Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seriously...Seriously... David Williams

Seriously, David Williams from the Sea Eagles is a sex God! No other way to say it. His pics by the masterful Pedro Virgil from GODS of FOOTBALL keep coming and they get better and better. The whole calendar is amazing and my DVD is in the mail. It is such a worthy cause, and so AMAZING, go to the Gods of Football site HERE and support the cause!

Model of the Day: Marcus Hedbrandh

There are many things about Marcus Hedbrandh to admire, but for me his face and nose are two of his best features. See more of Marcus at Success Models HERE:


Birthdate : 23 October 1985
Origin : Lund, Sweden
Ethnic Origin : Swedish, 12.5% Danish
Height : 6'0" / 183cm
Chest : 36" / 93cm
Waist : 29" / 76cm
Suit : 36" / 46
Shoes : 9 / 43
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Blue

Questions from a couple of years ago when Marcus was Model of the Month for

Age: 21
Height: 6'1"
Place of Origin: Lund Sweden
Ethnic Origin: Swedish and 12.5% Danish
Birthsign: Cusp Libra and Scorpio
How discovered: I was found in the street in Amsterdam
Favorite things: Lund, my turntables, the beach
Favorite music, band: Asian Dub Foundation, Groove Armada, Leftfield
Hobbies: Interviews, so people can get to know me better!
Favorite foods: I’m a model, I never eat!!!
Movie you want to see next: Hostel
Place you'd love to visit: Barcelona

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 17th

I posted about Jchile from Empire Model Management before on the blog, but this pic is just spectacular. I could not identify the photographer for certain, but I am quite sure it is the work of the great Rick Day.

Happy Birthday today June 17th to:

Happy Birthday today June 17th to:

Australian cricket hottie Shane Watson turns 28 today.

Jason Patric turns 43.

Also Celebrating today June 17th

Happy Birthday also today, June 17th to:

Singer songwriter and actor (and former member of Blue), Lee Ryan turns 26 today. (more of Lee on the blog).

Will Forte from Saturday Night Live turns 39 today.

Actor Greg Kinnear turns 46 today.

Just Because: Levi Johnston

Yeah Yeah I know, most people think Levi Johnston is cute, but most don't give him too much credit. I for one have thought the guy has had a lot of strength recently speaking out the way he has. Some may think he may not come across the best when interviewed, and I cannot disagree. That being said, hearing Levi last night on Larry King I could not help but think that although he may not have been the most eloquent, he made more sense than anyone I have heard discussing the whole Letterman/Palin issue.