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Out of Left Fielding

'I had a dream about Paul. He was wearing just an apron.'

Like so many fans of The Great British Bake Off, I loved Sue and Mel.  I think it was actually their chemistry and personality that really getting into the show.  I think that was one of the reasons it took me so long to warm up to host Noel Fielding when he joined the reality show in Series 8.  I liked Sandy right away, but Noel's quirkiness initially seemed a bit out of place in the setting and on the show.

Noel at London Fashion Week (2014)

I think in part, I was trying to figure out what Noel was all about.  Usually comedians have a 'thing', a personality trait or theme to set them apart.  I didn't initially find Noel that funny, and weirdness and androgyny seemed to be his schtick. For some reason this seemed a bit forced to me. I initially thought he was gay, then read he had a female partner and two kids.  Not that his sexuality was important, but sex and sexuality did seem to be something he was using as part of a character in his public persona. 

Not knowing about anything about his history, I wasn't really aware of comedic past.  Noel has done stand-up, acted, presented and spent time as  part of the British comedy troupe, The Mighty Boosh.   In 1990, he and The Mighty Boosh member Julian Barratt made the short film Sweet. (below)


'Sweet follows the ups and downs of Pete Sweet's (Fielding) relationship with his friend Dave's sister, Poppy, who just so happens to be imaginary'

Given the short film had a bit of nudity I had to add it.  I also believe that Noel is the only host on the show to have done a nude scene.  The entire 10 minute film is available on YouTube if you want to check it out. 

The Bakers: Series 1 & 2

Series 1

Series 1
August 2010
GBB Winner: Edd Kimber
 Tye's Top: Edd & David

Although the format was basically in place, it took a few episodes for the judges, hosts and rhythm to really start to mesh.  Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry were there, along with hosts  Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins.  In addition, the first series had a voiceover by Stephen Noonan providing info at different points in the show.

Jonathan Shepherd

The show overcomplicated things in it's first year by moving the tent to different locations around the UK for each episode.  They tried to be clever, by going to Bakewell for puddings, and then a place called Sandwich for bread week.  The change wasn't needed, and after this series concluded, the tent stayed in place.

David Chambers

In the first few episodes, they got rid of 2 baker's each week, then moved to eliminated just 1 about half way through.  They also were still working out the kinks for the middle challenge, the technical, and didn't initially list all of the baker's from worst to best.   The worst part of the first few seasons to me, were the unnecessary filler  'stories' hosted by Mel and Sue.  Although I love Mel and Sue, I didn't enjoy their excursions outside of the tent to educate viewers about the history of the bakes.  They were informative, but got to be too much after awhile.

Edd Kimber

None of the contestants bugged me this season, and Edd, David and Jonathan were all cute and enjoyable to watch.  Poor Jonathan was stuck with a voice reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon animal, but he seemed like a nice guy.  This was probably one of my least favorite seasons of the show, and one of the last I watched during my pandemic binge. 

Series 2

Series 2
August 2011
GBB Winner: Joanne Wheatley
Tye's Top: Rob Billington

Ian Vallance

Series 1 was a hit, and very few changes were made in Series 2.  The judges and hosts remained the same and the challenges and format were now organized and set.  They did move from 10 to 12 bakers in season 2 and just 1 baker left each week.

Jason White

As far as the bakers went, I liked Joanne, although her self-doubt could be annoying.  I think my favorite was Mary Ann whose personality I really enjoyed.  Ben was a little annoying, but given my level of annoyance with certain future bakers, this was a pretty good season overall.

Robert Billington 

As for hotties to watch, there were several in Series 2.  Ian was incredibly handsome and Jason and Keith were cute.  My favorite from the season though had to be Rob (Robert) Billington.  Rob wasn't the most organized baker, which annoyed the hell out of Paul, but I sort of enjoyed that.

Rob was a little flakey, but the photographer had the sort of artsy vibe that so many guys I crushed over in high school and university had.   Rob got the boot on week 5, but given the show had only 8 episodes this Series, he was there for most of the run. 

Rob and a buddy at the Great North Swim

I also enjoyed watching Rob bend over his oven and we got a few glances at his undies.  I'm sure we there were plenty of butt cracks, but the show always seemed to edit, cut or blur them out.  

The Bakers: Series 3

Series 3
August 2012
GGB Winner: John Waite
Tye's Top: James Morton

Although The Great British Bake Off always had gay and lesbian bakers, Series 3 crowned the openly gay, and openly hot John Whaite as it's winner.  John proved to be very popular, and has successfully  managed to parlay his win into a career in the public eye.   John was one half of the first male/male dancing team on the UK's Strictly Come Dancing.

John also hasn't been shy about showing a little skin, and even had an OnlyFans for a brief period of time.  No frontals, but lots of butt shots, selfies and creative collaborations with photographers. Check out some of John's work with photographer Walter Zak on FH HERE:

John by Walter Zak

I really liked John, and also enjoyed Brendan, Danny, Ryan and Sarah-Jane.  The only baker who slightly pushed my annoyance button Cathryn.  Cathryn was just too darned 'keen' and eager to be liked.  


Although he certainly wasn't a great baker, I sort of liked ole' Stuart Marston-Smith.  The Staffordshire couch and Rugy player was sort of cute, and I enjoyed his 'oven bend.'


My favorite baker of Series 3 was James Morton, who along with Brendan, joined John in the show's final.  James was was both adorable, and a talented baker and seemed like a great guy.  James was a medical student during the show's filming and has since graduated and working in general practice for the NHS in Shetland. 

The Bakers: Series 4 & 5

Series 4

Series 4
August 2013
GBB Winner: Francis
Tye's Top: Glenn


Series 4 wasn't my favorite year of the show, Francis, the winner was grating to watch and there weren't a lot of personalities I connected with.  Ruby was beautiful, but also a little annoying. I did really like Christine and Howard.  Although there weren't a lot of hotties pre heating their ovens, I would have enjoyed exchanging love notes with English teacher Glenn Cosby.

Series 5

Series 5 was for me, mostly about the women.  I enjoyed Martha and Chetna, Diana and Kate.  As for the men, Jordan was certainly ore than skippable, but  builder Richard Burr and Business Consultant Enwezor were pretty cute.


The hottest dough kneader of the season for me was construction engineer Iain Watters.  Iain's passion for traveling impacted his bakes, but that didn't help him make it past week 4.  Iain also has a twin brother, so it would be fun to see them both c