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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 21st

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In the Pink

Welcome Summer!

Simu Liu: Beyond Convenience

'The one thing that's always rang true for me is that Canada's an inclusive nation, a cultural mosaic. The parts that make us different are the parts that make us strong.'

This past April, I shared my obsession with the Canadian comedy Schitt's Creek (HERE:) The show, written and created by Eugene and Dan Levy, is not only hilarious, but has more than a few favorite hunk contenders. I watched most of season three and four on Amazon, but I downloaded season one, most of which came from CBC, the network the sit-com on airs on in Canada.

In some of the Schitt's Creek episodes, there were promos for another Canadian comedy, Kim's Convenience. The series centres on the Korean Canadian Kim family who run a convenience store in Toronto. I took notice of the Kim family's oldest son Jung played by the talented, sexy and adorable Simu Liu. Although Liu looks more like an action movie star, Jung is rather goofy and incredibly lovable as he pines over his boos in the few episodes that I have seen.

Simu and Kim's Convenience co-star Andrew Phung (Kimchee)

A box of wine and a six pack

Liu was born in Harbin, China, but immigrated with his family to Canada at the age of five. For Liu's parents, Canada was the land of opportunity, a place they dreamed of while growing up in a country where people around them were dying of starvation. Liu's parents knew they needed to move somewhere to ensure their children had a chance at better life. In addition to acting, Simu is a writer and stunt performer and also starred on the NBC series Taken, based on the Liam Neeson movies.

After graduating from the Richard Ivey School of Business and then working at a top accounting firm, Liu decided to switch careers and pursue his dream of acting. Liu quickly began to get roles in commercials, music videos, film and on television series including Heroes Reborn, Blood and Water, Nikita and Warehouse 13.

A Walk in the Park: Clayton by Richard Rothstein

'This shoot is about PRIDE and defiance. Clay mentioned to me that he found walking nude in the city to be an incredibly liberating and energizing experience. It’s a very powerful statement.'

Most of us were taught as kids that defiance is a bad things. We were taught to listen and to follow instructions from the adults around us. Some of us sadly learned these lessons too well...  It's a devastating lesson to learn that far too many adults, from Priests to parents, made requests of children that should have been met with defiance.

With the current political climate, and the cruel and idiotic policies being pushed forward, it is the defiant whom I find myself most respecting and most drawn to. With some of the horrors of the past few years, the defiance of the Parkland Students, the teenagers and adults who say 'no more', are the ones that bring me a sliver of light and a ray of hope..

Being proudly defiant is not easy, and no walk in the park. It can be extremely risky and takes a strong sense of self, and an ability to handle blow back.  It also requires an innate sense that what you're doing, even if not necessarily right, is both just and needed

We are at place and time when men and women over 30 are considered defiant simply by being who they are. Simply by expressing every aspect of their beings, both spiritually and sexually. This can especially true for gay men, who are routinely and virtually  erased out of existence. It is rare to see a positive portrayal of a gay man over 40 who isn't written as the comic relief or the single flaming sidekick to the romantic female.

'Gay men, regardless of age or profession, standing out and proud on the streets of New York City. Expressing their freedom through the beauty and courage of male nudity in unexpected places. Clay mentioned to me that he found walking nude in the city to be an incredibly liberating and energizing experience. It’s a very powerful statement.'

' Male nudity is unfairly controversial, stemming, mostly, I think from a heterosexual perspective. I’d like to think that as queer artists we can make our own statement celebrating the beauty, courage, pride and freedom of public nudity, breaking free of “heteronormative” standards.'

As you can clearly see, Clay is no body's sidekick, his body is strong and hard, and playing the lead in any story. Richard's shots capture his both his pride and his strength and in the image above, Clay reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger landing on earth in the classic scene at the beginning of Terminator.

Richard's shots of Clay beautifully capture that exhilarating feeling of being naked in places, on streets and in areas, that for most of the day and evening are filled with hundreds of New Yorkers. For a short time however, each night and in the moments before the sun comes up, they provide a brief, but brilliant back drop for a moment of defiance.

Rump Roundup!

Animal Kingdom's Shawn Hatosy

Over the last month or so many of our favorite hunks, favorite TV shows and favorite sites have been featuring a stellar array of actor's assets on the small screen. I started this piece a few weeks ago, so some of you have seen a few of these before, but I still wanted to share a few of my favorites.


The Aussie soap's adorable gay couple David and Arron (Takaya Honda and Matt Wilson) have a slightly embarrassing situation while trying to help out a friend...


Casperfan presents Bulletproof stars Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters showering off after a hard day on the job. Check out more caps, or download the video on Casperfan's site HERE:

Love Island

Casperfan has also been generously sharing caps from the contestants (aka models) on the reality show Love Island. Thankfully, most seem more than ok shaking their naked butts for the camera.

Eyal Booker

Elias Chigros


Thankfully Claws didn't waste any time getting the Jack Kesy out of his pants, and thankfully DC's Men of the Moment didn't waste any time in capping the scene.