Sunday, July 5, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 5th

Amazing shot of Carlos Freire. Check out my previous Carlos post HERE:

Happy Birthday today July 5th to:

Happy Birthday today July 5th to:

Model Sean Opry turns 20 today.

Italian Footballer Alberto Gilardino turns 27 today.

Just Because: Nick Adams

Just Because: Nick is looking pretty hot in last weeks production of 'Erotic Broadway' when Nick and Kearran Giovanni guest starred in the June 29th performance which was choreographed by Broadway's hottest dance talent, Lorin Latarro. You can link to more pics from Nick's Blog HERE:

Favorite Artist of the Day: Alexsander Fernandez

Besides being incredibly sexy, there is something fasinating to me about photographer, model and artist Alexsander Fernandez. Alexsander, who lives and works in San Jose, Costa Rica not only is shown in each of the photos I have included in this post, he also took them all. Although he shoots other models, my favorite photo's are his self portraits.

Most people I know hate having thier picture taken. Most hate how they look in pictures. Most of us cannot believe how we sound on answering machines. That is why Alexsander's work speaks so loudly to me. As most of us hide our way through much of our day, Alexsander spotlights his beauty, both outward and inner. It speaks to his confidence, not only about his appearance, but about self that Alexsander has chosen himself to be the subject of so much of his work. Alexsander simply is what many of us strive to be.

Although Alexsander is not a professional model, he certainly knows how to bring out the best in his subjects. Alexsanders work is art, and although I am sure Alexsander has many friends, there is a soulful loneliness about his work. Lonely, yet not for one second depressing. One man, content with himself.

You can check out more of Alexsanders work at his photostream HERE: or learn more about him at his Blog HERE: Be sure to check out his 'Home Alone' series.

Below: Alexsander from his 'Home Alone' series.

Import of the Day: Karim El-Kerem

Although born in New York, actor Karim El-Kerem got his big break on the Spanish soap opera 'Física o química' Karim left his role as Isaac on the show after two seasons, and does not appear to have done any screen roles since. Those two seasons were certainly memorable! Although I cannot locate an offical site, there is a bit of information on a fan blog found HERE:

Karim in 'Física o química'

Ladies of the Eighties

I was just a baby when Farrah Fawcett was all the rage in the late 70's. I do have her famous poster (above), but I only bought it a few years ago on ebay. I was impacted by her death, more than any of the other celebrity deaths of late. In the 80's I had a string of women plasted over my walls (most of those women are shown below). Many were big in the 80's, many were hold outs from the 70's. I have memories of watching old repeats of Charlie's Angels on Sunday afternoons and it was a treat when I saw a Farrah episode. I tried to watch the show a year or so ago when the DVD's came out, but to be honest I could not get through a full episode (except of course the classic 'Angels In Chains').

Even though I missed the Angels era of Farrah, I was fasinated by her as I grew older. I had a thing with women with long blonde hair (still do). There was something about her I found interesting, not just her look, but the conflict between her being this world wide sex symbol, while at the same appearing shy and reserved. My first experience of watching her was in 'Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story' in 1987. I was quite impressed with her acting and have been in everything I have seen in her in since. It is funny listening to some of my older family members talk about her. Even though they have seen Farrah Fawcett in many projects they cannot seem to see her as anything more than the Charlie's Angels poster girl.

I had followed her story closely the last few years, the drama, the sickness, the sadness. There was something sweet about this woman, maybe the soft voice, maybe the strength you felt behind that soft voice. I hope as the years pass, many will remember her for more than the poster, more than the hair, but for the actress she was.

Farrah is the most famous poster girl, but here are a few of my favorite Ladies of the Eighties (and seventies).

Susan Anton, Heather Locklear, Morgan Fairchild

Tanya Roberts, Heather Thomas, Loni Anderson

Cheryl Ladd, Charlene Tilton, Lynda Carter

Sherilyn Fenn, Catherine Back, Alyssa Milao