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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 23rd

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Max Grossman: I Wish!

Some FH readers might remember how much I love Stephen Sondheim's Into The Woods.  My love began with the soundtrack and the original cast and then finally seeing the production they filmed for PBS.  I crushed over Ben Wright (Jack) and the entire original Broadway cast was magic.  I wasn't a huge fan of the movie, which although cinematic, lacked so much of the power the original production produced for me.

Recently, the has been a lot of pandemic programming, and like many, I've enjoyed returning to so much of the music that I listened to growing up.  After watching Sondheim's 90th birthday celebration, and especially Josh Groban, who sang 'Children Will Listen', I went onto Youtube to look for more versions of the shows iconic songs.

This video of the shows opening number, has become one of my favorite videos to listen to, and watch on an almost nightly basis.  Directed, produced and edited by musician Max Grossman, the song is spectacular from start to finish.  Every character perfectly cast, and such wonderful creative choices were made by the actors, choices only available due to Zoom, pandemic method of filming.

Although the voices and music are spectacular, I found myself obsessively watching Grossman throughout the song.  In addition to his other duties, Grossman also plays the piano, and watching him play his instrument was incredibly hypnotic, and also incredibly sexy.  Grossman strokes the keys with a graceful power, and although I took piano for a couple of years, I only wish I had half of the talent and musicality as this talented artist.

If you love the score to Into The Woods, I strongly suggest you give this video a watch.  I also challenge you not to get swept up in both the magnificent cast, and the piano playing dance from Grossman.  If you like the show, I also challenge you to make a small donation to the actors fund. (HERE:) It was the charity that inspired Grossman to assemble this group of young talent together for us all to enjoy.  Like so many others who commented on the video, I would have loved seeing the entire show directed by Grossman with this cast, even if had to be done quarantine style.

Prerequisite Shirtless Shot

Distinct Encounters: Calves of Adonis by Unlimited Male

'I love being playful in front of the camera and making the best art I can.'

Many artists are of course drawn to what they like,.  Models with a visual 'type' , with qualities that recur within their images and work. Whenever I feature the work of Jay from Unlimited Male however, I know I'm going to be introduced a model I most likely haven't seen before, and a model with unique qualities and features that Jay so beautifully captures and celebrates.

One of my favorite things about all art, especially with images of the male form, is seeing something, someone, I haven't seen before.  Jay never disappoints.  Earlier this year, I featured Jay's work with Matt,(HERE:)  and described the experience feeling of discovering, finding and exploring a new model not yet found, or widely seen by others.

Calves of Adonis isn't exactly a new model, he began shooting professionally back in 2014. Even with his previous experience however, I still felt I uncovered a model deliciously distinct, with qualities and features you don't regularly see.   If his hot body, hairy chest and sexy mouth and jaw didn't persuade you of his  distinctive attributes, his 'model name,' Calves of Adonis, certainly seals the deal.

Calves stage name, besides just having you think about his legs, also evoke both power and drama, two qualities the South Carolina model strives to bring to his work.  An actor when he was younger, Calves tries to weave a range of emotions, from melancholy to  joyful, within his work in front of the camera, creatively collaborating with the photographer he's working with as they develop the artist's vision.

When Jay discovered Calves work on Model Mayhem, he knew, together they could create a distinct set of images, and saw so many qualities he wanted to capture and focus on during their work together.  Calves was a full participate in the process and sent Jay on some sample images beforehand, sharing with Jay the type of shots he hoped to create.  Jay really liked Calves suggestions and shares that it really helped in the planning of the shoot.

Jay used the sample shots that Calves sent on to create an 'idea' folder and they ended up recreating several poses and themes combining the looks both Jay and Calves had hoped to capture.  If you look closely at this set of shots, you may notice some subtle differences in Calves appearances in some of the shots.  These images come from two shoots, the fist in studio, and the second from this past February, shot in Calves apartment. 

Often, it's the hair on the head that gives clues to images being shot at different time periods.  Although there are differences in the hair on Calves head, it's actually the hair on his chest that provides the biggest clue that these shot were taken at two different times.  In the first shoot in studio, although present, Calves sexy chest shared was buzzed a bit shorter.  During the second shoot, in his apartment, his chest hair is beautifully au naturale.

Jay describes Calves as really wonderful to work with, easy going and great with direction.  They had really wanted to get some outdoor shots around the pool area of Calves' apartment complex, but unfortunately, the gates were locked.  They had discussed getting together again for a follow-up shoot, but unfortunately, the pandemic hit shortly after their last shoot, so plans had to be put on hold, at least for now.  Jay hopes with things starting to open back up, that when he's sure he can shoot safely, he'll begin planning a few sessions, and hopefully another with Calves, very soon!

Robin Askwith: Confessions

I have a confession....  I wasn't really familiar with the work of British actor Robin Askwith.  I should have been, given FH's focus is the male form, and men in the media, I really should have discovered Askwith before now, especially given his multiple appearances nude on screen.  There have been many actors over the years, (Christopher Atkins, Richard Gere, Jason Biggs, Ryan Phillippe) who's recurring nude scenes become part of their persona.  Audiences begin to expect a bit of skin from this group of actors, and are disappointed when it's not there.

I had seen Askwith on screen once before, in 1972's Tower of Evil, and although I certainly noticed Askwith, I was so drawn to John Hamill, that Askwith didn't get the attention he deserved.  It wasn't that I didn't get the memo.  Earlier this month, when celebrating Hamill's birthday, I linked back to my original piece on Tower of Evil. (HERE:) There in the comments section was a FH reader letting me know about Askwith being the King of raunchy British sex comedies.  This time, I paid attention.

Askwith had a busy career on film, especially through the 70's. Aswith appeared in the Carry On films and movies with intriguing titles like Let's Get Laid, Stand Up Virgin Soldiers, Stagg's Night and Queen Kong. Askwin also has an impressive list of nude scenes including in Tower of Evil and turns in Cool It Carol, Love Trap and The Canterbury Tales. Askwith also starred in a series of Confessions of films, all in which he appeared naked. Although the films were dominated by many female nude scenes, Askwith always got into the action.

Although Askwith my not have the typical chiseled movie star face, he is incredibly sexy on film, both engaging and cute, as well as incredibly sexy.  Askwith used his personality well on screen, saving several films with his energy and presence.

Confessions of a Driving Instructor (1976)

When researching Askwith's nude scenes in the Confession series, it appeared he showed the most in 1976's Confessions Of A Driving Instructor.  Askwith has about a half a dozen nude scenes in the film, with a half a dozen different female partners.  Although most just show his furry behind, you can clearly see his penis when he's in the bathtub (see clip below) near the end of the film.  This was the only Confessions film I saw, but I'll check out the others and be sure to check back!