Friday, January 22, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 23rd

Park Allyn by BJ Nash
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Happy Birthday today January 23rd

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Snow Job

Wishing warmth and safety to all of those in the path of the blizzard plowing it's way up the East Coast.

Instagrams That Inspire: Steve Howey

There are not too many actors who have transformed into two very different, acting and looking, characters on prime time television. From 2001-2007, actor Steve Howey played the sweet, but dim, Van on the WB's Reba. Since 2011, Howey has been playing the not as sweet, but often naked, on Showtime's Shameless.

This week, Howey teased his recent Shameless leopard skin thong scene, on his Instagram. Check out more of the many sides of Howey on his Instagram HERE:

BJ & Park: Bringing A Little Sexual Energy Into Your Home!

'I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor–though, for me, hanging around nude all day doesn't feel quite so laborious.'

You all know how much I love a story, and when I contacted artist BJ Nash about his images of model Park Allyn, an interesting one certainly followed. Artist and model first connected through Model Mayhem in early 2014. In this particular case, though one of them was definitely supposed to get naked, it wasn't to have his picture taken. Drawing is BJ's artistic focus, and Park was soon not only a frequent, but a favorite inspiration for his artwork.  Through their work together, BJ and Park became business partners of sorts, starting a venture, BJ & Park, which promotes not only BJ's drawing's, but also plates, pillows, wall art and other decorative accessories that feature Park, and the other models from BJ & Park.

The company's tag line is 'Invite a little sexual energy into your home.' and it is easy to see why Park inspires so many of BJ's creative impulses. When I first saw BJ's photographs of Park, I was certainly inspired to spend more time with them, and reach out to BJ about his work. Park is incredibly sexy with a beautifully sensuous body, and body parts, all of which deserve to be memorialized. Park also has a unique ability to weave together qualities of both a statuesque Greek God, and an Everyman. Visually striking, yet at the same time, both relatable and accessible.

A Partnership is formed:

'After many years of people telling me I should exhibit and sell my drawings, I decided it was time to follow their advice. So Park and I started BJ&Park to offer the drawings as wall art and as products that present the drawings in fresh ways.'

'When I first met artist BJ Nash he had been drawing for years in cooperation with dozens of models like myself. During our first couple sessions together, I was probably chattier than was best for his concentration, but the resulting drawings turned out very well, and we soon established a regular meeting schedule. From this, a friendship began, which has ultimately led to this artist-model collaboration, a unique pairing of nude male art and home decor, all of which is created and assembled in the U.S.'

The Beginnings:

'I have worked as a fashion illustrator and drawn both men and women in life drawing groups. Looking back, I’ve probably drawn women more than men. Now, I am interested in creating male figurative art, perhaps because the male form was openly expressed in the great eras of classical art, which I love.'

'Before I met BJ, I would occasionally respond to local Craigslist ads posted by artists seeking models. I liked the easy cash, but I never intended to make modelling a career. I still don't. Anyhow, it has led to my work with BJ&Park, which is far more interesting to me than simply modelling.'


'It's most exciting when you trust the artist to produce something great. I have that trust with BJ. But I've modelled for artists whose work didn't really interest me. That's when standing still and taking direction becomes as dull as it sounds.'

'The difficult thing for me is finding a good pose, not drawing individual parts of the body. But if I had to select, I would say the most difficult parts are the hands. They are both the hardest to draw and the most important aspect of a good drawing made from life. Sometimes when I am drawing a model’s hand, I have only one finger remaining to complete. The model moves his hand without thinking. Although most people would not notice, I am unhappy with the drawing because one finger is out of place. So hands are the most challenging. My favourite part to draw is the lips. I love lips so much I have a telephone shaped like a pair of lips.'

Observer & Observee

'Drawing a live model has an energy that drawing from a photograph can never produce. The marks on the drawing are better when the drawing is from life. Drawing a live model involves two people as opposed to one, it is a collaboration between artist and model. The drawing made from life is totally original. All the great artists and illustrators of the past drew from live models so for me, following their process is only natural.'

'Being relatively uninhibited helps a lot. I think nothing of taking off all my clothes and allowing someone to pay very close attention to my body for a few hours, but I have to remind myself that the same situation would make most people extremely uncomfortable. I'm generally an insecure person, but for whatever reason, that trait doesn't manifest itself when I pose nude. I feel that same certainty during sex. When I'm in a situation that calls for little or no clothing, that obnoxious self-consciousness lessens. I think, “Well, I'm naked. Nothing left to hide.” It's freeing.'

Studio Sensations

'To make a good drawing, I must focus. But for some of the more exhibitionistic models, the drawing process is inherently intimate, and they occasionally get an erection. One thing I am very grateful for is that, rather than sexual relationships, drawing has led to some very close friendships that would never have happened otherwise.'

'Sure, it can be a bit of turn on. I get a charge out of being naked around people. This was especially true when I first started modelling nude, but I'd say the sensation has diminished somewhat now that I have more experience.'

Favorite Drawing:

'There's one that shows me in only a hoodie. It's one of the earliest drawings BJ did of me, and I know he doesn't think much of it, mainly because, in those early sessions, he hadn't captured my face as accurately as he would in the weeks to follow. But because I'm not the artist, I can appreciate seeing someone else’s version of my own face. I could almost mistake the figure in that drawing for someone else, but a split-second later I realize it's me. That very brief disconnect is exciting.'

Favorite Story:

'When a model and I were collecting his cum for the purpose of making pillow designs, he shot beyond the mylar we had laid down for him to cum onto. When this happened, I brought a measuring tape and it was 7 feet 9 inches (236.22 CM) from where he stood. We both laughed with amazement. I learned that making cum pillows is not as easy as it may seem!'

~Invite a little sexual energy into your home with fine art quality prints and decorative accessories that feature the nude male models of BJ&Park.~