Monday, February 10, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 11th

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Sinuous Siblings

Image from Joachim Baldauf

I love this image.  I love the composition, the parallel lines, and how the distinctly different lines and curves of the twins is presented and contrasted. I have been searching for their names, but haven't had any luck.  I did find the image source, a 2011 benefit calendar shot by photographer Joachim Baldauf for the Museum Altona in Hamburg Germany.  Thus far, I haven't found any additional shots of the sexy twins, but if anyone has seen more, or knows if they model professionally, love to see more!

Arbitrary Ass

If anyone read my weekend Academy Award posts, you're aware my feelings on the shows pattern to disappoint.  This Sunday's show certainly didn't.  Although Janelle Monáe and Billy Porter gave it their all, between the opening and having Questlove on hand, the show seemed to be trying to hard to be cool.  The Oscars are not cool, never have been, nor do I think they ever will be.  Having a DJ and trying to have them feel like the Grammy's is not going to help.

I tuned out shortly after the supporting actor and actress trophy's were given out, and tune off when Eminem randomly showed up.  I like Lose Yourself, and read why the producers decided to bring him on, but it was the final straw to have me turn to my DVR of HBO's The Outsider.

I tuned back in to see the final three awards and was happy that Joaquin Phoenix's speech made Renée Zellweger's look boring in comparison. Renée's speeches have been a little wonky this award season, and although she rambled a bit, but nothing close to Phoenix's heartfelt but all over the place acceptance.

There was one award show that I welcomed an unexpected appearance from Eminem.  If anyone remembers the 2009 MTV video awards, they  may remember Sacha Baron Cohen, as his character Bruno, flying down from the rafters and spreading his butt in Eminem's face.  Although planned ahead of time, it was still fun, and a little ironic.

Vanilla Extraction: Maxxie by Jack S Photography

'The Shoot with Jack twas a bit more vanilla than most of my stuff I usually do...'

I'm not sure most people would call hot, wet and naked images of a porn star Vanilla, but for for 18 year old Maxxie Rivers, his shoot with Jack S Photography was a piece of very sweet cake.  For many, Vanilla is usually thought of as plain.  A simple flavor that's mostly considered safe and when tasted on it's own doesn't require a great deal of risk.

Vanilla is a tricky flavor however, one that can sneak up and surprise you when added and used properly.  On it's own, in products like ice cream or yogurt, it is often seen as plain,  boring flavor but one not necessarily considered strong or distinctive.  This is done for the most part on purpose. It  satisfies the nutritional needs of older people and helps parents with kids who scream at the hint of any real flavor.

If however, you've every had real vanilla, not the grocery store extract, but the vanilla bean, you know that vanilla can be rich and creamy with a a pure but pungent taste.  If anyone's had a great vanilla milkshake from old fashioned diner, you know exactly what I mean.  Real vanilla is also incredibly aromatic, and when used properly, can activate several of the bodies senses.

Vanilla is wonderfully complex and deceiving.  On it's own, it can be milky white and simple, but when blended or inserted into another edible, vanilla can add a powerful infusion of taste and flavor. For this photo shoot, finding vanilla was actually the goal,. Jack's focus was to strip away the porn star persona that surrounds Maxxie and seen in so many of his images, and showcase his personality in a more simple and real way.

Although Jack wanted to pull out personality, he couldn't ignore the organic sensuality which Maxxie exudes.  Although 'tamer' than many of his previous shoots, Maxxie's curves and poses remain incredibly erotic.  Maxxie's energy and personality flow through both his beautiful eyes and facial expressions but are equally seen through his movements and poses.

Maxxie shares that he takes so many nude selfies of himself, it was fun to relax and move around the room with another set of eyes behind the lens.  Jack chose some angles and views that Maxxie couldn't capture himself, especially while while his body was in motion, lathering up in the shower, or rolling around and jumping and up down on the bed.

Maxxie calls himself a nomadic muse,  and loves to travel and meet others in search of collaborations for his erotically unique career pursuits.  You can check out more of the results but checking out Maxxie's Twitter (HERE:) and Instagram (HERE:)

Mehcad Brooks: Buttamorphosis

Since 'change' is one of the many themes I like to explore on FH, I thought I should note one I really noticed last week.  I have been crushing over actor Mehcad Brooks since he played Matthew Applewhite and first moved onto Wistera Lane at the end of season one of Desperate Housewives.

I followed Mehcad's many television and movie appearances, including his Calvin Klein underwear adds and his naked butt thrusting on True Blood.  Although I didn't catch Mehcad on Supergirl, he was certainly one of the hottest Jimmy Olsen's to work at The Daily Planet

Last week, I caught some images of Mehcad from his latest role as Shannon on Tyler Perry's new Netflix film Fall From Grace.  I could have done without the new tattoos, but Brooks, and his beautiful butt, look as hot as ever.  Brooks buff up bod was instantly noticeable, but it was also the first time I think I've seen the actor without his beautiful shaved head.

True Blood (2009)

Necessary Roughness (2012)

Nobody's Fool (2018)

A Fall From Grace (2020)