has generously shared it in many projects.  When I heard he was in a Hallmark film last week, I quickly added to my DVR record list.

I unfortunately didn't really stick with it.  I started watching A Very Merry Bridesmaid the other night, but after a few minutes, despite Casey's inclusion, it wasn't one that I was going to stick with.  I don't have the time or patience for movies that don't grab my attention fairly early on, especially a Hallmark film.  With Hallmark Christmas movies, you usually know within the first 2 minutes whether it's one you're going to watch all the way though. 

Days of Our Lives

With this film, it may also been Emily Osment,  Casey's co-star.  Emily is a talented and engaging actress, but for some reason, she bugs me in most of the things I've seen her in.  No particular reason there are just some people, and actors, that annoy you without any real discernable reason.  The film provided a great back ground distraction however, while I searched for some favorite shots of Casey. 

Casey by Barry King

Casey from an Instagram story

Now Apocalypse


Skin & Wood: SILV by MW Photo MD

Choosing to title this piece 'Skin & Wood' is sort of a call back to one of the early stories in which I featured the work of model and artist SILV.  In the 2013 post 'Skin & Stone' (HERE:) I profiled the SILV's work with photographer Eddie Christie.  Usually when something is described as wooden, it's meant to imply something stiff or awkward. A person or images lacking expression or devoid of energy or emotion. In the case of SILV's work with Mark from MW Photo MD, wooden is most definitely compliment.  

For me, SILV exudes a powerfully sensual and earthly energy with a powerful nexus between body and mind, skin and surroundings.  Whether it be brick stones, or wooden doors, SILV gravitates towards the organic, channeling a related energy and feel.  I also just love the visual contrast between SILV's skin and body hair with the patterns on the wooden door.  Clearly the door's wood is not in it's natural state, yet it still seems to spiritually beckon for SILV's skin and touch.

I love featuring collaborations between models and artists that I love and admire.  I've followed MW Photo MD's  work since first discovering his work back in 2017.  In that first piece featuring Mark's work the connection was between model and rubber.  There is certainly little natural about the man-made synthetic rubber used to make tires, yet there was still something organically sensual about the images Mark captured of the models with the prop.

Over the last year, I have been 'bugging' Mark about featuring more of his work.  Unfortunately with the pandemic, the Washington based photographer is only now starting to think about shooting again. Mark did agree however, to dig into his archives and see if there was a shoot we hadn't yet featured.  I was thrilled then, when Mark sent back a few options, that a shoot with SILV was included in the mix.

What first drew you to each other's work:

When viewing SILVs work and pics they spoke to me that he was relaxed and comfortable in his skin.

When you have been doing this work for as long as some of us are, and you are being asked to bring something new and fresh to work that often comes from a similar perspective and desire (male photography), you have to find another thread through which to stitch the excitement, the joy and the connection.

I thought Mark's work was diverse and inclusive. Although the men photographed were all beautiful, they were not always quintessentially attractive within the status quo. That is one of the elements I consider when I work with someone. I do not consider myself a traditional model, and do not seek that energy in the visual realm of my art and expression. Knowing a photographer or artist exemplifies the same in their work makes me feel great

Did you discuss the shoot/themes before you got together to work? 

Yes, mainly to clarify his thoughts on nudity and to get an understanding of his personal comfort level. I tend to not put too much pre-planning in and like to see what develops during the shoot. 

I always invite collaborators to discuss before meeting, before working. I personally take it seriously and with glee to come up with ideas and to share deeply the process of working together in this medium. I remember we discussed the space over the telephone. Considering we had not worked together before, we left some of it to chance. Spontaneity can be a useful ingredient in the mixture of creative work. 

Who provided the cool fashions included in the shoot? 

SILV brought all his own clothes including a brown pouch that a friend of his designed and made for him. (The pics where he is holding the chair above his head.) He was so kind, assisting my move to another part of the studio with the chair, that's how that shot occurred. 

I brought the clothes. I believe Mark provided me with some undies, perhaps. Otherwise, the vibe was set by the wooden elements of the space, and some of the different areas where we worked

Who was the most chatty during the shoot? 

I think we were both pretty chatty during the shoot, this is one of the things that helps me as a photographer to get to know the model better and for me to loosen up as I consider myself pretty shy. 

It is likely that I am often the most chatty. I understand the balancing act from working behind the lens in photography and film, how one has to be practical in doing the "work" whilst hosting those who are working with us. However, if I remember correctly, we had a great deal of conversations that were active in both directions. 

What was SILV like to work with?

Very nice and easy to work with, he was quite relaxing to be around. 

What was Mark like to work with? 

Mark is sweet and mild-mannered. We had a great session where things flowed and we communicated clearly and comfortably. 

Did you have a favorite set-up/pose?

So many awesome poses he was really quite a natural, striking just the right movement for me. I really liked how the ones turned out in front of the double wood carriage doors of the studio. Did you have a favorite image from the Shoot? (see above)  

I really enjoyed playing with the wooden backdrop. My favorites were the blue G-string portraits. I think they look great.

What was the best part of working with SILV?

Making the shoot fun and relaxing. Kind of like reconnecting with a previous friend and catching up on stuff. 

What was the best part of working with Mark? 

Mark and I had a great time and I am hopeful we will reconnect for there is so much we have yet to try and explore creatively, together. I am pleased with knowing that whenever I see his great work out there, that I am part of that catalog