Friday, June 22, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 23rd

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Room With A View


Some say that three's a crowd, but personally, I love a trio. In life, having a relationship of three can take the pressure off, there's always a buffer, and someone to help carry the load. In photography, triads provide more angles, more curves and more lines in the creation process. When I recently searching for vintage images for my Memorial Day post, I came upon many images that were beautifully tri-focused.

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'It turns out, both twins had made out with the same guy...'

So the story goes, the Zakar Twins, Michael and Zach, didn't know the other was gay until they were in high school and news of Michael kissing a guy in the school bathroom got back to Zach. True or not, it's a good story for a set of hot gay twins making an name for themselves with their Instagram and Youtube. The twins have turned their fame, and their story into a popular memoir, Pray The Gay Away.

I didn't discover the twins on social media, I followed them after first seeing them strut their stuff in a Marco Marco underwear fashion show. I added a clip of the twins below, but you can check out the full show on Youtube HERE:

Pray The Gay Away

Capturing Angels: Angelspins by NICKET

'Dance is my passion, it gives me a reason to create and share art with people. Modeling enables me to save some of those creative moments.'

It's hard to capture an Angel. Like other spiritual and mythical beings, they can fly, are lightening fast and are only visible when they want to be. When I first spotted this particular Angel, San Francisco dancer and model Angelspins, he was flying high in the air on a beach

Angelspins has all the qualities usually associated with a spiritual Angel including expressing great joy, being both beautifully delicate and mighty and powerful and able to travel at incomprehensible speeds. This particular Angel also has the most beautiful and soulful brown eyes, that penetrate both the spiritual and physical realm in each of his images.

When I contacted Angelspins, I was overwhelmed with the array of incredible images on his ModelMayhem and Instagram pages. I started a piece mixing images from different artists, but there were two artists, whose images I really wanted to focus on. Don't worry, those shots of the flying Angel from StudioMGPhotography will be featured, but I am introducing Angelspins with this series of shots from Santa Cruz photographer NICKET.

The images featured here were taken over the span of five separate shoots. I love that NICKET captured so many great locations and looks including stunning portrait shots, fashion, nudes and course, the dancing Angel in beautiful motion. I was especially fascinated with how Angel so elegantly interacts with whatever location NICKET is shooting him in, from becoming part of the art and graffiti, to spreading his wings on the roof of a car, on the ground, and in the air.

'Working with Angel is an amazing gift. His natural talent and gracefulness from years of ballet comes through in his effortless posing. He is always up for a challenge, including shooting in the freezing cold foggy San Francisco autumn or traveling to a new location without much notice. Most importantly he is interested in trying the new and seeks out concepts to try not just waiting to hear what the plan is. Whether an urban concrete landscape, an Arcadian backdrop or abandoned properties Angel finds a way to not only bring out the best of the location but tie it in to his dance background and let his talents shine.'

No matter who he is shooting, NICKET always manages to tap into use his skill and creativity to let those in front of his models shine. NICKET's eye is expansive, never limiting the range or boundaries of the working space, or his models captivity to move within.. By simply providing a beautiful playground, and encouraging his models to play within it, NICKET always captures natural, erotic and energy filled images, even when his subject moves as quickly as an Angel.

At what age did you begin to focus on dance?
I always loved dancing since I was a little kid, I didn’t start my official training until I was in high school.

When did modeling come into play and who or what got you started?
I always loved photography and taking selfies, it wasn’t until I answered an ad on Craigslist that I officially did my first modeling gig with AlwaysANovice.

Was the initial reason to model to capture your work as a dancer?
Yes, I wanted to focus on how the body can create art and dance was a way of doing it.

What has been your favorite experience modeling thus far?
I think my favorite part has been becoming comfortable in my own skin.

Any odd or strange stories from any shoots? photographer had me dance like a gogo dancer, that was fun since I always thought about doing that.

What has your experience on ModelMayhem been like? Any strange offers or requests?
ModelMayhem has been a hit and miss, I’ve found some great photographers and some individuals who basically wanted sexual favors.

What factors did you weigh before deciding to shoot nude?
Of course I was worried it would effect my career or personal life but there comes a point where art is beyond that.

Did the response from friends/family enter into your decision?
This was definitely a factor in my decision, but I thought why not make a choice to make nudity a positive.

On a scale from 1-10, how nervous were you before the first time?
I was definitely nervous, maybe a 7 but the photographer did not post the photos without my permission which made me feel better. iIt was a duo shoot, with my partner at the time. AlwaysANovice made sure we were comfortable the whole time which made it so much easier.

Dancers usually have a keen connection between mind and body, how does this impact your work as a model?
I’m a better model when it comes to doing dance shoots because I’m more me then.

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets the most attention from others?
I would have to say that I’m most happy with my ass because I’ve worked hard to get it ahaha. Most people actually say they like my eyes the most.

How did you connect with NICKET?
It was on-line, on ModelMayhem or Instagram

Tell me about your work together, you've shot five times, what were your goals going into the shoots?
I always have a great time shooting with NICKET, we just pick a location and go for it. There’s no exact goal, just have fun.

You did a lot of dance moves and work outside, including some nudes. Did you ever draw an audience while shooting?
I have actually, this family was visiting when we were shooting and one of them said what a handsome model and took photos of me with their phone, it made me blush ahaha.